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This one was in a link sent to me from the Windsor Star.

Atheistic secularism is most often presented as a lack of religious belief and practice. What should be recognized is that atheism is itself a religious belief.

No. Atheism is the unique notion that perhaps we would be better off putting up a lightning rod rather than trying to reason with a thunderstorm.

We all have within our experience countless proximate meanings, some rather trivial, some of deep importance. Beyond these meanings and keeping them all in harmony, we all have an ultimate meaning, which is religion.

Except it’s funny how many people have different Ultimate Meanings. It’s as if they were just making things up as they go along.

We can prove most of our proximate meanings from experience. We cannot do that for our ultimate meaning.

Ultimate Meaning?

Which one of you bright Canadian Sparks let the Ultimate Warrior write stuff? Must we fear your Destrucity?

We take a stance in line with our proximate meanings, in other words, in the direction of meaning itself. Atheism truly is a religious stance, incapable of empirical proof, the only difference from main-line religions being its stance toward meaninglessness.

There is no evidence to suggest the existence of any gods. The correct response is to go “Okay” and carry on with your life. Not to respond to that with “Must Be True”.

Why should this religion be imposed on people, generally the Quebec proposal?

So that we don’t have one major religion imposing it’s well on everyone and making decisions for everyone that are based on the belief that you can convince mythological creatures to do your biding if you really believe.


  1. Ruth Walker says

    I sent the message below to the author, Leo Walsh, at:

    If atheism is a religion . . .
    • Not believing in Santa Claus is also a religion.
    • Unemployment is a job.
    • Not collecting stamps is a hobby.
    • Not playing tennis is a sport.
    • Abstinence is a sexual activity.
    • An empty bowl is a meal.
    • Silence is a noise.
    • Remaining silent is a speech.
    • Not fighting is an act of violence.
    • Bald is a hair color.
    • Silence is a language (and remaining perfectly still is a sign language).
    • Nudity is a costume.
    • Cleanliness is a stain.
    • Being a teetotaler is a type of alcoholism and not taking drugs is a type of addiction.
    • Empty can be a content.
    • 0km/h is a velocity.
    • 0 g has a mass
    • 0 is a positive number.
    • 0 is a negative number.
    • Sanity is a mental illness.
    • Being dead is an illness.
    • Being healthy is a disease
    • Jewish humor is always self-praising.
    • Empty space is matter.
    • Clear is a color.
    • Vacuum is a smell.
    • Anarchy is structured government
    • Not watching the Stupid Bowl makes you a fan of hockey.
    • Not watching the Stupid cup makes you a fan of boxing.
    • Not watching boxing matches makes you a fan of archery.
    • Having never cared much for politics, and having never read Mein Kampf, your lack of a criticism of that work makes you a Nazi.
    • Having never cared much for gender politics, your lack of criticism of traditional gender roles makes you a chauvinist.
    • “Nothing” can have a volume.
    • Darkness has a wavelength (see Discworld, where Dark is faster than Light because although Light is fast, Dark can always get out of its way in time).
    • Outer space is a planet.
    • “Nowhere” is a place.
    • “Nobody” is a person.
    • “Nobody” is a public office position.
    • “Nothing” is an object.
    • DC has a frequency.
    • A blank sheet of paper is the Communist Manifesto
    • A stone has an IQ
    • War is Peace
    • Freedom is Slavery
    • Ignorance is Strength (or knowledge)
    • Not kicking cats is animal abuse
    • Not doing drugs means you’re an addict
    • Cremation is a fashion statement
    • Death is a way of life
    • Pedestrians should be ticketed for driving their cars too far under the speed limit.
    • Cremation is a fashion statement
    • Disinterest in cats equals zoophilia.
    • What’s the opposite of religion and what would you call someone who has no religion?
    • To be is not to be
    • Absence is presence and you can never be lonely for anyone ever again because they are always with you.
    • Bears are still Catholic, and the Pope still craps in the woods.

    A friend of mine made sense when he asked how, with so many varied descriptions of gods, how could he choose one?

  2. Alex C. says

    > • War is Peace
    > • Freedom is Slavery
    > • Ignorance is Strength (or knowledge)

    This just made my day! Thanks!

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