Tigasuku Tales – Tired But Racism Burns

[warning]There is an attempt to silence free speech I am aware off. I was unaware of the struggles of many Indian and Chinese Malaysians in the light of racism by the majority Malays. And Tiga’s been under pressure to stop blogging about racism and support for a status quo that’s not fair.[/warning]

Pass it on. Tiga fears that no one will read what it’s like. So with that in mind, I am protecting her blog posts on the Malaysia here. I know Tiga’s more “agnostic/areligious” than flag burning balls to the wall atheist like myself.

I’m so exhausted after a day at the Emergency Department. I’m posted there for my current rotations and it’s been incredibly fun.

I was about to turn in before I saw a post about someone getting annoyed about people expressing political views on facebook. I also realised this person is as dimwitted as most narrow-minded politicians in Malaysia and is one of the closet modern Malays who champion for bumiputra (land-owner) rights in Malaysia. This person who claims to be close to her Chinese and Indian friends is a strong supporter of Malay supremacy. The same supremacy that lets our government use tax payer’s money from ‘second-class citizens’ to pay for her middle-class family’s trips to the UK ever so often.

I am disappointed in these people the most. True racists express their views and are smart enough to not claim to be close to their non-Malay friends. At least there’s no hypocrisy there. However, hypocrisy is worse. Sure, be a racist. Plenty of them out there in the world.

A hypocrite though, is distasteful. It is cowardly and despicable. Because it means you have a stand but know it’s wrong and are afraid to voice it out AND practice what you think in public.

Hate isn’t a good thing to feel. It is tiring and makes me weary. But if I could rid the planet of hypocrites such as you, I would.

Your cowardice disgusts me and your closet bigotry is appalling.


  1. smrnda says

    Thanks for raising awareness on this. When I first learned of the way that non-Malays are discriminated against in Malaysia I was both surprised it was going on, but even more surprised that it wasn’t well-known, and therefore was producing no outrage (instead of say, South African apartheid, which was widely known about and protested.)

    On people wanting people *not to talk politics* it always seems to be people who are currently politically privileged.

  2. TaylorMaid says

    I am utterly ignorant of this issue’s existence. I’m not demanding to be educated, but if Tiga posts more I will absolutely read.

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