Easy Mode Blues

I never really understood Alan Keyes.

Let’s face facts. The majority of black people in the USA are poor due to the social and economic pressures of American society. Simply declaring racism to be over does not stop racism. And we live in a strange world where we can accept that different coloured horses don’t run at different speeds but cannot apply that same logic to human beings.

It is often said that if life were a videogame, then easy mode would be straight, white, male and rich.

And let’s from what you can see through the lens of distance.

Since the Zimmerman trial verdict, and especially on account of the Obama faction’s efforts to pretend that it had something to do with racism, people have been remarking on the fact that racial divide in the United States has become much worse since Obama took over the White House. As is often the case these days, I find myself marveling at how long it takes people to see the obvious.

It had everything to do with the casual racism of the USA and you know it. Does anyone think Trayvon would have been shot at 7:30 in the evening where he a white frat boy? Or Asian? Or Indian (maybe). Why was Trayvon up to no good? Because he was black. That’s why George chased after him.

Trayvon got shot metres from his father’s house. Why? Because he was a strange man…

By which we mean he didn’t look like he was from the neighbourhood? Funny. I am sure there were white pedestrians out there and not one of them raised George’s suspicion. No I am afraid this entire tragedy occurred because “Black People Are All Criminals” is a racist stereotype.

Soon after Obama took over the White House (Feb. 18, 2009, to be precise), I wrote an article for my blog pointing out how much of Obama’s success depended on fomenting racial bad feelings:

No. Obama’s success was that he wasn’t a rich white bugger who thought the world was 6000 years old and who had waged a major war on a massive lie costing hundreds of thousands of lives for the profit of a few. He was not the man who deregulated housing resulting in the banking crisis leading to the recession. He was also smart and charismatic. And he was freaking black.

Yes it is about race. Why? Because America is about race.  Because the entire history of America has racism entrenched in it. Whether it’s the anti-Irish and Jewish sentiment during the early 19th century or the treatment of Blacks and Natives and Chinese or more recently the hatred against Arabs and anyone “brown” and  fearmongering about Latinos.

Democrats one because they ran a more sensible and strong platform. Republicans lost because they had 8 years of warfare against a pointless enemy. They betrayed their allies through lies. They betrayed their people through “privatisation”. They betrayed the poorest for a quick buck and hid behind religion.

People had enough. So they needed a scapegoat. John McCain and Sarah Palin. Do you have any fucking idea how daft it is to watch John McCain stand on stage and defend torture? Or Sarah Palin be pushed as a “feminist” and a “powerful woman” when what she was is vapid and the epitome of “Speaking as a Mother” and righteous Christian belief that ignorance is an equal position to education.

No I am afraid the Republican Party knew it had lost. And it wasn’t because of “racism”.

“Because it so well served their purposes of self-advancement, the liberal black elite became adept at exploiting the fear of perceived racism so prevalent since the Civil Rights Movement’s conquest of America’s conscience in the 1960s…. In reaction against racial prejudice, the black elite unwittingly embraced race and racism as the defining preoccupation of the black American identity.”

Why would the Liberal Black Elite require advancement. They are already advanced. I mean that’s the point of being the elite is it not?

How stupid must you be as a black person to think that racism died the day apartheid was stopped? That after centuries of treating black people as animals equality was achieved overnight?

In speaking of Obama in particular, I would not be nearly so charitable now as I was when I wrote those words. Obama’s abuse of the so-called “race card” isn’t an unwitting surrender to an externally imposed conceptual stereotype of black Americans. He is ruthlessly squandering the moral capital of the black American heritage in pursuit of his communist ideological goals (in this case disarming the American people so that he and his elitist faction fellow travelers can impose their will without fear of potentially messy and embarrassing resistance).

Alan Keyes is a fucking idiot.

Despite the notion that Black People Love Guns,  it is a stupid notion. Why? Because it’s a notion flogged by rappers. Rappers who’s major audience are white kids who buy into that. Too many black people have died to guns for it to be glorified. There are hundreds of kids like Trayvon.

