A Voice for Me – Pax, Roosh and Racism

The Internet is not a private place unless you make it private. In our more networked world what we say online and how we behave is iincreasingly linked to “IRL”.

Now for the majority of us this is not a problem. Most of us aren’t doing anything “bad”. Being atheist may get you discriminated against though but for the vast majority of us, our online persona are rather benign.

But some of us suffer from the problem of free speech without understanding responsibility of it. Some of us hold views that are rather distasteful or poisonous or outright harmful and wrong.

Before we start we must talk about the MRA and PUA (Men’s Rights Activist and Pick Up Artist) movements. One’s got a pretty sensible claim. There are things that harm men and we wish to campaign against those. However in reality MRA boil down complaining about women and gloating everytime  a woman commits a crime or plain ignoring real problems.

At the start of the year I discovered “A Voice for Men”.  Their support of Indian MRA who took umbrage to the  fact that people were getting “mad” over a rape. A rape so horrific and violent that it killed the victim. It offended all civility and Indian women saw it as a watershed and began to assert themselves more. The rapes haven’t died down since then but they have been cast into the light. Where the scale of the problem is far worse than we ever imagined. In that “A Voice for Men” decided to weigh in on the side of the Men implying that the victim got raped because she was in the wrong neighbourhood and that women in India (widely regarded to be in the worst places on earth to possess a double X chromosome) have it easy because they have their own train compartments and bus seats without ever thinking about why they needed them in the first place. A Voice For Men has since deemed to encourage one Judgy Bitch who slut shamed and blamed a minor in the USA for getting raped and indeed ruining the lives of two promising football players. In addition it’s claimed that it’s “nicer to be a woman in Afghanistan than a man”. What’s terrifying is that in the case of the slut shaming and the support for Afghanistani  culture we saw women actively setting out to actively deny genuine tragedy. And worst of all? They used the “Delhi Rape” as the watershed of what “Rape is”. It’s not rape unless you die from impalement after all.

The PUA are just as harmful. The PUA mindset and movement can be summed up in two simple lines. “If you do this particular rain dance, women’s clothes will explode off them and they will enter a state of lust that can only be satisfied by you” and “Why cultivate a well rounded personality when superficial mumbo jumbo, insults and stupid hats will do”.

The mindsets feed off each other. Women are not human beings but ONLY rewards that you get if you tick these boxes.

And both mindsets can be understood by this simple phrase. In order to be a PUA or MRA you have to assume this simple statement as truth.

“Bitches Be Crazy”.

Abbreviated to BBC. So try it out. Feminism wants to rule over men and steal sperm? Why would any woman do that? BBC! Women want only men with large wallets and expensive things so we should pretend to be covered in shinies! Why would any woman want that? BBC!

With that “Truth” in mind you quickly realise why the MRA and PUA are like this. Why would you want to get married? To a woman?  She will only drink all your dreams and and leave only nightmares to keep you company and when you can no longer work her mandibles will open and she will eat your head. Why would she do that? BBC!

Now that you understand the mindset we also have to realise that there is a pretty big racism component to the MRA and PUA movements. A lot of fears about “good white girls going black” and “immigrants taking our women” and some very disturbing ones about Asian women (Oh they will be happy to be rescued and so grateful!).

So now begins our sordid tale.

Pax Dickinson was the Chief Technology Officer of Business Insider. An executive position and a fairly big deal and the company is quite well known in the Tech World.

But Pax Dickinson was not a nice person.

In his defence? He claimed he was parodying Mel Gibson. In my offence? That’s a terrible defence considering the Chief Technology Officer of a major tech  company thinks that this is an acceptable joke and that people wouldn’t get insulted.

Racist and Sexist, is there no end to this sexy beast’s many charms?

Transphobic too!

I am assuming that he is collecting different forms of bigotry so he can send in for the grand prize.

Pax Dickinson is an arsehole. He is someone who got away with it for too long. He is someone who got to say racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and pretty much any other discriminatory thing for way too long and assumed it was okay because of his privilege in society.

But people noticed.

Pax Dickinson’s job was to hire tech talent for Business Insider. Now think about the current debate in Technology about women and people of colour and how devastating a reveal this is.

While Pax Dickinson’s tweets are private viewpoints, they are private viewpoints of a man in a position of power within a major company. This may not prove discriminatory hiring practices but it certainly makes a lot of suggestive hints towards it.

