Age of Kali – Riots

There are riots up north based on religious sectarianism. Lest we forget? Hindus and Muslims were stabbing each other way before Jews got in on that action….

So moving shop. We are taking this on the “road” so as to speak. More tomorrow when I get there. Leaving “now”.



  1. arvindiyer says

    The online reports available as of now do not report any riots in Lucknow (unless I have missed something that happened in the meantime) and the recent unfortunate events happened in Muzaffarnagar (over 500 km from Lucknow). It’s just that all the international correspondents’ reports are filed from the state capital Lucknow. Probably the title was an innocent oversight but getting the city/town wrong can inadvertently set off rumours, the last thing one wants during the discourse on Indian riots.

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