Not the Ducks – Murder, Robbery and Jaywalking?

Alan Keyes is a lot of things. Republican Right Winger and all around oblivious to a lot of things.

If you can accept big superstitions such as religion and extreme economics then it’s easy to accept the little ones. Alan Keyes is anti-vax. Not even the mild “anti” but the full on conspiracy nut.

As is Louie Gohmert. Alan Keyes may be just a commentator but Louie is in charge of legislation.

And on the Family Research Council both of them demonstrated how ridiculously unqualified they are to discuss the topic. Basically Gohmert wa filling in for Tony Perkins and they both got to discussing vaccines.

Gohmert pointed out that some liberals believed that the Earth was already over populated, because no proper American Right Wing Conspiracy is complete without the machinations of the supposedly poor, handout and entitlement driven left to somehow mobilise vast sums of wealth in order to pull of astonishing feats of conspiracy.

A lot of people who fancy themselves elites, right, because they’ve made a lot of money, their names are all over the media and so forth, they’ve really signed on to an agenda that requires the depopulation of the globe,” 

I am actually an agent of depopulation! The Antivax would have you believe it’s because of vaccination! Well vaccines play a role.

The more children that survive to adulthood the less children you need to have to ensure some make it. So you improve food, hygiene, water and medicine. The most immediate of these is “Medicine” since the rest require infrastructure that’s expensive and slow to put into place while medicine requires willing people.

The world is TOO CROWDED. Not in places where Gohmert hangs out but in places where there are no resources that support people like Gohmert.

The notion is simple. When you have food for 3 people but have 4 people to feed then 4 people starve. If we can get the next generation to have one child then when the older generation dies off the younger generation will have “3” people who now have adequate resources.

You do this through contraceptives, sex education and women’s healthcare and empowerment.

The agenda? Development of the poorest people to our standard of living. Gohmert is clearly against this.

“And in the name of fighting global climatological change, called global warming — that’s proven to be something that’s wrong — they are saying that we’ve got to cut back the population of the world.”

Alan Keyes then weighs in with this fantastic piece. Climate Change isn’t Real! Those Polar Icecaps are just melting out of spite!

“Bill Gates gave a famous talk back in 2009, which he was talking about actually abusing vaccinations, which are supposed to keep people healthy and alive, and saying how this could lead to a 15 percent reduction in the population of the globe as a way to achieve this result,”

Yeah this old claim is the bread and butter of the conspiracy theory anti-vax.

To which my response is this. We live in a world where medicine is more expensive than bullets. And every single damn vaccine that we used has been associated with marked decreases in mortality.

The Measles vaccine? In it’s day at least 8 MILLION (Consider how many people die to AIDS and then realise how scared we are of AIDS) people died from the disease a year. Since then the number has fallen below a million. Some of the poorest children in the world still die to it but we are well on our way to killing it off. And we can make it go the way of Smallpox.

The number of people alive today because of Measles vaccination is in the MILLIONS. If we really wanted to kill people off we would not have invented the Measles and MMR vaccines and instead just let nature do it’s thing.

Bill Gates spoke about the role of improvement of heatlhcare in reducing populations by getting people to have fewer children like we do in the west and possibly set up slowly falling populations for overpopulated countries like India and China to ensure the human race existed at an ideal “comfort” level at a safe equilibrium.

If Bill Gates wanted to “kill Africans with vaccines” then all he is doing is being the world’s worst killer because he is actually making people live longer.

They’re preaching that doctrine because they actually believe we’re a blight on the face of the planet, we human beings,” Keyes said. “And we should, therefore, be put on a path toward our own semi-extinction. I often try to get people to see that if you think about it, if we actually get back to the levels they’re talking about, it would just be these elitists and the people needed to service them. That’s all that will be left in the world.”

Keyes again! My grandparents had 6 kids. My parents only have 2. SEMI EXTINCTION!

Or you know. Not fucking like rabbits.

If Only There was some way to ensure a predator prey relationship that didn’t boom/bust via some sort of equilibrium

I don’t know about you but people starving to death makes me sad. Alan and Gohmert want humans to follow the above cycle. I suppose such an approach will allow us to create a race that has evolved to elbow each other in the face when fighting for food rather than say… artificially ensure our population stays controlled and below an artificially high pool of food sources to ensure we live comfortable lives and don’t have to worry about starvation.

I don’t know about Alan Keyes and Louie Gohmert but I reach for condoms to prevent births rather than a syringe.


  1. belzerbru says

    Ah, this is why I heard last night from a christian that most on the left thought the planet were overpopulated..

  2. Pen says

    These guys’ attitude is frankly bizarre. I think they can’t link between their abstractions and what it really means on the ground. It’s a bit like the belief some people have that evolution is such a good thing we should welcome every opportunity to evolve – neglecting to remember that evolution involves, basically, watching your children die before they’re old enough to reproduce. I think I like us just as we are!

    Alternatively, you can have faith in economics as a self-regulating system that eventually sorts everything in the world out for the best (all costs counted except human ones). Or put your trust in God who will ensure this planet doesn’t bear more humans than it can support (war, pestilence, famine). I actually believe that part.

    Otherwise, I can’t really get a handle on what it is they think is happening/will happen out there in the real world with the population we’ve got and the probability of an increase.

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