Age of Kali – Deserved or Revenge?

If you haven’t already heard, then the outcome of the Delhi Rape trial is out.

The perpetrators were found guilty.

And are sentenced to hang.

I agree that they are guilty but I disagree with the death penalty. But justice by Indian standards is served.

Or is it revenge? But whatever said and done much hasn’t changed yet. Women still are raped daily and the few that do come forward rarely get the justice they  deserve.


  1. sarah00 says

    I’m ambivalent too, for the same reasons you say.

    If the death penalty has any benefit (which I’m really not sure of) it’s to deter others from committing similar crimes. Yet it seems the only reason they’ve been sentenced to death is because of the global outrage they caused. As you say, women are still being raped and rarely get justice. If anything, all this is saying is ‘don’t rape them so badly they die and you’ll be fine’. Not really the message the justice system should be sending.

    I can’t see this verdict having any effect beyond sating the mob (until the next time).

  2. John Doe says

    I believe that this sentence was very much of a foregone conclusion. I’d hate to think what public opinion would have done to the judge, had life imprisonment been the sentence the judge meted out. Indeed, I have read some comments that this death is “too easy a death” for these people– preferably something slow & lingering, with castration thrown in. Sometimes makes me wonder if we have actually progressed beyond the days of Henry VII…

  3. katkinkate says

    It was a nice show trial to reassure the public and tourists without actually having to do anything about the underlying cause.

  4. Jont Musiteur says

    I see several levels of problem.

    I don’t agree with the death penalty, but I can’t help feeling satisfaction that this sentence was handed down. Hypocritical? Yes of course, I’m fully aware of that.
    I know that in the country I live in (Germany), cases are handled much more harshly under public scrutiny than not. I suspect that that’s a universal. That’s worrying, especially with the death penalty involved.
    It won’t leave much of a dent on rape figures, but I don’t think punishment strategy does. So yes it is more revenge than anything. But… is controlled revenge necessarily a bad thing, if it replaces uncontrolled revenge justice as in the lynch mob?

    I don’t claim to have any answers, I’m not even sure there are valid answers.

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