It’s a Conspiracy

I have commented less on the Asaram Bapu case than others.

For those who are unaware, Asaram Bapu is a Hindu Sadhu with millions of devotees. 

He is accused of raping a 16 year old girl around 2 weeks ago. And rather than analyse the case we are watching the mob.

The family of the victim fear for their lives and the mob of followers would rather maintain the status quo. Hell the arguments basically boil down to “Bitch Lead Him On”, “Bitches Be Crazy” (Oh man how many times have women had to hear this one?) and it’s a conspiracy to imprison Asaram because of all the truth bombs he is allegedly dropping.

It really is disheartening. The Sadhu gets special treatment unlike other rapists.

Asaram’s case is big news not just because he is a Sadhu but because it highlights the difference in treatment of the accused if the accused was rich and had a big enough army of goons to make life difficult.

It’s a train wreck but you cannot help but watch and hope that justice will be done. Particularly in light of stories that are coming out about other disappearances from his Ashram.

And the supporters of his innocence? Many politicians with the clout to get his case pulled.

India is a secular nation, with justice for all irrespective of how in touch with the Atma they are. To attempt to subvert due course as a politician is nothing but contempt for your nation. If you have any pride in your nation you would not harm it so.

BJP’s Vice President Prabhat Jhat’s defence of this man is just tragic. Had he been a Mullah rather than a Sadhu the BJP would be gleefully hopping up and down while it’s grass roots would point to him as the “Price of Tolerance for Islam”.


  1. says

    It’s almost as if the sadhu is a famous movie director, or something.

    Religious figures are especially untrustworthy. After all, if they’re willing to lie about something like being attuned to divine wisdom (or whatever their racket) they’re going to be unashamed to do just about anything.

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