So part of my fundraising for Light the Night by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is to become more physically present in atheism and skepticism. AKA meaning more interaction.

So I was thinking? How about we get together and do a Google Hangout this weekend? We can discuss anything and you can put in requests.

Maybe  we can even make it a regular event. Any suggestions? Leave it in the comments.

FTB and specifically me are part of a fundraising drive for Light the Night by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

If you wish to donate specifically to all of us then use the main FTB donation page. If you want to donate to me and me alone then use the user specific pages on that or go here.

And I suppose we can have personal forfeits if we hit goals too. So make your suggestions in the comments here. If we hit the targets then I shall do them.


  1. Vicki says

    No forfeits, please. Something that benefits donors and/or random other people, like that hangout or PZ’s “if you give at least X I will explain oncogenes,” sure. But I don’t like the idea that the “reward” for my donation is making someone I like or admire uncomfortable, or embarrassing them. (I don’t even like the sort of fundraising walk where I’m asked to donate in “return” for someone I know walking so many kilometers, but at least there’s a reasonable chance they will enjoy at least parts of the walk, for exercise and camaraderie.)

  2. says

    My forfeits mainly have been “explain this”/”write on this topic”. It’s basically?

    Avicenna is short of ideas and is a bit busy to think of new ones. Help Him Out.

  3. says

    I’d say a good forfeit for you would be to spend (a certain amount of time) photographing around town and posting some of your work with commentary.

    I suspect there is a degree of visual impact that your blog could use; though it might be more like a 2×4 in the face.

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