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Tiga’s not well..

More specifically? She had a hernia that needed correcting. It was pretty bad. A hernia is basically when an organ passes through a gap or a hole meant for something else. The most common hernia we know is the inguinal hernia. Or the “why does my groin bulge now?”. Mainly affects men but there are others.

Her stomach had herniated past her diaphragm. It was a big one and was causing a variety of health issues including cardiac ones.

She’s currently just out of surgery and I figured she could do with some nice messages of support.

So do your thing people!

IMG-20130807-WA0003 IMG-20130807-WA0000She’s currently sore and frowny. Make her smiley again!



  1. CaitieCat says

    Oh, wow, that sounds so unpleasant. Tiga, here’s hoping you feel back to your wonderful smiley self soon, and that you come through it all breezy and easy. Or, y’know, as breezy and easy as one can be with a migratory major organ. Good luck!

  2. Scr... Archivist says

    Her stomach, eh? Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to skip the hospital food.

    (No, I’m not very funny.)

  3. says

    All the love from here in the states, where my tiny recovers from his wounds too! If it were possible to let you hang out with him, a sort of “recovery buddy,” I am sure you would heal that much faster…Or at the least, become more mobile rather quickly (he’s back on his singing).

    In any case, here’s to hoping the rest of your bits decide to stay more or less, where they belong!

  4. Parse says

    For the obligatory bad joke, well, if you doubted it before (and I doubt you did), this just goes to show that Tiga’s got guts.
    Get well soon!

  5. leftwingfox says

    Well, we all know your heart is in the right place. Glad your stomach is now, too!

  6. says

    Hiatal hernia? Ouch. But good to hear the surgeons have already done their thing.
    Also: should we all be contributing for a plane ticket for Avicenna?

  7. says

    Tiga, I was just thinking of you this morning, under the heading, “People with really nice smiles.” Hope yours is back in full force soon.

  8. says

    michaelbusch – I need to update my donate page! I don’t need a ticket! It’s the one from February that I haven’t really changed.


  9. blondeintokyo says

    Hi Tiga! Sorry to hear you’re not well. I hope you heal fast, and feel better soon! :)
    As we say in Japan, “Gambatte, ne!”

  10. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    A speedy recovery to you! I’m hopeful that you’ll feel more like smiling as soon as you can get out of hospital, regardless of any remaining pain and discomfort. Because hospitals are like the boredom-enforcement facilities, regardless as to the quality of their work.

  11. TGAP Dad says

    Get well soon, Tiga! Best wishes from all the way over in the states (and not one of the famous ones, either).

  12. Tiga says

    Thank you so much everyone for all your kind wishes! I’ve only just managed to see all of this -been knocked out most of the time! I will get back to my smiley self again :)


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