So far Mr. Dickinson has tried to defend himself through claiming his hate speech was performance art. Okay maybe that one is but the rest are pretty discriminatory. Maybe he was mocking Mel Gibson and outside the light of Mel Gibson’s Racism and Passion of the Christ Frenzy that statement on Jesus getting raped by Niggers is a lot more racist than he intended. But the rest?

Oh…. Right. Whoops, maybe he is a bit more Mel Gibsonian than we first realised. You naughty little man! You nearly had us fooled! Mel Gibson Parody indeed!

The thing is a few years ago this would have simply vanished. There would be no argument to make but this came out in the middle of a major cultural shift. And Nitasha Tiku noticed it and brought it to the attention of Business Insider who promptly fired Pax. Now we can debate private opinion versus companies till the cows come home. Nitasha may have wanted him fired but honestly what do you think we should do when we discover that a person in position of power is a major bigot? Let him remain? No. It’s in Business Insider’s Interest to get rid of him after all. The next person of colour who doesn’t get a job after an interview with him will probably be asking that all important “was it racism” question and it’s awfully hard to ignore the evidence laid out so far. And Anil

Once it was noticed the jig was up.

Anil Dash also noticed it and his tweet was simple. But to see the depths of Pax’s problem you should see their conversation which is a literal call out to a bloody punch up.

I was wrong, in this day and age only a real classy gentleman calls out his opponent for a duel.

Shaming a misogynist and bigot into unemployment is not the goal. And it’s not enough. – Nitasha Tiku

There are undeniable race and gender gaps in funding and hiring in the tech sector. To date many women are treated as nothing but eye candy, glorified secretaries and box ticking appointments while the official stance is anyone can join and become the best. Basically? This attitude of “anything goes” and “Free Speech with No Responsibility” has created a culture that turns a genuine blind eye to misogyny and racism.

Pax is just one idiotic troll, but shows what can happen if we start sweeping problems under the carpet. Light needs to be shone on the systems and structures into which Dickinson originated from.

But that’s not the end of this tale. What comes next was what we were all expecting.

A woman has shamed a powerful man by outing his bigotry. HE MUST BE DEFENDED!

And boy oh boy are his defenders a stellar group of swell guys!

At the moment the #Standwithpax hashtag is rather filled with people mocking this jerk, but before? It had the sort of tweets we associate with youtube comments regarding Anita Sarkeesian but with a twist. You see the two people who called out Mr. Pax Dickinson are Indian and you know what that means?

A lot of people who will say that “they are not racist but” will show up to defend them and say rather racist things.

So a lot of people came out with “You Fat Indian Cunt” (to Nitu, Anil’s a bloke so people challenge him to fist fights while if you are a woman in tech be prepared to have a lot of snap judgements on your weight).variety of insults. You all know the type. You know where you play a game online and someone finds out you are Indian and decides to utilise free speech in a way that would get him strangled by the sort of people who fight for free speech.

But with every crusade against a group of people, Brave Heroes make it to the fore. And none are as heroic or brave as everyone’s favourite Pick Up Artist ROOSH!

And what a surprise! Any man who thinks 50% of the world exist solely as goals with holes is probably not too up to date on what’s acceptable behaviour.

Ah yes, Pax is clearly a productive and intelligent white man but he is also a racist, sexist, homophobic and all round bigotted liability who has attained a public position while holding some very stupid ideas. Stupid ideas that would eventually cost Business Insider more money than Pax is worth. Now you may think that a fat, ugly, Indian cunt has a platform to denounce productive, intelligent white boys but all I have to say is this.

There is a reason productive, intelligent, white boys stop being that and start being “bigotted wankers who need to be ignored by society”. It’s because these white boys say stupid things and hold stupid ideals. And I checked. Nitu’s actual qualifications boil down to “Journalism” and journalists bread and butter involve exposing “productive, intelligent white men” for what they really are.

And so we come to the his impassioned defence of Pax.

A disturbing story has recently developed where two Indian immigrants have coordinated to destroy the livelihood of a white American-borne professional who they didn’t agree with.

Anil called him an asshole. Pax responded and they got in a twitter fight. Now here is the thing. Anil Dash utilised his power and leverage and indeed belonging to a sizeable ethnic minority in IT to point out what Business Insider’s CTO was like.

Put down any fragile objects or consume any liquids.

Let us for a moment agree with Roosh. Let’s declare that Nitasha Tiku is naught but a harlot wench with hatred in her chocholatey heart. You know that my heart is not powered by electrical impulses but by inhuman rage? Hers is powered by the tears of white racist dudebros.

