C.Nillson doesn’t Get Racism

In the wake of the Pat Condell post I got this little piece that was rather amusing so I figured it should get a response.

You children will never understand the extent to which you have been brainwashed until it is too late. This bullshit about racism has got to end.

Ah yes, Mr. Nillson assumes that I have not been subject to racism at all but like all racists, Mr. Nillson here assumes that I am making a big fuss about racism.

I have pointed out that name discrimination affects Indians. In addition we routinely are targetted by anti-Muslim/Asian racists. Everything from “the smell” to grandiose plots about how we are planning to destroy the west.

Oh I am afraid racism does exist. It’s very hard to see Mount Everest when you are standing on top of it.


You know why white people go out of their way to avoid blacks, and arabs, and others? Because they don’t want to be robbed, raped or killed. If white people are the ones who are really the baddies why aren’t all these colored people afraid to live in white neighborhoods?

I am British Indian.

In the UK the BNP’s argument falls over mainly due to the British Indians. As a group they are the highest educated, the most law abiding and per capita the biggest tax payers. They are “model” citizens.

And do you know what British Indians don’t like doing? Hanging around council estates because white kids in hoodies may mug them. Because the stereotype of white people is “lazy, unproductive, poor discipline and criminal”. Oh many young white people are stellar blokes but you got to watch those ones in the hoodies…

No seriously. A lot of British Asians fear getting robbed by white criminal youths because they are so law abiding. Think of them as filling the same niche as Jews in the USA.


The BNP still would portray as as naught but savages despite us making up a large chunk of small businesses and middle class service sector workers (Like Engineers and Doctors).

I personally think it’s poverty. Poor Areas are more prone to Crime because poverty encourages crime in order to survive. You need to have no future to think that prison’s an okay risk. I think if we genuinely provided good education and broke the shackles of poverty in the UK we would see less crime committed by inner city youths irrespective of ethnicity. I am more likely to be mugged by a white guy in the UK since most of the Indians came over as Middle Class Service Workers (Eg. Doctors and Nurses) or Business Owners and so they passed on those ethics to their children and gave them the leg up they needed. So my generation became the same as our parents and so didn’t need to turn to crime beyond youthful shenanigans and underage drinking.


Why don’t they fear whitey? Because the white man has never done anything to make them fear him. Look at the crime statistics.

In the UK you are more likely to be beaten and mugged for your wallet by “whitey” than a “me”. The Crime Statistics “do not lie” either. For the same reasons that there are very few Jewish muggers.

But that’s ignoring the gigantic elephant in the room. Some of the most horrific atrocities of the past 500 years were committed by white people and a entrenched belief that melanin means something beyond tolerance to sunburn.

Oh, but you won’t. You can’t bear to. Read the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot”. Oh but you won’t, you don’t know how to deal with reality. You don’t know how to deal with what is really happening on the streets. Google white genocide south africa, look at the photos of white women who are being dissected alive and raped on a regular basis by their friendly non-racist black neighbors.


I remember when white people were amputating the limbs of incalcitrant black people when they refused to work hard. To ensure they starved.

Google Belgian Congo. Now here is the thing. I don’t consider you responsible. You were not alive at the time.

But you have read a very biased and incorrect history.

As for farm attacks. 61% of them are on White people 39% on Blacks and Asians. Why? 61% of Farmers are White… this is in line with normal farm demographics. You portray it as a major attack on “White People Solely Because they Are White”. In reality it is the product of centuries of deprivation lashing out and stealing.

Majority of Farm Attacks are for Monetary Gain.

Oh, but you just can’t bear to look, can you. YOU ARE A STUPID WHITE GIRL.

I am British Indian. I have worked in Haiti, Middle East, Indonesia, Chile and the Sub-Continent.

Trust me, the things I have seen you have not and will not ever see. Oh and I have seen things such as the fruit “plantations” or the rise of Disaster Capitalism or the effects of Divide and Conquer or indeed the simple notion that Arabs don’t matter. I have seen all those ideas and seen the effects they had on the planet.

I have seen the worst of humanity.

I have also seen it at it’s best. You choose to only see the worst and not only that you imagine things to fit into your narrative. And worst of all? You steal the achievements of others to portray the achievements of all of the melanin deprived people we consider Caucasian as your own. That’s like me being proud of Bose Einstein Condensates when in reality I have little do with Bose despite a shared genetic make up. I cannot be proud of his achievements as if it were my own. I am not even proud of my brother’s achievements, I am proud of my brother.

As I said, I don’t blame races so much as attitudes. And it’s attitudes like yours that harm.

Nothing but a stupid ignorant sheltered white girl.

I know for a fact that the poster is not from South Africa. Spelling of “colour”.

