Sunil Revisitted

For those who forgot, this is Sunil Triparthi.

Sunil passed away around the same period as the Boston Marathon Bombings. A few days before it. Sunil was believed to have been depressed and his death was treated as a suicide.

Due to the nature of the rumour mill and Reddit, Tripathi was blamed for the attacks and this resulted in the harassment of his family who started a “Help us Find Sunil” page. Because appearances and a non-white name were enough to damn him and harass his family at a time when they needed help the most.

Today would have been his 23rd Birthday. 

Remember Sunil.

Remember the Importance of verifying the Truth and the price his loved ones paid.

Remember what blind hate does.

And remember that even in tragedy, even during the worst actions of hate by people on every side whether it was the bombers or those who lashed out against “easy targets”. That even during that darkest of days humans got together to show how amazing we can be. There is a reason we have lived this long and achieved so much and it’s not because we cut each other’s throats to get ahead but because sometimes we stop to lend a hand and do even the most simplest things for people who need a hand.

Sometimes the simplest gestures have the most power.

I believe the family is still accepting messages and photos.

If you wish to do something for the family? They don’t need anything. But there is a memorial fund in his name.

The Sunil Tripathi Memorial Fund, c/o Brown University
110 Elm Street, Box 1893, Providence RI 02912


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