I don’t know many black americans but those that I do know are not “gun friendly”. They don’t think that guns should be available as easily as they do and they agree with me about the glorification of it’s use.

Alan Keyes is guilty of it too. Why do you need guns? TO FIGHT THE POWAH!

Seriously? The Iraqis have Kalashnikovs and the Afghans have them too. Do you think you can fight the US Army? They tried and took obscene casualties. Do you think your piddly handgun will stop them? It won’t even penetrate their body armour. No. I am afraid the defence against a government is vigilance of it’s citizens and willingness to vote and make changes and voice displeasure.

Not to waggle flags and think that their handgun will stop a tank. The cult of the gun is wrong, you are not Rambo. You are more likely to hurt your loved ones than bring down the man.

The notion that Obama is going to take your guns and establish a police state filled with black people is just stupid. And if you think racism is dead then remember the biggest opposition to Obama was under the notion that he was a Secret Muslim Kenyan (Rather than Secretly Jewish because Baruch is a pretty Jewish name). He wouldn’t have been accused of that had he been white. Don’t be silly. White people can’t be African.

White African? No! It Cannot Be!

There was nothing remotely racist about the Zimmerman case, until and unless we include the vitriolic racist rhetoric of the black liberals, or the vengeful violence that has been perpetrated against blameless whites attacked by mobs supposedly infuriated because Martin’s “white” killer escaped punishment.

Oh I beg to differ. If Zimmerman were black he would have probably been convicted and no one would have bloody cared.

No I am afraid that racism played a part. Zimmerman was racist like most people are these days. It wasn’t malice. He probably wasn’t even aware of it. I doubt Zimmerman wakes up everyday and seig heil’s a picture of the Grand Dragon and spends his weekend cosplaying as a gigantic white traffic cone.

But he was socially racist. It’s the walking on the other side of the road if some black youths are walking towards you (because casual criminals won’t cross the street! Are you mad? Robbery? Murder? But we ethnic minorities draw the line at jaywalking!). Everyone knows people of colour suck at crossing roads (Nah! We rock at it. Crossing roads in India requires jedi reflexes).

No. I am afraid Zimmerman escaped “justice” because Justice is Stupid. The law is broken.

Zimmerman picked a fight with Trayvon because of the confidence from Concealed Carry. The fantasy of gun use is the very hallmark of concealed carry. Anyone can be a hero. Zimmerman set out to be one in the same way that Alan Keyes’ fantasy of the gun is to defend freedom. Trayvon fought back. Why would a black kid fight against a strange white looking man who followed him around? What sort of white people follow black people around and then ask them threatening questions?

Oh right.

Dressed as Wizards? Hangs around the forests? Takes orders from a Dragon and thinks he is the last hope against a savage race? LARP or Racists? You decide!

Trayvon’s response was to a threat. George Zimmerman’s response was to losing a fight he started. The cost is that Trayvon Martin is dead.

And the moral of that story is that black parents now have to tell their kids to not throw the first punch ever in a fight and to run away. That Stand your Ground does not apply to them. Because you know what? Trayvon Stood His Ground. The irony of the situation is that if Trayvon had shot and killed George then Trayvon would be equally correct in applying Stand your Ground and/or self defence.

No I am afraid the racism here was the casual level of racism, but what the real problem is… is the law. Concealed Carry in this case.

When the truth is known, it will be clear that these mobocratic protests were staged as part of the elitist faction push to discredit Second Amendment rights. It’s really the elitist faction’s media and their well-kept activists and politicos who are screaming. They’re outraged because the Zimmerman jury refused to validate the scenario of irresponsible gun abuse that was to be used as the excuse for the next round of assaults on gun ownership in America.

Oh no. It was perfectly responsible according to the letter of the law. George Zimmerman was perfectly entitled to follow Trayvon. Trayvon was perfectly entitled to see George Zimmerman as a threat especially considering his armed status. Due to the lack of witnesses we have no idea if George pulled a gun on him first after all. And George Zimmerman was perfectly entitled to shoot him after losing the fight.

