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This one comes from the Concord Monitor and is by a worker at a Chiropractic Clinic called Stephanie Mills.

I am deeply concerned that our individual freedom to make informed medical decisions is in jeopardy. Recently a reader found my choice to share publicly that I do not vaccinate my children “irresponsible and dangerous” (“Dubious claims in chiropractic ads,” Monitor letter, Aug. 2).

You are free to make informed medical decisions. However a Chiropractor is not a medically trained individual. A Chiropractor is a quack. He knows as much about medicine as the average lay  person. Probably less, because I consider incorrect information worse than saying “I don’t know”.

The problem here is that Chiropractic does not work. If cracking your back affected your nerves you would be paraplegic or in deep pain. There is no science to it. There is nothing that supports it. In fact some spinal manipulation causes injuries.

The Chiropractic model somehow causes massive changes by simple cracking of the vertebral joints which is like claiming that cracking your knuckles cures headaches. IMHO, a Chiro is a masseuse who dresses like what people think doctors dress up in.

Rather than pass judgment, we should respect parents who have researched, soul-searched and even prayed to make the right decision. Too often parents are coerced, fooled or bullied into vaccinating our children by government experts, doctors and schools without proper explanation or discussion as to each vaccine’s safety or validity.

Soul Searching is not considered a vital part of medical decision making. You may in your gut feel that starving yourself will stop cancer but the reality is that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery do the job.

Too often Chiropractors fool parents into thinking that medical care is a sham and it’s expensive while getting them addicted to routine and unnecessary  procedures that don’t do anything apart from making satisfying noises.

As for safety and validity? It is not Doctors who are running around telling people that Whooping Cough, Rabies and Polio are harmless little diseases. It is not Nurses who are telling people that Rubella is “just a mild fever and a rash”, nothing else. It’s the quacks.

Why is the Hepatitis B shot generally administered to babies in hospitals at only 12 hours old?

Because Hepatitis B can be transferred from mother to baby during the process of child birth and the vaccine helps protect the child from this. In addition, if prophylaxis is done, the mother can safely breastfeed the child.

Hepatits B causes either acute or chronic liver disease. It’s not fun to have. Vaccinate your children. Are you bloody sure you have never had sex with someone with it? Never snogged someone? Never got a cut? To be fair the way you get to have a baby puts you at risk of Hepatitis B in the first place so you know what? Vaccinate. Your kid’s liver will thank you for it.

This vaccine is for a blood-borne, sexually transmitted disease. Not only do most infants have little risk of contracting this disease, but the Centers for Disease Control’s own head epidemiologist stated that this vaccine has 10 times more serious reactions than other vaccines.

Because you can catch the disease from sex and pass it on to your child. You may not have any symptoms right now though. An STD doesn’t mean that someone’s going to have sex with your baby but that it’s going to have vertical transmission.

The fact that a Chiropractor who is giving vaccine advice to parents doesn’t know about vertical transmission of Hepatitis B nor mentioning the increased rate of transmission speaks volumes as to the quality of expert advice available.

Why do we now vaccinate for chicken pox? Contracting chicken pox was once a rite of passage among kids, conferring a lifetime of immunity. In 1983, only 23 doses of seven vaccines were given by age 6. Today kids are pin-cushions, with the CDC recommending 49 doses of 14 different vaccines by age 6. I’d say we’re being sold unnecessary vaccines for merely inconvenient diseases.

Because back then we didn’t have that many vaccines. Contracting Measles was a rite of passage. Dying from it was also  considered acceptable.

Chicken Pox? Well it’s simple. Chicken Pox didn’t give a life time of immunity, shingles was always a possibility with age. Chicken  Pox also made you ill for a week.

The medicine alone is more expensive than the vaccine without the addition of economic damage caused by parents staying at home to care for sick children and without the permanent damage and side effects that could affect children.

Can we trust the studies funded by the manufacturer who stands to profit? In the seven months following licensure of Gardasil, more than 600 vaccine reactions were reported, many involving serious neurological symptoms and death. According to the National Vaccine Information Center, the HPV vaccine was studied for less than three years and didn’t include a “true placebo” in its safety trials.