You note he hasn’t tried that argument with Anil Dash. Because Anil is not “just a journalist”. It’s kind of sad. I was once enthralled by journalism. I grew up in war so was fascinated by people who would go in as journalists. John Snow is one of my heroes for his reports from Bahgdad and I remember my dad hiding the radio under a blanket so we could listen to how the war was going when we were in Kuwait before we escaped.

But yes back to Anil. Anil’s done well for himself in Tech. Well enough to have a Wikipedia Page. Anil’s not an immigrant to the USA. He like myself was born in the country. He is as American as Pumpkins, Corn and Turkey.

And hey what did you expect? Brown people can’t help but take employment away from white people. Haven’t you heard about all of us taking the jobs of good honest white boys?

Pax Dickinson worked as the Chief Technology Officer for Business Insider. He had a Twitter accountwhere he shared views that went against the liberal narrative of gay marriage, spinster worship, fat acceptance, and open borders.

Anil Dash, an Indian businessman, started the attack with this tweet:

To be fair Pax is an arsehole of the arsholiest sort. If the Oxford English Dictionary was illustrated, Pax’s photo could well be associated with Arsehole.

Not six hours later, another Indian individual who works at Gawker, Nitasha Tiku, put up a story that shared the most “offensive” tweets that Pax had posted. Because of how fast Nitasha published the story, I would not be surprised if there was private coordination between Anil and Nitasha before publication. Since Business Insider is run by a CEO who is afraid of limp-wristed, pansexual geeks on Twitter, Pax’s employment was terminated. (Nick Denton, the homosexual British man who employs Nitasha, was no doubt satisfied to create turmoil for his main competitor.)

Actually Business Insider’s CEO is Henry Blodget. My cousin is in Tech and claims that Mr. Blodget was responsible a while back for posting an article about how women don’t do well in IT because they are lazy and don’t have the drive to succeed (What boggles my mind is how well these lazy women do in medicine. Maybe we take all the active ones leaving IT with the lazy ones?).

Let’s just say that perhaps since then Mr. Blodget has seen the way the wind is blowing and asked himself the most important question that anyone can ask themselves.

Am I the Baddie.

And I don’t know and don’t care about Nick Denton’s homosexuality. Who he chooses to love is not my business unless that person is incapable of giving consent. But I suppose men fancy men are an anomaly in the PUA world.

Nothing can be done about Pax’s employment, but I want to take a closer look at the motivations of both Nitasha and Anil, and why they decided to gang up on Pax. First, let’s examine something thatAnil wrote on his blog in response to the financial crisis of 2008:

There’s a related question here which no one is asking, which is whether the economic catastrophe facing the global marketplace is a result of a failure of white culture in America. The media is always quick to ask whether problems like violence plaguing minority communities are symptoms of a toxic culture in that community, but I haven’t seen any questions to that effect in regard to this financial meltdown.

Last time I checked, white culture made America, but here we have a man with Indian roots attacking the entire home race. Why is it okay for him to attack white culture, but if anyone attacked “black culture” or “gay culture,” he would be first in line to fight back, crying bigotry, or as in the case of Pax, “misogyny”?

Yes. Which is why America was founded on Slavery. It’s gotten better though.

Because Anil asked an important question. We are so quick to jump on the “Hard Questions” such as “Black Crime” or “Muslim Terrorism” but we show a disturbing unwillingness to discuss why the majority of Spree Killers in the USA are White Men or why Serial Killing is dominated by  White Men. We are extremely willing to pull swarthy men out of airport queues for totally random searches but are unwilling to audit white people after the financial crisis.

This isn’t bigotry, we know that no one’s going to force the majority group to tap dance through moronic and pointless checks.

Why is it okay for him to attack white culture? Because Anil pointed out that “the mainstream culture” is rather willing to associate race with crime but not when it’s white people committing the crimes. No one is asking white people what they are going to do to stop all the terrorism but I have seriously been asked about what I am doing to fight terrorism (I stalk the streets late at night in tights fighting any terrorism that happens in my vicinity as Entropy, the world’s most inevitable Superhero. DC? Call me maybe!)

While white men aren’t perfect, would you rather live in the USA or India? Sweden or Bangladesh? Australia or Pakistan? Amil’s country and his people still have a long way to go before they can bash the white man for causing economic hardship when they won’t even catch up to the West for another 100 years.

India, Bangladesh and Pakistan exist in their current state of poverty due to a systematic pillage of those country’s national resources.

