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You are historically ignorant and a massive LIAR. It was not Christianity that drove hatred against the Jews, it was SCIENCE. Remember, that which is supposedly atheism’s best friend? It was called eugenics, and it was thought up by godless twits like you who believed in a ‘master race’. And by the way, those poor people you talk about being killed…. were killed by atheist tyrants, from Cambodia to Cuba.

It is the absence of morality that comes with your sick ideology of man becoming god that caused more death in the previous century than all that preceded it. You’ll meet your Maker one day, and you’ll regret your idiocy.

And which maker is that? There are dozens of “maker gods” out there and you are just as likely to be wrong about which one you chose to believe in as me. At least I keep an open mind. Should evidence of a maker god exist I would believe in it, but to date there is none.

And if I am to be punished by your “kind and benevolent” maker for not believing then your maker is not kind or benevolent but a horrid and wicked creature who must be opposed. Because a lack of belief is not evil.

Then the reason for your belief is fear.

As for science? Name the scientific theory that says that Jews Need To Be Exterminated? Eugenics was not based on any science but ignorance. Blonde hair and blue eyes are not survival adaptations. Honestly, it’s like producing a pug and claiming that’s the BEST DOG because it looks puggier than any mongrel while ignoring the various health issues associated with pure breeds.

The Nazis were COMPLETELY unscientific about their “eugenics”. Hell if you want to build a master race then you should stop dating by racial lines and mix your genomes up. Not make it “purer” but more diverse. Why?

Any Goddamn Dog Breeder WIll Tell You That Healthy Dogs = Mongrels. That pure bred dogs will always have issues. Same for farmers. You keep breeding the same stock you will start getting problems. Hence the concept of “New Blood” or “Stud Exchanges”.

It is scientific to not decrease any genetic diversity. Being racist is like suggesting that you only bid on white horses during races because you CLEARLY think white horses run faster. You don’t look at their prior races and statistics and instead blindly bid on ignorance.

If we are willing to realise that the colour of a horse doesn’t matter then surely the colour of a human doesn’t either.

At no point does atheism say “Kill People”.

Nazis were staunch Christians. In fact many freethinkers were jailed and atheism was regarded as “communism” and was a good way to get sent to the camps. Atheists don’t march under the banner of Gott Mit Uns. Rewriting History to suit your needs is just ironic when you are doing it to the Nazis.

Pol Pot may have been atheist, but science doesn’t say you should kill the fucking intellectuals (You know. Like Scientists). Science doesn’t say “You should take all the University Professors and Make them Grow Crops, and then take all the farmers and make them run universities”. Why? Because science explains how the world works. And atheism is a lack of belief in a god. It doesn’t mean blinding stupidity. Pol Pot’s problem was that he bought into a social and economic strategy that assumed there was no difference in the creation of a farmer and a professor and that one can do the job of the other. A more apt example would be Electrician vs. Surgeon. You wouldn’t trust an electrician as a surgeon. And a surgeon as an electrician would probably kill everyone everytime you flicked a switch. Why? Because their training matters.

Cuba? Most of Cuba’s problems are due to American Interference in their politics. From Batista to the modern bans.

There is no absence of morality from atheism because we have to create our own moral codes. Why? Well all humans are equal are they not? Okay not precisely. Money, Education and Genetics play some part but we all should be equal in opportunity? In treatment? In the ability to acquire the things needed to have a full and healthy life? That humans are important.

Thats humanism. It’s why we consider torture, rape, slavery and the like illegal. Not because of your “moral god” who exhorted genocide, rape and torture.

None of the murders by atheist regimes were due to a lack of belief. If Stalin were religious too, it would NOT be the cause of his murders. Why? Because he murdered people to keep control over his domain. Not for religious reasons.

Hitler’s hatred of Jews was entirely powered by the Christian blame of Jews for killing Jesus. This was such a long hatred that it had more than a 1000 years of similar pogroms. In fact the Passion of the Cross is a pro-pogrom piece of story telling designed to whip crowds into a frenzy to go kill Jews.

The Empire of the Sun were not atheists either and their horrific massacres were due to a near religious system of honour and feudal notions of captive treatment. Neither were the massacres of Africa which were often done at the exhortation of church members. Neither was the massacres of the Balkans where soldiers were blessed by priests and where the lines were drawn up on the basis of religion..

No I am afraid you don’t understand why people do things.

The excesses you think of were that of absolute power and a lack of education and blind faith in ideology that was flawed or power hungriness.

Most atheists I am aware off would recant their atheism if you could empirically and demonstrably prove the existence of a god. You cannot. The demonstration of Jehovah would require a lot of science and a lot of breaking of fundamental laws.

