How to Make People Cry

Ed wrote this after performing at a shelter for the homeless and hearing the stories of absolute heart break.

It’s a good way too make people cry. Most people will never think about what it means but a few will understanding the heartbreak and pain.

And they will try to make the world a better place. Maybe they won’t sacrifice their time as much as others but they will try and do something small and meaningful.

The feeling you get is what I felt when I first heard the stories. That mix of heartbreak and sorrow and empathic pain and hopelessness. And rage. Because these are people who should be angry, instead  they are just crushed. Broken. Defeated by life. And that is a stark contrast to all the good things in my life. It’s not charity, it is compassion.

People say that I do this because it makes me feel good. It has cost me a lot. I don’t have many friends left. Most have grown up and moved on. The calls tapered off. And I struggle to associate back with people in the “real” world rather than the nightmare one. Tiga’s one of the few good things in my life and my anchor to the soft and comfortable world.

To be a little less selfless. It’s not something big that you need to do. It can be something small. But what is important that you do it. You can wipe away your tears and say “Ah Well”. Or you can think about what you can do so that no one else has to be sad. It can be sharing this feeling so that others may help or it may be helping sponsor people who help.

Or it can be  giving the gift of time.

This song is a good way to make people cry.


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