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This one isn’t from the Master of Banana that is Ray Comfort but from the Abandoned to Christ blog by Sunny Shell.

For those who are unaware, Professor PZ Myers did an interview with Ray Comfort that turned out to be a little bit crooked. And Professor Myers said so about it. But this has not stopped Comfort’s latest Creationist Propaganda.

[warning]There is a lot of swearing. And it may hurt your feelings. It certainly hurt Ray Comfort’s[/warning]

But the problem is people read into stuff and make some rather weird claims about evolution and atheism so let’s delve into the claims by Shell here.

As I was chatting with Living Waters Publications’ Executive Assistant Manager and Producer of “On the Box with Ray Comfort” Allen Atzbi, as well as their Social Media Director Shane Martin, they shared some interesting comments they received from evolutionists. I thought it appropriate to title this article with something Shane said, “evolutionists prove to be very violent”. After reading some of their comments (below) I’m sure you’ll agree.

I forget the last time a geneticist went on a Church Massacring Rampage but I do remember “Good Christians” doing so.

I mean this is like me titling this post “Creationists are Stupid” or even “Christians are Violent” by showing them at their best. At rallies where they attack doctors who offer women the basics of healthcare. Or even posts from blogs where they justify genocide, rape and slavery. Oh and I bet Mr. Comfort does that too. I mean if a man has to believe in the gospel truth of the Bible to the point that the world MUST be created in 6 days, then I am afraid that is the sort of man who has to accept genocide, rape and slavery as moral ideas. As justified by divinity (AKA a god said to do it, so it must be moral)

Since it’s inital release (mentioned in mylast article), Ray Comfort’s “Evolution vs. God” has garnered thousands of hateful, demeaning and even violent comments from evolutionists. In spite of such unevolved expressions of opposition, the initial release received such a huge response, Living Waters Publications’ server crashed momentarily due to the mass influx of downloads.

Must I review it and make a detailed argument as to why Ray is (as usual) full of lies, mistakes and factual errors?

At 12:01 a.m. (EST), August 7, 2013, “Evolution vs. God” was released for free on YouTube. Within the first 12 hours, it was viewed more than 11,000 times, with the majority happening during the wee hours of the night. The Evolution vs. God Facebook page has more than 30,000 likes and more than 5,000 people “talking about this”. On their Google Plus page, they’ve acquired more than 1,100 followers and 220 followers on Twitter with numerous commendations from well-known, trusted and well-educated men and women from across the globe.

Mate, if every single damn person on the Earth didn’t believe in Gravity we would not float off into space. If we all believed that the Earth was flat and spun on a hub of four elephants that rode on a turtle that sits on the coils of a snake then we would not be on a flat Earth. And I am sorry, Google Plus is not a forum for scientific debate. Simply “liking” the picture of a starving child in Africa does not do anything to feed the child and neither does liking a video produced by a man who one thought that an incredibly phallic demonstration with a banana was somehow evidence for a god despite the fact that the modern banana is an entirely human creation designed to be as “bananaesque” as possible.

And I have seen that Google Plus page, a stunning travesty of ignorance, one liners and Lamarckian ideas.

Let us take Stephen Fry as an example. Now Mr. Fry as most of us know is an astonishingly educated erudite and smart man. He is a one of the last few Renaissance Men out there. And he is widely loved and respected for his intelligence, wit and indeed panache.

If he were to state that the Sun revolved around the Earth then he would be wrong. It does not matter what qualification he has or how eloquent the statement he makes, he is 100% wrong. Now I know Mr. Fry would not say such a thing. Because Stephen Fry is a massive fan of science and probably would laugh at the very notion of this.

We can replace Stephen Fry with any given name. Lord Lucan, The Blue Meanie, Ozzy Osborne, Prince Phillip, Stephen Hawkings, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga… It doesn’t matter who they are, if they say something that patently stupid then they are incorrect.

So it doesn’t matter how many likes you have on Facebook or how many Twitter followers you have. I am sure Mr. Comfort has way way way more than I do. But it doesn’t change the veracity of what I have to say. Fame is not an indicator of truthfulness.

There are more than 2,200 comments already posted on the YouTube site, as this movie continues to encourage the intelligent and infuriate evolutionists who are hypocritically angry with the teachings of a God they claim does not exist.

I am sorry. If you believe that the world was created by magic 6000 years ago and that we all descend from Noah (not Adam and Eve remember…) around 4000 years ago then you are sadly mistaken. You are not intelligent. You are gullible.

We are not angry at your god. And I use god with a small g for a reason. There is more than one non-existent god after all. Why must we respect the Christian god but not the Muslim one? Or the Hindu pantheon?

And you use that word hypocrite, I don’t think it means what you think it means. A Hypocrite is say… a man who preaches against gay rights being found taking holidays with a “special” friend. That’s hypocrisy. A hypocrite is not someone who opposes the teaching of fairy tales in science class.