And while Pakistan has problems and Bangladesh is wrestling with Demons. India I am afraid is changing. Changing so fast that it shocks Indians themselves. Indians have gone back home. And they have taken ideas with them and changed them and made them Indian.

You think those rapists are India? They are! But they are the dying India. The India being relentlessly crushed under the boots of progress. For every such incident there are people of unimaginable courage and unimaginable drive. I know what I chose to do was madness to most westerners and it’s the acceptance of incredible discomfort but I have seen people do some of the most amazing things in India and while I concentrate too much on the worst due to what I do in India, I do not wish to claim that there isn’t real good out here.

The News would rather show Hindus killing Muslims. I know that there are Hindus who lost their kids to the 2004 Tsunami and who when contemplating suicide and even planned the date instead decided to live for the kids who lost their parents. I know of the utmost cruelty that man is capable of but I also know the kindness we can do.

No, I am afraid it is Roosh who has achieved nothing. He is proud of the achievements of others who share enough genetic loci to be classified as a “race”. His greatest achievement is being borderline creepy and giving blokes a bad name. Let’s be clear here. Roosh’s greatest achievement in his own words is the ability to trick women  into sleeping with him. Otherwise they would not because he is a terrible person.

In my line of work (teaching men how to fornicate with women), I have noticed a lot of pent-up frustration from Indian men that is directed at white men. The reason? Indian men are jealous that they can’t lay white women, who they pedestalize to heavenly heights. You can shake your head or laugh, but most Indian men will openly tell you they prefer white women over their own race. On my forum, we have enough angry Indian trolls that we’ve developed a name for them: Indian Race Trolls(IRT)

I had to stop here because I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle.

Teaching people to have sex is part of my job. Well safe sex. Use condoms, women should use the pill and if needed the IUCD.

It is true that a lot of Indians in India fetishise white people. And that’s because they are exotic and fit into a cultural aesthetic of beauty that Indians have. The same works the other way too.

And are you implying that Anil decided to call out a man with all round bigotted views because Anil couldn’t get a white lady to sleep with him? No. That’s stupid.

And want to know something sad? The PUA and MRA community fetishise Asians because their women are more “subservient”. There are plenty of PUA/MRA advice out there that involves dating these subservient dolls.

In spite of Anil’s apparent success in business, I would bet a month of my income that he is angry at not being able to have sex with pretty white women. Look at what he has reduced himself to:

Oh god! Prepare yourselves! The image is horrific!

I know for a fact that Tiga isn’t “fully Tamil” and that’s fine. Neither am I. In fact do you want to know the biggest joke? The BIGGEST joke is that both Tiga and me never expected to find someone who was Tamil who understood each other. My ancestory also is Burmese Khmer.

I will take that bet Mr. Roosh. You see we love who we love. We don’t think about colour. I have never thought about the colour of the women I have loved and even when some of them did things that hurt me I never stated that their behaviour was due to the colour of their skin or how they looked.

If all you see are women’s defects then imagine how they see us? I will forever be chunky and balding. Khmer genetics makes for short wide blokes and tamil genetics makes me tall. In the end I am rather more brick shaped than is attractive these days. Getting set on fire does wonders to your hair tii. But none of that mattered to the women I dated and indeed to Tiga. A personality counts for a lot. A genuine personality.

I am sure Anil is riddled with such flaws that his lovely partner overlooks and vice versa. Because that’s what love is. Love lets you overlook the little stuff because your mind is focussed on the big stuff.

Only the PUA think that there is some sort of trophy wife out there who is “perfect”. They may claim their quest is to find this perfection but in order to do so they must cover up their own flaws behind ridiculous tactics. But that’s the thing. How long can you keep up ridiculous tactics?

I cannot pretend to be anything but the nerdy and silly Avicenna and that’s what Tiga gets.

He dates an unattractive half-white woman that fell from the ugly tree and hit at least eight branches on the way down. This man has lots of money and half a million Twitter followers, can easily import a pretty Indian bride through his family connections, but instead settles towards the bottom of the crab bucket. In other words, the fact that he is with a homely white girl instead of a pretty Indian girl (they do exist) is strong proof to his white woman fetish.

How long have I gone from western society that we now use “I got a half a million twitter followers as a Pick Up Line”?

Does Anil get an upgrade to a fully white woman when he gets the full million?

This argument makes sense if you are PUA where you have an established hierarchy of desirability based solely on appearances alone. Never mind what this unattractive half-white woman is or does or what she’s like. Let’s base our decision to pick her solely on physical appearances.

