Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt Not Kill

– The Bible

Douglas Yim killed 25-year-old Dzuy Duhn Phan after a night of partying and playing video games. Another friend, Paul Park, testified the two men had engaged in a heated discussion about God that ended when Phan crossed a line which resulted in Yim crossing even more lines.

The focus of the argument? Yim became enraged and grabbed his gun after Phan asked Yim where God was when Yim’s father died of a stroke several years earlier.

Yim shot Phan at least six times… faces 126 years to life in prison.

And this is his second attack on a friend. He had shot a friend a few years earlier and was charged with assault with a firearm.

Can we say religion caused this?

Well no. Here’s why.

  1. Douglas Yim has anger issues. Big ones. There is a history of responding to insults with absolute violence that indicates a deeper problem that is untreated.
  2. This is compounded by the ownership of a gun. You may say that Knives Kill People Too, to which my response is “This is why our armies march to war with only knives rather than guns”. A gun is a much more effective killing machine  than a knife. You are more likely to kill someone and it is easier to kill someone with a gun.
  3. The religious aspect just makes him a hypocrite.

Religion doesn’t make you good. It didn’t temper his anger. If it wasn’t religion it could have been him losing in a video game or someone accidentally stepping on his toes that sets off his rage. He didn’t do this for his religion. He did this because he had an anger issue and religion was just a handy trigger.

No, what religion makes him is a hypocrite. Turn the other cheek was lost on him.


  1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Thou shalt not kill .. perhaps the least respected and followed religious commandment this side of Sundys?

    Or Saturdays if that’s yer fancy or whatever.

  2. robertrichter says

    Depending on what you mean by “efficiency,” a knife can be considered a more efficient killing machine than a gun. It’s inexpensive and simple, it requires no ammunition, and it kills people just as dead just as fast. indeed, swords were the go-to tool for efficient killing since shortly after people figured out you could make a knife that big.

    Efficiency isn’t really the key concept for what a gun brings to the impulse to kill, nor is it strongly related to the reasons militaries use guns.

    Militaries use guns because you can’t kill a guy a mile away with a knife. That’s not relevant here.

    What is relevant is ease of use. Killing without a gun requires more than angry (or suicidal) impulses. You need strength and training that not everyone has. Killing with a gun is much easier. You just need to know how to operate the trigger and safety (if the gun even has one) and which end to point at the target. Most people can manage that much even drunk.

    Add to this that guns have few other purposes. Like a sword, a gun is a tool for killing, and even the recreational uses relate to this primary function. There’s a pretty good argument that people with anger management issues probably shouldn’t have guns (or, for that matter, swords.)

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