The problem with people like Shell and Comfort is that their faith is all or nothing. If we do not teach fairytales in science class his world view will crumble. Not one part of the Bible can be wrong or else the whole thing is worthless.

Which is stupid. We know that Harry Potter is entirely fake but it doesn’t mean you cannot learn something important from it.

Here’s a small collection of interesting comments from evolutionists:

Bjorn Sodergren: “If this guy asked me one of his questions, and he interrupted me like he’s doing to these people, i would punch him in the eye and stab him in the face with a pen. His whole premise is complete hypocrisy. He keeps inferring that you need faith to believe in evolution and therefore it’s false, since it doesn’t ‘match up’ with scientific observation. There is plenty of evidence that supports evolution. Yet, there is absolutely 0 evidence for God or any God.”

Ben Fitzpatrick: “Cowards like you should just stop breathing and let us normal people move on with life. The world will become a better place once we’re rid of philistines such as yourself Mr. Comfort. Know that when you die I will sleep easier, because your destructive opinions will die with you, coward.”

Simon Jacks: “Sorry forgot the ad hominem… you witless ***** moron”

KalimaShaktide: “I can t watch this… it feels like being asked a question by someone who is not going to understand the response and trying to think of how to dumb things down to a 5 year old level. Ray keeps talking about “kinds” when biology talks about “species”…I can t watch this as it makes me want to slap him silly”

Dan Murphy: “Ray Comfort….you’ve gone full retard.”

Well it’s Youtube Comments. Hardly the finest of the Internet… I bet I can find equally horrid things from Christians you know..

But the problem here is “Bad Language”. We naughty naughty atheists swear.

And I paraphrase (I am having a serious mancrush on Stephen Fry… I wonder if he will notice me?) this.

It is one of the nicest things in the world to swear. It is a complete luxury. Have you ever not had to swear? Oh you may not be the sailor mouthed salty dog that I am. You may only swear in the direst of circumstances. But it is such a luxury! There are mad, silly and pedantic people who still say that swearing is a sign of an inferior mind or of poor vocabulary. And as Mr. Fry said “Utter Nonsense. The people I know who swear the most tend to have the widest vocabularies and the kind of person who says swearing is a sign of a poor vocabulary usually have a pretty poor vocabulary themselves… The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest or -is just a fucking lunatic.”

People who are shocked at swearing are shocked for the sake of being shocked. It’s usually to appear moral without realising that language doesn’t make you moral. Your actions are what counts.

Or that it is unnecessary. Well so are many things in Mr. Shell. Like the Internet and Bibles.

Have you noticed that atheists and/or evolutionists never hurl insults or vehemently oppose the Easter Bunny at parades or in shopping centers? Or how about the same for Santa Claus? It’s a rather strange and immature way to behave towards those who believe and teach something that opposes your view—if you truly believe the opposing view is preposterous. Why be so offended by something you’re sure does not exist…unless of course, you believe it does, yet you allow your foolish pride to set the course for your life rather than wisely humble yourself to the truth.

Because no one believes in the Easter Bunny. No one is demanding massive tax breaks for Cadbury’s (or Hersheys I suppose?). No one is demanding that we teach children that chocolate is a vital part of a balanced healthy diet. We don’t have people deciding Healthcare reforms on the basis of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. No one sane is suggesting that the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus is real. No one above the age of 12 in any case.

It is not immature to demand the proper education of our children with regards to diets lest they grow up thinking that a Dairy Milk counts as one of their five a day. And likewise it is not immature to suggest that our children receive a real scientific education and not think the world is 6000 years old and we all are a product of weapon’s grade incest.

In short? We would like science to be taught in classrooms. Not unproven nonsense promoted by people who don’t understand evolution and do so on purpose in order to keep making a profit.

We do not mind you saying that the world is 6000 years old and you were created by magic. We just don’t think you should be telling children that. We just don’t think you should be encouraging schools to teach that in lieu of science at a period of time when the US education system is struggling to teach even the most basic of science.

And if we are to discuss humility understand this. Science is the mirror by which humanity realises how little it knows. It does this by changing everything we knew bout the way the world worked. 200 years ago man could not move faster than a horse. 100 years ago man could not fly. 50 Years ago a Computer was so hugely expensive that there was a market for maybe a dozen of them.

Science is learning how little we know by revealing ideas about how the world works. Consider the sum total of human knowledge today.

Then consider the sum total of human knowledge 1900 Years ago when Ray Comfort’s Bible was written.

Let’s take a single advancement. An advancement that I love personally.