And that’s why PUA never can have a real relationship. Their entire attitude is to have  sex with vaginas attached to attractive women and that’s it. That’s all there is. There is nothing between them. The woman has as much of a say in the PUA’s life as his chair. So the PUA lifestyle tries to push the notion that relationships are for wusses. Men who are Betas and who are bullied into them by women.

Which is why Roosh will never understand why Anil and his partner love each other and chose each other to live with. Oh sure you can bring in some pretty lass from the old country but what will she and Anil do?

See that’s where the PUA goes “what do you mean”? While the rest of us go “that’s right, they have nothing in common with each other. Any such marriage would be incredibly boring and tragic. Two people who don’t really love each other stuck going through the motions to keep up appearances. Sure in time they may accept each other but instead he could be happy and date someone he likes.

And special thanks to Roosh for clarifying that pretty Indian ladies exist.

In comes Pax Dickinson, a fellow tech worker who is okay-looking (no homo), cocky, confident, successful, and white. I have never met Pax, but it’s not hard to imagine Anil happily begging him for his one-night stand leftovers. Anil is resentful of the white man not only for building the West, compared to—say—a Mumbai slum, but also because he can’t come close to getting the type of woman that his business success would give him if he were white.

Oh thank goodness you said “No Homo”, without that Pax Dickinson would have fallen head over heels for your manliness and PUA skill.

Not Shabby At All

Because we Indians all come from Slums and Villages. 

People thought like this a while ago. Did you know Bose (of Einstein Bose condensate fame) couldn’t get his work published? Not until Einstein picked it up? Or Homi J Baba was treated as a crank so he literally “showed them all” by building an atomic bomb.

Indians fought for recognition and until quite recently rarely got it.

So instead of hate I will show you something cool. Something Indians should be proud of.

Srinivasa Ramanujan was a genius. I understand a bit about mathematics, enough to know how radical his genius was and how untouched and untamed it was. It was Da Vincian in scale and it is only his untimely death that curtailed such brilliance. Srinivasa Ramanujan had he lived would have been his generation’s Einstein. His genius was such that in spite of his ethnicity he rose to such lofty heights. At a time when people thought that nothing good came out of India but half naked fakirs, Srinivasa did the most sublime mathematics.

And broke down a few walls and taught a few people that we should not judge by the colour of one’s skin. And that the prejudice of the day would have made the world a sadder place if not for people like Hardy who were willing to eschew the prevailing racism of the day.

The animosity is even more clear when you learn that Anil and Pax used to work in the same building. Did Anil lash out at him when they worked together? Nope. Only when he was safely out of range did he decide to start his internet attack. Typical, passive-aggressive beta male behavior.

Wait so I am confused. Is Anil crippling Pax’s career by outing him as an all round terrible person by bringing attention to public statements made by Pax because Anil’s a dirty dirty brown man jealous of Pax’s sweet lady acquisition skills or because Anil’s a beta male?

Safely out of range of Pax’s fists of Fury? Well Anil met Pax. And after reading that I cannot feel angry at Pax anymore.

What I feel is pity.

Nitasha Tiku, also Indian and a suspected Marxist, has shown a pattern of disliking white men, who she believes are privileged and contain no inherent value. She recently called an app “deplorable”because it helped regular people avoid ghetto areas. In her world, it is unconscionable to think that someone would want to keep themselves safe, but when you consider she lives in a white New York neighborhood, it becomes clear she is a hypocrite who won’t be interacting with poor black people anytime soon. She deemed the ghetto avoidance app “racist” and “classist” because it’s better if everyone is equally poor and unsafe. Why she doesn’t return back to India, where there’s a flatter class system consisting mostly of poor people who defecate on the street, I have no idea.

You mean she likes two day weekends and thinks children should go to schools rather than down coal mines? Or that the means of production should belong to workers?

And white men are privileged? Surely not? I mean do white people have to teach their sons to always stick both hands out of the window of their car when they are pulled over? Do white people have to teach their sons that they should not defend themselves in parts of the USA when attacked and simply run away when confronted even when there is no reason to? Do white people teach their children about the men who chant hate in the street asking them to go “home”.

Even here, do white atheists have to tell their kids about the prejudice they face from their own movement and how people never listen to their fears and stances and points? How they are not taken seriously and often brought in as a “token” gesture? Or do they get the sort of free ride that we have seen many white people get.