This was all 100% legal. In the same way that it’s perfectly legal to execute someone in Saudi Arabia for being a witch.

And what does that tell you?

That the law is broken. And in specific it was not the self defence law but the concealed carry one. The one that flogged the “hero fantasy” to George.

Obama’s ideological hatred of America drives him to hammer on the fault line of the nation’s history of racial fear and loathing at every opportunity. He gets away with doing so because his putative opponents in the GOP don’t have the inclination, or else the intelligent competence, to call him on it. Their deficiency partly results from the fact that they themselves have apparently never given a moment’s thought to what should be said and done to assert the common heart of the American people in reaction against Obama’s cold-blooded divisiveness.

No. Obama just pointed out that he could have been Trayvon Martin. That growing up had someone accosted him in his own neighbourhood he would have fought back and may have won the fight and lost his life in “self defence”.

The Common Heart of American People? Tell me does anyone  remember Comical Ali? Muhammed Saheed Al-Sahaaf? The Iraqi politician who’s job it was to produce those blatantly stupid and incorrect claims about how Iraq was crushing the Western Pigdogs?

I am afraid Alan here thinks that all Americans think, act and are the same. That they are a monolithic nation. Which they are not. Divisiveness?

Oh. I get it. You see. Alan isn’t speaking to the “Black People of the Nation”. He is speaking to the white ones. No mate. I am afraid Alan is the one dividing people by race. Obama merely is pointing out that guns as a method of solving problems has led to the death of an innocent young man. If smoking weed is a good reason to shoot someone then there are going to be a lot of dead frat boys out there.

The first step toward doing so would be to reject not only racism, but every way of approaching human affairs that treats people as material objects instead of human beings. But how can people who are themselves adamantly materialistic in their conception of politics call Obama to account for acting as if a material fact, the color of someone’s skin, determines his humanity or lack thereof, not his qualities of spirit and goodwill? How can people who embrace, albeit with a different emphasis, the same ideology of pseudo-scientific materialism as Obama point out the way in which that ideology contradicts the American understanding of humanity and justice? They cannot admit that it renders him unfit for leadership in the American polity without tacitly admitting that they are similarly disabled.

Yeah. Comical Ali would be my less harsh description. I am sure others would use the word “Uncle Tom”.

Alan Keyes opposed the expansion of healthcare and medicaid commonly known as Obama Care. A move that would have given some of the poorest people the healthcare they so deserve and allow for people with pre-existing conditions to get healthcare. He made insurance affordable for most.

Alan opposed it because we must treat humans as people not objects. Because it is inhumane to force corporations to treat it’s employees like people! Because it is inhumane for everyone to have healthcare!

Humanity? A 17 year old CHILD died that night. Trayvon was a child. Sure he may have been taller but he wouldn’t be allowed to drink or go to war at that age. He was a minor. George Zimmerman shot a kid. Where is the humanity in a law that allows you to do that if you are sufficiently scared?

Justice? What about Trayvon? He  doesn’t deserve justice does he? Let me guess? He wore a hoodie? He smoked weed? He stole from stores? He had pre-marital sex? He drank? No. There is no justice for him. There cannot be any justice for him because the law is broken.

And that is why black people are mad. Because there cannot ever be any justice for Trayvon. The only thing that can be done is to place proper restrictions of gun usage. So as to stop bullshit like this happening in the future.

The sadly tragic fact is that they all think human community is about nothing else than the distribution of physical goods and the structure of power that goes along with it. There is no place in their incongruous understanding of human society and politics for God’s endowment of good conscience and will. By that endowment, He provides to each and every individual, regardless of material condition, the opportunity to prove beyond reasonable doubt the claim to equal dignity. By that endowment, the claim can be evaluated in terms of the use each individual makes of his distinctively human moral potential. Such are their moral choices and the character developed or destroyed as a result. In respect of this moral potential, all men are indeed created equal.