I love flying. I don’t care about the shitty seats and the so called bad food. I don’t mind the vapid inflight entertainment. I live for that second during take off. That feeling of insignificant mass. That feeling of unstoppable speed. That absolute velocity of a plane as it takes off where you feel the ground and know that you are moving at a speed that would have been inconceivable just a 100 years ago.

And you mean to tell me that Ray Comfort thinks that the Zenith of Human Knowledge is his Bible? That we hit the zenith of achievement around 2000 years ago?

Okay I can shoot it down.

The Old Kingdom of Egypt was Established in 2600 BC. The Creationist world view of 6000 years places this period squarely during the Noah Flood myth.

Which means that Egypt was not affected by the flood at all. In fact this is the most famous period of Egyptian architecture since it is the period of the pyramids. But we must remember that Egypt had civilisation long before it had giant geometry tombs. Egyptian History is pretty well documented from 3100 BC to the Modern Era. At no point do they get wiped out by massive floods and need to be repopulated by super incest from Noah.

Writing dates back 6000 years. 7000 Years is the Badari of the Nile and a variety of civilisations across the world who may not write but who do have things like agriculture. And this is the height of Mergarh, a Neolithic Culture in the Indus Valley. This is a full 1000 years before Mr. Comfort and Shell thinks the world was created and humanity existed. And it may not have had written language. But it damn well is civilisation.

And we can keep going back.

If we are to consider art the definition of civility. That art is the expression of self and of ideas and the first and prime form of stored communication. Then some of the earliest art out there dates back to 40,000 years. And it’s not in the Middle East.

We have a long and rich history of humanity that Ray and Shell would rather ignore to think we were created from a rib rather than being the product of an amazing journey. They would deny this art and this expression solely to believe you were magically created from ribs and dust.

Interestingly, these barbaric outburst of violence mainly come from evolutionists towards creationists. Evolutionists, that is, those who believe we’ve all evolved from some mystical primordial ooze from the cosmos that no one created, seem to often express themselves ironically, in a rather devolved manner. Whereas creationists tend to take the higher road and respond to opposition with grace and intercessory prayer, all from the love of God. Yet these evolutionists assert those who’ve been enlightened with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are the ones who are considered “in the dark” and small-minded. Very peculiar.

Yes. Because we call Ray Comfort a fucking idiot we are devolved. Because swearing is uncouth and undeveloped. Only bad people swear and ignorant people.

And you can pray all you want mate, it doesn’t change reality. For goodness sake, this is a man who thinks that kangaroos hopped all the way to Australlia from the Middle East. And Dinosaurs co-existed with man. And all manner of lunatic ideas that need to be true in order for his world to exist. Just 4000 years remember!

The Truth should stand irrespective of Gospel. I never read Darwin’s works. Evolution does not fall if it’s books are burned. It stands on it’s evidence. Evidence such as fossils, genetics, human diversity and observation. By contrast?

Ray Comfort has to make a lot of excuses about Slavery for his Bible to stand as truth. He has to lie to himself in fact.

I’m not saying that all Christians behave as we ought, but I am saying that most who are truly converted do act and speak as if they are indwelt with the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us with God’s Word and empowers us to live above disparaging behavior towards others ( 1 Peter 1:14-162 Peter 1:3-9John 17:17). We’ve not yet been perfected, but on that glorious Day when we see Christ in His full glory, we will be made perfect, and will have to answer for every careless word we’ve spoken (Matt 12:36Rom 14:122 Cor 5:9-10). So don’t worry atheists, we will be held accountable for any lack of God’s grace we display.

This may shock you but listen fucking carefully you fucking fuckers because I am only going to fucking say this fucking once. If your fucking poxy god does exist and we are to be fucking judged by this evil and vicious slave owning, rape encouraging genocidal fuck head. And if you think that this god is good then you are not. You are complicit in his fucking wickedness and his lack of fucking humanity. But we fucking understand why you do so. You fucking fear him. So you agree that “Yes! Slavery Is Good!” because you fear what he will fucking do to you if you say that it is not.

Because you are slaves. I am fucking free to say what I fuck fucketty fuck fuck like. And the truth is fucking this. If your fucking god is more insulted by the word “fuck” and less about the starvation in Africa then your god has no fucking priorities. Fuck All Kinds of Duck, Your Bible Quotes mean fucking bullshit. At no point does the Bible explain how an aeroplane functions. It does not grasp aerodynamics. Does that mean aeroplanes plummet out of the sky?

If I am to be judged by your fucking wicked gods as immoral then consider where you stand my friend.

For humanity has exceeded the moral codes of people like Shell and his god. We are better and that is what terrifies them. That their book is no longer relevant as a moral code when all the advice it gives is bad.