There is not one iota of evidence for any gods any more than there is for the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Your faith doesn’t make you moral. Your actions do. You can pray to your gods all you like but if you are off re-writiing history to lie about atheists then you are not moral.


  1. smrnda says

    Antisemitism precedes eugenics by a long time, but antisemitism is pretty much as old as the Christian church. John Chrysostom, an early Christian saint, said some viciously antisemitic things, and Martin Luther’s writings are pretty much the same as those during the third reich.

  2. thascius says

    Hitler never quoted Charles Darwin or any other “evolutionist” when explaining why Germany needed to get rid of the Jews. Someone he did quote a lot was Martin Luther, specifically Luther’s “On the Jews and their Lies.” And there’ve been plenty of tyrants even more overtly religious than the Nazis-Franco, Salazar, the Taliban, the theocrats governing Iran, etc.

  3. maudell says

    I find it weird that you get these e-mails from Christians assuming you are an anti-Christian blogger. Clearly they have not bothered to read a single one of your posts.

    Also, that obsession with master race is weird. They are so deep into a thought of hierarchy and ranked value (God, pope, cardinal, man, woman, animals, plants, dirt) that they can only conceive of godless people who view themselves as gods. They can only conceive of evolution as a ladder (hence the ‘why aren’t gorillas becoming people’ argument). The only people I ever hear talking about the superiority of humans are religious. Of course, I’m sure some atheists think that way too, but it’s not a goddamn feature of atheism.

    I will assume the writer rejects the millions of hindu Gods. According to his logic, he must be a raging eugenist twit scientist. Yet, he strikes me as ‘not a scientist’ (he also strikes me as ‘not a historian’).

  4. otranreg says

    Any Goddamn Dog Breeder WIll Tell You That Healthy Dogs = Mongrels. That pure bred dogs will always have issues. Same for farmers. You keep breeding the same stock you will start getting problems. Hence the concept of “New Blood” or “Stud Exchanges”.

    And do you want to see a pure-bred human? Whitey-white, and a royalty. Pure Hapsburg, no less:


  5. otranreg says

    Also, thinking that eugenics or similar views were the cause for antisemitism in post-war Germany, is a sign of not knowing how the Nazi movement (not just Hitler’s party, there were craploads of big and small right-wing antisemitism-based parties in 10’s-20’s Germany) appeared and grew. They were used as post-hoc excuses, but only to sex up the old ideas deeply ingrained in the popular mind.

  6. colnago80 says

    I always get a laugh out of those morons who blame the Holocaust on Darwin. Obviously, they haven’t read Frankenberger’s speeches or Mein Kampf or they would know that he and the Nazi Party rejected common descent.

  7. left0ver1under says

    Those who claim science and atheism want a “master race” are the people who deny human origins from primates in Africa and deny worldwide migration. They’re the people who believe the crap about “god put the waters there to separate the races”. Those who accept the facts of science disagree wholeheartedly with such racist ideology (re: National Geographic’s Genographic Project).


    Atheism and communism have nothing to do with each other. Communism is an extremist ideology, so is fascism, and so are all religions. They all make unfounded and outright false claims based on “power from higher authority”, whether that be a “god” or “the workers”.

    Bertrand Russell once noted that communism and christianity oppose each other so strongly because they are so similar. Both want the same things (money, power, sex) and both use the same methods to get it (brainwashing, coercion and violence as required).

  8. Corvus illustris says

    Picky picky: (1) Your correspondent thinks you wish to become a god: s/he has atheism confused with Mormonism (or you with Mitt Romney). (2) Cuba vs. Ami problems go back at least to the brief annexation of Cuba by the USA, then “independence” in 1902 with the US free to interfere in Cuban affairs. The US shortly afterward sent in a military governor who facilitated corruption. Batista was only the last of a long line. (3) To say in the comment @1: antisemitism is pretty much as old as the Christian church. John Chrysostom, an early Christian saint, said some viciously antisemitic things, and Martin Luther’s writings are pretty much the same as those during the third reich is to ignore the Gospel acc. to St John which may be the only gospel actually dictated by a contemporaneous observer and really pins it on the Jews. European antisemitism has some economic excuses (not just about money-lending) as well as christian roots; these are demonstrated by events in the 1096 crusade and thereafter. Hitler exploited Luther’s rants in order to manipulate German Protestants (he was, after all, an Austrian Catholic as these identifications go).

  9. kevinalexander says

    Eugenicists in general and Nazis in particular never read Darwin or, if they did, they didn’t understand it.
    There are two essential components to Darwin’s theory, variation and selection. Eugenics like stupid dog breeding seeks to eliminate the variation so there’s nothing left to select from.
    So, if you’re a white guy who wants the strongest possible offspring, marry an African. It’ll fix what’s wrong with you.

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