No Hope


However most of us do not see it that way.

We all must die, if what you need to live your life is a false hope, a hope that you will never die and go to a land filled with milk and honey then you must realise that it is as much a fantasy as Lennny and George’s farm. It’s something that doesn’t exist but we fervently wish to exist because we fear death.

What you get hope from is important.

Remember, the atheist gets hope from life, not from the existence of a reward after death.



  1. CaitieCat says

    Hope is why I stay alive. If I didn’t hope that my doctors are right and the pain will stop sometime in my mid-50s, that I was doomed to spend the rest of my life as bad as it is right now, that would be, indeed, hopeless. But not because of the lack of a heaven to believe in, rather, because it’s no fun being in pain, and this being my only kick at the can, as it were, I want to enjoy it as much as I am able.

    For me, the same reasoning leads me to aim at treating people well, not because I want them to treat me well, but because I think the world needs more people treating others well, and that’s a thing I can do. So I try to always smile at store clerks (remembering that if I’m not in the mood for it, I wouldn’t be there, cause I hate shopping, so there’s no problem with it being fake), because my own memory of working retail is of endless petty microaggressions:

    – people wanting to haggle, for instance – I worked in a game store, we sold high-end chess machines, this was 1983 or so;

    – or yelling at us because we’d sold the six crates of Balderdash (6 boxes of 6 games to a crate) from our morning delivery, but our afternoon delivery will be here as soon as they can get through the traffic jam around the mall, ma’am

    – or spitting on the floor like the gooey stinking chaw of the Lord High Sher’f of T’bacca Coun’y, V’ginia, because one of my coworkers had put in two teaspoons of brown sugar instead of white sugar

    – or being $20 over – over, mind – on my float one day, and having the $20 docked from my next pay because I must have screwed up somewhere and shorted a customer – because obviously if I had done so, I would have carefully recorded the money in the float sheet and deposited in the store’s account, because I am The Worst Embezzler Ever

    Et c. So I like to spread a little atheist hope and sunshine to the people working the hard jobs. Smile, and don’t demand them back.

    But what do I know, I’m just a hopeless atheist. And as for dis pair, well…(looks down shirt)…I like ‘em.

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