“Atheists maintain that the word “kind” which is used a number of times in ‘Evolution vs. God’ is not the language of science. However, according to ‘kind’ is defined as, ‘Race; genus; species; generic class; as, in mankind or humankind.’ On hearing the words ‘There’s the feline kind—cats and tigers, the canine kind—dogs and coyotes, and there’s human kind’ Professor PZ Myers verbally affirmed it and nodded in agreement. Professor Peter Nonacs (UCLA) responded ‘When you are talking about ‘kinds’ or changes in families, you are actually talking about macro evolution. You are talking about changes on the level that separate cats from dogs.’ Professor Craig Stanford (USC) answered, ‘When you say a change of ‘kinds’ you mean the evolution of one species from another or to another…’ Don’t let desperate atheists distract you. Watch the movie:

And I quote the ENTIRE piece from on Kind

2. Race; genus; species; generic class; as, in mankind or humankind. Come of so low a kind. Every kind of beasts, and of birds. (James III.7) She follows the law of her kind. (Wordsworth) Here to sow the seed ofbread, That man and all the kinds be fed. (Emerson)

Except this is a generic term. This is not a specific classification of a species. Dog Kind and Wolf Kind? Maybe to Ray Comfort but biologists know that Canis Lupus and Canis Familiaris are effectively the same species. Why? Genetics and Evolution. Why not to Mr. Ray? Because he cannot fathom a world where dogs are wolves.

Okay Let’s Take Ape Kind. There are Humans (who aren’t apes according to Ray despite a massive fossil record) and then Chimpanzee and Bonobos and Gorilla. There are then creatures like Gibbons and Monkeys and Lemurs and you can see a slow drift from Upright Tool using Ape to Smart Omnivore Ape to Arboreal Ape to Monkey to Squirrely Type Creature. You can see the progressive changes and comparative anatomy. Hell to Ray Comfort “Monkeys” are simple. To a geneticist monkeys are rather diverse creatures unlike the great apes due to their large number of species.

I mean put it this way. Ray Comfort thinks BATS are a single Kind. Insects would be a single Kind to him. Kind is such a vague classification that it can mean bloody anything.

It is why we utilise the moniker. King Philip Can Order Free Gay Sex. Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species. Because if we let Ray Comfort define Kind I am sure we can classify all bacteria as a Kind (Domain), Plants under a single kind? That is an entire Kingdom after all. Or perhaps worms should be a single kind? There are 13 different Phylum of “Worms”. Maybe Crustaceans can be a kind? After all Crabs and Lobster are similar right? But Insects? That’s a Kind too? Never mind the relationships under arthropods?

We can keep going. But we all know that the word Kind is so loosely defined that we can define any stage of taxonomy using it. It is therefore unfit for usage in biological terms. If you think cats and lions are the same kind and that somehow Noah took on board a cuddly kitty cat who’s ancestors fucked themselves into becoming tigers in less than 4000 years then you are bloody stupid.

“To say, ‘I’m a Christian and I accept evolution,’ is to say “I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and when He said, ‘In the beginning God made them male and female,’ I think He was lying.”

“The professing Christian who believes in evolution is like an atheist who believes in God.”

~Ray Comfort
Founder and CEO of Living Waters Publications

Or using allegory or telling a fable or a story with a message. Or indeed. He was wrong. Wrong about a lot of things.

It’s just that they understand that they must be flexible to keep their faith. Or else they will turn into an insufferable liar who has to alter the statements of others in order to make his fantasy seem relevant.

There is more wonder in the heavens and on Earth than your tired philosophy, Mr Comfort.

My prayer for this movie and all who watch, is that God’s name will be extolled as it ought and that God will open ears so many can hear, and open eyes so many can perceive the truth of His Gospel, and receive the free gift of His saving grace through repentance and faith in His one and only Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.

To God alone be the glory!

Yawn. Remember children. You should kill and rape and keep slaves. Why?

Because Jehovah said so didn’t he. Oh? It’s nice to remember all those bits about Noah and Kinds but god telling you to rape virgins? Murder innocents? Keep Slaves?

I think people like Mr. Shell fear science because he would then have to realise that his god does not have the characteristics of good, but that of evil. That the greatest sins of mankind are extolled by this alleged figure of supreme morality.

All the achievements of mankind have not come about by prayer. You can pray all you want, it is men who make the human world work. Not a god. And people like Comfort and Shell will never really see the truth.

I would say that they are like a man standing outside the Louvre claiming that Paris has no art.


  1. scottbelyea says

    “Because we call Ray Comfort a fucking idiot we are devolved. Because swearing is uncouth and undeveloped. Only bad people swear and ignorant people.”

    Not at all. You miss a worthwhile point, and I don’t know why.

    That sort of constant knee-jerk fuck-every-second-word approach adds nothing to the debate or argument or whatever you want to call it; and I suspect that it annoys a good many people on both sides, including this atheist of 40+ years standing. And it just sounds silly. If it adds nothing and annoys some, why do it?

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