It is because of people like you that the western world now faces a future of pure hell.

Which is why our net violence is down and standard of living has increased.

Because the idiot here doesn’t know what “hell” is. Oh no! Every year there is a new iPhone with features! Fetch me fainting chair! Will the travesty never end!

Oh no! I can consume enough protein to feed a family in other countries and I will do so in pain!

For a statement about pure hell the world you seem to live in seems rather more comfortable than mine.

So happy to embrace misogyny violence and terror so long as it doesn’t wear white skin. IDIOTS.

I have spoken out about FGM, have fought rape culture in India and donate (in memoriam) to Orphan and Child Soldier charities in the DRC and Africa. I bet I have done more to stop all those things than yelling about the coloureds and calling people stupid girls.

And you make “white girl” sound like an insult. Ah I see… I know what that noise is.

White Girls Talking To Brown Boys. Oh ho ho! I know that trope and insult well enough to know what this idiot means. You see this idiot thinks that one of the greatest problems in society is that young white women are ruined by our sexy tans and killer accents. This somehow ruins women.

It’s my humble opinion as a medic and doctor to be that this is due to the female vagina after being even in close proximity to a person of colour that she  didn’t immediately racially insult developing a defence mechanism that makes it impossible  for white men to have sex with her. The walls develop glassy shards and any attempt at coitus will leave a man less of one.

Or you know. Women who  are willing to treat non-white people as equals are less likely to talk to you and treat you as a sensible person with sensible things to say and instead as a gigantic racist.

I may be a “Stupid White Girl” but you are a big olde racist and that’s worse.

Luckily there are people in this world like Condell who understand what is actually going on and what is actually at stake and are willing to speak out.

Yes, a man who wished to deny 8000 people protection from Civil war and denied an act of humanity and proclaimed it as an act of stupidity that would Destroy White Sweden…. that man actually knows what’s actually going on.

Not someone who had boots on the ground as it were. Not someone who actually has talked to people. Ask about. When I write about something it’s because I have generally  talked to people involved and take their ideas on board.

No. Mr. Condell tars all Muslims with the same brush and repeats right wing talking points and demonises an entire group of people based on a shared faith. Why that would be like tarring all White People by the actions of Anders Breivik. I am intelligent enough to know that most racism is not due to people like yourself but people being thoughtless and unconscious bias. The Cross Burner is not the problem, the George Zimmerman is (George Zimmerman is not racist, he just followed through on a racist trope in America. Black Youths in Hoodies = Criminals. Had George and Trayvon met at a basketball game I am sure they would not have fought. That tragic event was due to the inherent racism of the portrayal of black youths and a Walter Mitty lifestyle with the American Gun Cult’s fetishisation of firearms and their usage). These are individuals who are not racist and don’t hold racist thoughts unless those are thoughts common in wider society.

Luckily there are true feminists in this world like Brigitte Gabriel who are trying to wake people up and educate them. Unfortunately so many idiot liberals would rather lay down and die than grow a brain and stand up and fight.

Brigitte Gabriel? Is not a feminist. She’s part of a few “think tanks” in the USA which oppress women quite a bit. In particular she is “infamous” in Muslim circles for her denialist attitude to Christian Phalangists. In addition she exported the inter-faith hatred and religious bigotry from her native Lebanon and in particular was quite famous for her denialist stance towards the Sabra and Shatillah massacre caused by Israeli and Phalangist forces on Muslims and was a “highlight” of the tit-for-tat environment of hate that made Beirut such a fascinating time to be alive in the 1970s and 80s mainly because there were so many interesting ways to die.

Not to mention some of the “Feminist” Think Tanks she is part of also think women should not have access to proper healthcare and control over their ovaries. Let’s just say the “term” Feminist doesn’t require a test to label one self with. Sarah Palin called herself a feminist despite being horrific towards women (Paying for Rape Kits? Pro-Life? Just Plain Useless?)

I prefer to fight by changing Islam rather than screaming obscenities. I would rather discuss and help moderates fight the depredations of fundies than tar them all with the same brush and sound like you.


  1. colnago80 says

    The BNP still would portray as as naught but savages despite us making up a large chunk of small businesses and middle class service sector workers (Like Engineers and Doctors).

    Sans physicians from Asia, the British Medical System would collapse.

  2. B Cazz says

    I don’t comment much, but must thank you for continuing to write your blog. I value your perspective and I find you often give us impressive insights, usually multiples per post.

    The one that caught me in this article is your paragraph on Zimmerman. I think you’re dead on about unconscious bias + fetishism of firearms.

    I live in the US, and have, unfortunately, my share of gun-nut* friends. This is exactly what the gun lobby has cultivated, much to their profit, and I hear the fear and fetishism come through every time my friends discuss their stockpiles of “toys”.