The Ghettoes of America are one of the greatest tragedies and a symbol of the apartheid that was once driven by race and now by economics. The notion that we simply avoid and ignore the ghettoes is what caused a lot of the worst excesses of the Apartheid. If America is to step forward it must step into the darkness first.

You do not make the world better by standing in the light but by making light in the dark.

And “go back home” is the battle cry of the racist who has no other arguments to make. And I suppose racists really hate mixed race people because they cannot pinpoint where “home” is.

Here’s a sample of her most recent work:

About the discrimination of CEOs in the Tech industry based on their accents.

About gross wealth discrepancy.

Because of Sexism. Sorry! I meant because women can’t understand computers. They think laptops are gigantic compacts and wonder why the mirror is broken.

Actually this one’s pretty fucking bad.

I am a blogger. I write opinion pieces and experiences. I also do medical stuff but really? Nitasha Tiku is more of a journalist as she actually deals with the industry she comments on and collects viewpoints and other people’s experiences and gives them voice. And from what I have seen of her work it’s mainly in the same realm as what I did when I gave voices to women who I knew were harassed and assaulted in India or when people wish to tell me about their experiences.

It’s obvious she hates men, especially white men. It’s amazing that a bonafide misandrist can get a job at the biggest blog network on the internet, denounce whomever she wants, and no one calls the ugly bitch out. And yes, she is ugly, in case you’re wondering:

No, she doesn’t hate men. She just doesn’t think the behaviour of some men who effectively are ensuring that there are no people of colour or women coming into a major industry. Me campaigning for more men in Nursing isn’t me hating women.

Would not fornicate

I have to add this simply because it’s so tasteless.

I can sum up Roosh’s two thoughts on this.

Remember BBC at the start? Apply it here. Why is this brown cunt ruining our white man fun? Bitches Be Crazy! Oh now it makes sense!

The other thought? A talking vagina making demands? How stupid! Wait? Why are people listening to the talking vagina? You mean vaginas have rights and people attached to them? Well that’s put me right off them!

The irony is that Anil, her partner in Soviet-style denouncement, would never date her because she is Indian, even though they are of the same race, but it’s okay for them to team up and get a white man fired. I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter since she’s a lesbian, and I predict that she’s only one year away from identifying herself as neither a woman or man, as encouraged by the latest liberal trend of declaring yourself to be a gender-neutral carrot, or whatever.

I thought Roosh accused her of being a lesbian. I am pretty sure lesbians would not date Anil. In words the PUA can understand…

“Your Sex Magic does not work on Lesbians.”

I support a lot of women’s rights and activists not because I want to sleep with them but because I think what they are arguing for is important and progressive. So yes, I am adding Nitasha Tiku to that list. Oh I may not agree with everything they say (Anita Sarkeesian) but I see what they are doing and think it’s important. And you may say that what they do doesn’t matter but then honestly to most of my readers what I do doesn’t matter either.

You aren’t poor Indians. Nothing I do has any influence on your lives. What I write may cause your eyes to prick and tear. It may cause you to go out and donate money. But ultimately you are still comfortable. I am “safe” because while I fight in a deadly war on women with actual physical casualties counted in the thousands per year, I am far away and therefore safe.

Nitasha and her Monsterous Regiment are not safe not because they fight a lesser battle than say “against the burning of women for money” but because they fight one that is closer to home.

In this drama you have a classic Marxist dyke and a sexually frustrated Indian man joining forces to get a white American man fired within 24 hours. And no one cares besides our perverted corner of the internet. That tells you how much power that immigrant liberals have gained.

Everyone knows that sacrificing Pick Up Artist tears to Shiva nets you unlimited power. Why from all the tears I gained from writing this, I have gained effective immortality.

And seriously? Pax made public comments of a discriminatory nature. It didn’t matter WHO pointed that out to Business Insider. And there is some evidence that people in Business Insider knew about his stances but simply ignored it. Meaning that the only way change was going to happen is if people brought it out in the open and it was either at the hands of bloggers or at the hands of a lawsuit and let’s just say bloggers are a hit to your goodwill alone which can be rebuilt but not to your bank balance as well which is a lot harder to rebuild. Especially if your goodwill just ran out.

You kill the rot in your movement by dragging it into the light or by immersing yourself in the dark and lighting a fire.

