Age of Kali – Did She Call Him Brother and Plead for Mercy?

[warning]TW – Rape[/warning]

Asaram Bapu shot to fame in the west when he made an infamous comment during the Delhi Rape Aftermath.

He claimed that the victim would have avoided that horrific rape if she had called the attackers “brothers” and pleaded for mercy and prayed to Krishna.

Asaram Bapu is in trouble though. A court has remanded him in custody for the alleged sexual assault of a 16 year old girl. Bapu has a following of millions and indeed protests have already begun blaming the accusation as politically motivated.

But then India’s women didn’t forget his words. Why should Asaram be treated differently because he dresses in orange? If he did rape her, would he have stopped had the girl called him “uncle”?

The girl’s family say they have been followers of the controversial guru for 12 years.

In their complaint to the police, the family alleged that Asaram Bapu asked the teenager to stay back after prayers last week and assaulted her while her mother waited outside.


  1. katkinkate says

    Considering how much incest and sexual abuse happens within families, that strategy may not be as successful as some may think.

  2. lorn says

    Would calling them brother and begging work? Possibly. Would pulling out a gun and shooting the men work? Possibly. If she would have just thought ahead and trained herself with lightning kung-fu grip she might have been able to rip their balls off before they could do her any harm.

    Fact is that when you have nowhere to run to and are overpowered you do the best you can. Anyone saying she should have done this or that, and particularly anyone blaming her for doing, or not doing, this or that, is just showing that they don’t understand the situation.

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