    Sorry for dragging this comment off of the main point of your post, you’ve made good arguments all around.

    *gun ownership does not necessarily equate to gun-nuttiness. To me, guns are tools, not something for workplace conversation (unless work involves shooting), or to be brought out for dinner guests to oo and ah over.

  3. colnago80 says

    In addition she exported the inter-faith hatred and religious bigotry from her native Lebanon and in particular was quite famous for her denialist stance towards the Sabra and Shatillah massacre caused by Israeli and Phalangist forces on Muslims and was a “highlight” of the tit-for-tat environment of hate that made Beirut such a fascinating time to be alive in the 1970s and 80s mainly because there were so many interesting ways to die.

    Israel in general and Arial Sharon in particular must share some of the blame for what happened in the Palestinian refugee camp because they allowed the Phalangists to enter. However, let’s be clear about this, the IDF killed nobody. It was the Phalangist forces who did the killing in retaliation for the assassination of their leader, Bachir Gemayel. I realize that Avicenna, like Mano Singham, doesn’t like Israel but let’s get the facts straight.

  4. colnago80 says

    And by the way, some 800 Palestinians were killed by the Syrian Army in an attack on a refugee camp north of Damascus a few months ago. We don’t seem to here much about that episode.

  5. smrnda says

    On racism, I think it’s important to note (like you did) that the most pervasive racism comes in the form of unconscious biases in people who definitely don’t think of themselves as ‘racist,’ and that we have a problem with racism in that the image of a ‘racist’ is some guy in a KKK or neo-Nazi outfit.

    With the horror expressed over white girls talking to brown people, I find the guys who say this are the first to express distaste for white women in western societies who are no longer properly submissive thanks to feminism, and who then seek to go out and find some mail order bride from another country.

  6. ... says

    HAH! This is brilliant. Thanks for this. Very well done! Yes, I’ve thought for a long time that the British Indian – well, non-Muslim Indian – diaspora is going to be the salvation for this country.

  7. Pen says

    I must admit that I nearly died laughing at Nilsson. Very few racists fall over their own feet quite as spectacularly as that, since he clearly has no idea who the original Avicenna was. Also, he comes across like a hysterical white guy with no real experience of multiracial environments. Or at least not ones in which he hasn’t fomented some hostility of his own volition.

  8. skemono says

    Why don’t they fear whitey? Because the white man has never done anything to make them fear him. Look at the crime statistics.

    I’ve lost count of how many statements I’ve read from black women who admit that they’re scared to death that their children will be thrown in jail, beaten, or murdered because of some white person (here’s just one example I could dig up quickly). Pointing to crime statistics (and your misinterpretation of them to confirm your biases) doesn’t matter since many of those deaths aren’t counted as crimes.

    And “never done anything to make them fear him”? That’s so out of touch with reality and history I couldn’t even begin to start.

  9. says

    Why don’t they fear whitey? Because the white man has never done anything to make them fear him. Look at the crime statistics.

    Nillson is either totally ignorant or being disingenuous. And the vague appeal to “look at the crime statistics” is just a coded way of blaming minorities for crime, the often-used tactic of people who try to get votes from racists. Even being part of a so-called “model minority” myself, I still worry about how I’ll be treated based on race. Because while everyone can be targeted for a crime, certain people are targeted specifically based on being a member of some minority group.

    Something that came to mind while reading this (probably because you mentioned the gun culture) is a conversation I had with someone I was working with. Her son collects Swiss army knives. I think he’s part of scouts or something, and they went on a trip, and he was able to get a real one, actually from Switzerland. She told him not to put a picture of it on Facebook, even though he wanted to, because it would look suspicious for someone of their race. I couldn’t help thinking when I heard the story that I have friends who have pictures of guns on Facebook. A couple are in the military, but some are not. They don’t have to worry that someone will assume they’re criminals because of their race. Nillson doesn’t get that the issue is who is *presumed* to be a criminal.

    Re: The use of “white girl” as an insult
    White women, and specifically white feminists, have become one of the stock targets of attack. There is certainly a long history of white feminists who only cared about things that affected white, upper class women. However, there are now more and more who try to be inclusive. And now, there are people who don’t like those efforts to be inclusive. While there are those who try to deny religion’s role in certain problems (and I’ve ranted about them before), there are also those who want to work together with those who are being oppressed by their religion, while not discriminating against people based on their race or religion.

    And the thing is: People like Nillson only like women and feminists who hate women of other races, religions, etc. Nillson makes no distinction between those who deny the role of religion in sexism and those who genuinely want to be inclusive of women who have been hurt by sexism in religion. Because for people like Nillson, their only goal is to say negative things about minorities, while bragging about themselves, not to actually make things better.

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