I must state that Pax didn’t do himself any favors with his tweets, but we have to make a decision as a society if we’re going to let angry liberals decide the employment status of natives who actually are contributing to the nation’s economy. The result from all this is one productive man is out of a job while Nitasha can continue fouling up the internet with her Apple laptop (Steve Jobs was a white man) while sitting in Starbucks (Howard Schultz is a white man) and slaving away for Gawker (Nick Denton is a white man), thinking how she is changing the world for women and Indians. At the same time, Anil can ruin a white man’s livelihood because he’s deeply disappointed with his half-white girlfriend in spite of all the money and status he has. How did this happen to America? I don’t know, but it’s a damn shame we’ve arrived at this point.

Indians rarely worry as much about racism because we aren’t poor in the west. Indians in most of the western nations are rich and upper middle class. They generally are the least likely to commit crimes and most likely to pay their taxes and indeed be well educated. There is no genetic reason for this, there is however a cultural one. Most Indians who left India did so on the strength of education so they see it as valuable. In addition they were exposed to things that they could not have and without a safety net. They either sank or they swam.

So their children inherited two things. Education and Exposure. It’s the same amongst Chinese immigrants. It’s the reason why we do so well at “school”. When I got home other kids played outside. I did my homework first and to my parent’s satisfaction before I was let out.

As a group of people in Western Society, Indians are possibly one of the singularly most productive. Acquisition of wealth isn’t a sin to Indians. Hard work is a virtue. Roosh may laugh but do you know what my ancestors in the UK said when faced with racists?

It’s okay, we work hard. When all the shops are shut the racist has to buy from me because I am the only shop that’s open. And racist money is as good as any others. And in time I will open more shops and no one will listen to the racists.

And I am proud of them but I am proud too that I follow in their footsteps. I have my own achievements that I am proud of and my own skills that I can hold up. Roosh? Roosh tricks women into sleeping with him and thinks he is the second coming of Da Vinci.

The achievements of Steve Jobs doesn’t make Nitasha’s point less valid. That’s like saying that she must have founded a major billion dollar corporation before her points are valid.

And the funny thing is? Those two ARE changing the world for Indians. Mr. Roosh is unaware but India is one of the biggest sources of IT Engineers and many Tech companies have  branches in India to take out some of the best India has to offer. And MANY of those are women since in India, IT is an equal opportunities employer. More so than the west.

It’s why Indians are so heavily represented in the Tech industry.

So this weird juxtaposition of MRA, PUA and Racist comes to the end with a tragic sigh. Roosh is too good for this cruel earth where Indians get to speak like real human beings and people actually listen to us.

But on a more serious note?

Dear Pax Dickinson.

Satire and Parody is used to punch upwards. To fight bigotry and to take on the norm. Above you will see examples of such. What you did was not parody. What you did was try to excuse your bigotry by calling it parody.

How did you think this was going to end?

But what have I learnt from all this? Well that I should be reading a lot more of Nitasha’s work.

Oh and that Roosh is a terrible human being and brings nothing productive to any conversation as a whole and demonstrates what precisely is wrong with the MRA and PUA movement when it comes to fighting battles.


  1. wtfwhateverd00d says

    “Satire and Parody is used to punch upwards.”

    One of these stupid prescriptive generalizations that has never been true that idiots like to make in their arguments and then dumberer idiots retweet and reblog it forever until it becomes feminist canon.

    So when Jon Stewart, Bill Mahrer, The Onion parodies Terry Jones burning Korans, some dumbass cracker preacher from Florida, that’s Jon Stewart, Bill Mahrer, The Onion punching up because Terry Jones has the power? Or Terry Jones has a bigger audience then these folks? Or more money? Or more access to media?

    Or maybe that’s these comedians improperly using parody and satire.

    This is as stupid as idiot feminists giving their precise prescriptions for when a rape joke can be funny. THIS is funny, what I find funny is funny, and nothing else.

  2. Jacob Schmidt says

    So when Jon Stewart, Bill Mahrer, The Onion parodies Terry Jones burning Korans, some dumbass cracker preacher from Florida, that’s Jon Stewart, Bill Mahrer, The Onion punching up because Terry Jones has the power? Or Terry Jones has a bigger audience then these folks? Or more money? Or more access to media?

    You think Terry Jones’ bigotry is marginalized?

  3. Anthony K says

    Roosh is the real deal. He’s all MRA and PUA. How empowering of men he is to assume that the rest of us agree with him that our only worth is in the supposed quality of women we connive into fucking us. Thanks, boys! You’re doing us all a real favour!

  4. wtfwhateverd00d says

    Terry Jones is a little pissant asshole attention whore out of Florida, yes I think his bigotry is marginalized.

    Please point to anyone in the mainstream that has not denounced that turd and show he has more power that Jon Stewart.

