Top 10 Questions (+1) for Atheists and Rebuttals

It’s no secret that Hinduism is the religion I do not believe in. But with that comes a different outlook to my atheism. It’s tempered by ideas about the gods gained from growing up Hindu. To me gods are less angry sky wizards and more players in a divine comedy. They have personalities, likes and dislikes. We know about Krishna being punished as a kid for nicking butter and while many of the Judeo-Christians may consider that lack of divinity to make their god less “divine” I think humanity is just as important.

Jesus died for your sins? So what? Vishnu lived to save humans a total of 9 times.

That’s the difference. I always considered Christianity to be a bit morbid. It was always about the death off Jesus and in Hinduism while death is a part of life, it isn’t the most important part. [Read more…]

A Voice for Me – Pax, Roosh and Racism

The Internet is not a private place unless you make it private. In our more networked world what we say online and how we behave is iincreasingly linked to “IRL”.

Now for the majority of us this is not a problem. Most of us aren’t doing anything “bad”. Being atheist may get you discriminated against though but for the vast majority of us, our online persona are rather benign.

But some of us suffer from the problem of free speech without understanding responsibility of it. Some of us hold views that are rather distasteful or poisonous or outright harmful and wrong. [Read more…]

Age of Kali – Deserved or Revenge?

If you haven’t already heard, then the outcome of the Delhi Rape trial is out.

The perpetrators were found guilty.

And are sentenced to hang.

I agree that they are guilty but I disagree with the death penalty. But justice by Indian standards is served.

Or is it revenge? But whatever said and done much hasn’t changed yet. Women still are raped daily and the few that do come forward rarely get the justice they  deserve.

Age of Kali – Riots

There are riots up north based on religious sectarianism. Lest we forget? Hindus and Muslims were stabbing each other way before Jews got in on that action….

So moving shop. We are taking this on the “road” so as to speak. More tomorrow when I get there. Leaving “now”.