Out of MILLIONS of doses. And the notion of a true placebo is daft because a true placebo for a vaccine would also illicit an immunological response. The demand for a buffered solution placebo is only a sensible demand if you don’t understand human immunity or placebos. Death? I am afraid that no on

We need a placebo that ALSO causes a known immunological response. A placebo is another vaccine that is not cross-protective so that the immunological response is also mirrored but without any antibodies produced versus HPV.

And the reason why the HPV vaccine study was ended? In 3 years the data was clear. Gardasil had a massive protective effect.


In the years since it’s release with constant study across a variety of nations there is no known correlation between these adverse effects and Gardasil. The rate at which these effects occur in the general population is the same as that in the Gardasil population.

It’s why we are also talking about men taking the vaccine. I know that MANY gay men wish for the vaccine due to the protection against genital warts. It also protects against penile cancer and believe me, penile cancer’s treatment is emasculation or the complete loss of genitals. And this is obviously without the obvious 3000 deaths and 9000 cancers per year prevented by this vaccine in the USA alone.

Harmless right?

No one can guarantee any vaccine’s safety for your child. Decades ago Congress created a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and special court to quietly deal with vaccine injuries and deaths. Since its 1980s inception, billions of dollars have been paid to compensate the families of vaccine-injured children.

No one can guarantee that your child won’t get killed crossing the street or in a car accident. Yet you regularly strap your child into a car and go out.

For fun.

Your child is straight up more likely to be killed by an accident involving a car than the vaccine.

Actually VAERS is different from the Vaccine Court. VAERS is flawed. Anyone can report an event. We look at confirmed events mainly because even I can  report an event to VAERS despite not being in the USA (it may have changed now). Faux reports are common enough.

Vaccine Court pays out settlements to parents because it’s cheaper to settle than to fight medical cases. The one case where they had to actually pay out damages was to Hannah Poling who’s rare mitochondrial disorder may have been exacerbated with the vaccine.

She is literally 1 in a 1,000,000,000. There are some kids who should not get vaccinated and these kids are protected by the very real herd immunity. Not vaccinating health kids just puts them in the firing line.

And it’s not “billions”.

Out of 8000 claims made just 900 were upheld. And they received a total of 900 million dollars. Less than a billion one finds. And a quick look through here finds just ONE case of autism getting the fee and that’s Hannah Poling’s Special Case and the rest due to allergies.

If your kid is allergic to some things they should not get certain vaccines. This is something we know and we check. From 1980 to 2013 there are just 900 positive cases. Less than 100 per year. Consider the number of MILLIONS of vaccines. This is way way less than 1%.

Seatbelts are more riskier than this.

I am not anti-vaccine; rather I am pro-health, pro-informed decision-making and pro-individual liberty. I am grateful to the health-care providers who take the time to discuss and create customized vaccine schedules. Here’s hoping that the New Hampshire Legislature gives us a conscientious objection option in the future. A great place to start educating yourself is at

NVIC is an anti-vaccine website that has claimed that Smallpox was a harmless disease (rather than something that killed 30% of it’s victims) that vanished out of pity for humanity rather than a concerted and universal vaccination scheme.

A Chiropractor cannot grasp what health means because health is the achievement of physiology. Physiology is the normal working of a human  body, pathology is it’s abnormalcy. A doctor’s role is to maintain physiology by avoiding pathological states and reverting any such state to a physiological one.

A chiropractor’s back cracking does not lie in this.

And any person who thinks that Chiropractic works is by definition not making an informed decision. And while individual liberty is important so is the liberty of others to be free of disease. No Chiropractor is eating humble pie over the resurgence of Measles in the UK due to the fall in vaccination levels. They are not paying out damages to the victims of their own ignorance. They are still shouting defiance and claiming it’s harmless despite people having died pointlessly and people being injured by thinking these individuals are healthcare experts.

At the very least they are guilty of false advertising, at the very most they are quacks and charlatans and should be treated as such.


  1. Acolyte of Sagan says

    In fact some spinal manipulation causes injuries.

    That struck a chord with me. When I first went to see my doctor about severe back pain he suggested I saw a chiropractor.Needless to say, I didn’t take up his suggestion, and I also changed doctors. The new one sent me for X-ray and MRi scans. Turns out if I had gone to the quack, there was a very good chance I would have been manipulated into paralysis.

    Quick related joke:
    Why do you never see practitioners of alternative medicine feeding ducks?
    They can’t stand the insults.

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