  5. says

    Considering Terry Jones’s anti-Ground Zero Mosque tirades were doing similar rounds among atheists?

    Terry Jones may not be widespread but a lot of his ground stance is honestly held by a lot of Americans who don’t know their Mullahs from their Fatwas when it comes to Islam. They may not burn Korans but they share similar views.

    And I repeat. Are you kidding me? His excuse was that he was parodying Mel Gibson’s usage of the word Nigger and that he isn’t racist.

    Except he thinks Martin Lutherr King and Mandela are naught but terrorists.

    Something tells me he is flip flopping and backtracking a lot.

  6. Jacob Schmidt says

    Terry Jones is a little pissant asshole attention whore out of Florida, yes I think his bigotry is marginalized.

    Wait, him specifically or the ideas he stands for? You could make a case for the former (though I don’t think it would go far) but the latter is asinine. The latter, by the way, is what get’s him mocked.

  7. brucegee1962 says

    Wow, Avicenna, your rants are getting longer and longer and more and more impassioned. Frankly, I’m not sure these little MRA racist types are worth all the spleen you vent against them. Also, I’m worried about your blood pressure. Maybe you could just take a good walk instead? Just a suggestion.

  8. says

    Someone has to vent at them. After all, if we didn’t expose them to the light we would just assume that there were no problems like these.

    I am constantly being told that no problems exist and that people are out just “looking for trouble” when it really isn’t the case.

    People ask what sort of racism exists today and Pax’s racism is not a small thing. It isn’t some minor MRA or guy on youtube. This was a major person in the tech industry who held these views.

    It’s the sort of thing that should make others a lot more angrier.

  9. Nepenthe says

    One of the punchlines of Roosh’s existence is that as a Persian none of the white supremacists he is so fond of would consider him a real human being.

  10. says

    Terry Jones is a little pissant asshole attention whore out of Florida, yes I think his bigotry is marginalized.

    Sorry, you’re pretending bigotry against islamic immigrants isn’t mainstream? Are you for real?

  11. DsylexicHippo says

    “I must state that Pax didn’t do himself any favors with his tweets, but we have to make a decision as a society if we’re going to let angry liberals decide the employment status of natives who actually are contributing to the nation’s economy. The result from all this is one productive man is out of a job while Nitasha can continue fouling up the internet with her Apple laptop (Steve Jobs was a white man) ”

    Contrast that to what he said about Anil:

    “He dates an unattractive half-white woman that fell from the ugly tree and hit at least eight branches on the way down. ”

    So, despite his biological dad being an immigrant from Syria, Steve Jobs was a fully white man for the sake of appropriation in his twisted mind (what happened to polite societal niceties like bloody half-sand n****rs ?) but when it comes to Anil’s partner, her whiteness is only half as good?

  12. kittehserf says

    Nepenthe @11 – Hi!

    Don’t know if you’ve read David’s posts on this at MB, but Stormfront have particularly said that the pure, white women of the Ukraine et al have a horrible swarthy sex tourist among them – ie. Roosh. So you’re right, Mr “Indians are not white like me!” doesn’t make the grade as far as that lot are concerned.

  13. angharad says

    So when did spinster worship become part of the liberal agenda? Dammit, why didn’t any of you guys tell me this was in the works before I got married…?

  14. Nepenthe says


    Ah, no I hadn’t seen that. (Been avoiding MB for the sake of my mental health.) But thanks for pointing me to that post. I was disappointed that scorpion didn’t use the phrase “body politik”, but I suppose that would be expecting too much.

  15. Rich Woods says

    Does Anil get an upgrade to a fully white woman when he gets the full million?

    I think I just laughed myself into a hernia.

    Keep up the good work, Avi. This bigotry does need dragging into the light, time and time again.

  16. yazikus says

    Wow, Avicenna, your rants are getting longer and longer and more and more impassioned. Frankly, I’m not sure these little MRA racist types are worth all the spleen you vent against them. Also, I’m worried about your blood pressure. Maybe you could just take a good walk instead? Just a suggestion.

    I for one am glad I read the entire thing. Light needs to be shed here. Thanks Avicenna, for wading in, and exposing how horrible and reprehensible these ideas and the people behind them are.

  17. oursally says

    >but here we have a man with Indian roots attacking the entire home race

    umm, the Indian guy attacking the Indians?

    (well, ok, they call them First Nation now but it didn’t make a nice pun)

    That’s as funny as Australians suggesting the repatriation of immigrants.


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