Light The Night – Ideas for Forfeits and Fundraising Links

If you haven’t heard already, I have agreed to be on the FTB – Light the Night Fundraiser Team along with Greta Christina, PZ Myers and Ed Brayton.

I assume I bring youth, vibrancy and a funny sounding name to the team…

But we are here for two reasons. One to think about pledges for forfeits and two to drum up money!

It’s for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and this mainly applies to “Americans”.

So first things first. Let’s set some goals.

Our overall goal is $10,000. Ed Brayton, PZ Myers and Greta Have all been asking for ideas of what we should do.

So let’s set forfeits at $2,500, $5000 and $10,000.

If you wish to donate specifically to all of us then use the main FTB donation page. If you want to donate to me and me alone then use the user specific pages on that or go here.

And I suppose we can have personal forfeits if we hit goals too. So make your suggestions in the comments. As of now, all I have is this.

If we hit $10,000 and exceed it, I will attempt to sign on and speak at an FTB Event in 2014 or 2015. You may add conditions but at the moment I got that and that alone.

Its mainly for the society so give. How about the first forfeit at $2,500 being that I will write a guide to Leukemia and Lymphoma (and let’s not leave out Myelomas) that explains the lot from a medical standpoint.


  1. guest says

    I love your pro-vaccination / anti-anti-vaxxers information — perhaps a guide to that could be a stretch goal?


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