Oh yes. God… We all know about that. God guided George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon? What is it? God moves in mysterious ways? God has a plan? A plan that involves dead black kids? God wanted Trayvon in Heaven? Eurgh. You make me sick. Invoking your gods to explain the death of a child rather than looking at the issue with a critical eye.

America is not it’s constitution. A constitution is just words. Just like those idiots who think a flag is important. A flag is just the emblem of ideas. What is more important is the people.

All men were not created equal by the American Constitution which was written expressly with the notion that you can own black people. It’s just that it was changed and it was made better. Why can’t it be made better with guns? If there is a part of the constitution that makes no sense then the correct thing to do is to remove it rather than blindly and slavishly follow it.

The very joke here is that Alan Keyes would be rather happy to void other parts of the constitution in the Establishment clause  if it so suited him. But no. Guns are sacred after all.

Treating Trayvon Martin as a victim and George Zimmerman as a criminal, without regard for this distinctively human (though not material) attribute of moral potential, discards the only basis on which the claim of intrinsic human equality can be sustained – which is a basis of equal moral responsibility. It turns out, then, that both Martin and Zimmerman are the victims of discrimination, but the race that is the target is not the black race or the white race, but the human race. For once we discard the moral premise of human equality, the material divide between one individual or group and another can seem so great that, on one side and the other, the sense of their common humanity disappears.

No. I am afraid Zimmerman is not the victim of discrimination. Trayvon is. There were white kids about. Not once did George target them. Trayvon was black. It was the ONLY reason he was picked out that day as a “criminal”. It’s the only reason he was attacked.

Trayvon is dead. He is the real victim. There is no second chance for him. He has ceased to be. He is pushing up the daisies. He is dead.

There is no justice. No matter what laws you drape over Trayvon’s corpse it will not excuse what happened that day and what happens daily in the USA. What happened was legal and the law supported a racist viewpoint that many of us have. The only difference was George acted on that impulse.

All the bullshit about your god doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to what justice is. There is no divine justice. There is just us.

And we failed. Not your god. The laws of man failed and thus they must be changed.

To understand this it is enough to remember what the French nobles, in their insouciant pride, did to the “common people” before the Revolution; and what the people, in their vengeful triumph, did to the nobles in its aftermath. Thanks to the wisdom of America’s founding, the United States avoided the pretense that such grisly scenes of inhumanity have something to do with justice. But for how much longer, now that we seem intent on abandoning that wisdom?

Ah yes.

There was no blood on the hands of Americans post independence. They were all civilised were they not? The British were far away and were busy fighting the French but their allies were there. And they were treated respectfully and with dignity. Which is why Native American history is proud of it’s association with white people and black people have always been part of mainstream American culture.

Yeah the USA avoided those grisly scenes of inhumanity and instead had an entirely different grisly set of scenes.

Guns kill Mr. Keyes. It’s awfully hard to kill someone by shouting bang. It was the gun that killed. It was the gun that gave Mr. Zimmerman the confidence to attack Trayvon. It was the gun that gave Mr. Zimmerman the idea of being a hero. It was casual racism that made him pick Trayvon but it was the Cult of the Gun that drove Zimmerman to act on that inkling.

And no amount of verbal diarrhoea will change that. No amount of invoking a god. All that does is cheapens the death of Trayvon.


  1. says

    I get so angry and frustrated when we Americans tell ourselves how exceptional we are while we accept broken rules and tilted our system is.

  2. smrnda says

    For a guy who dislikes elites, Keyes fails to write a single clear sentence and appears to have dug deep in his thesaurus to replace simple, easy to understand words with a dense verbal fog whenever possible. It’s hard to even figure out what the point is in most of his sentences – just clusters of buzzwords. He writes like a high school student attempting to sound intelligent who forgets that the purpose of writing is communication.

    On second amendment rights (which are apparently scorned by ‘elites’) – examine the case of Albania. Widespread possession of arms did not stop Albania from being a dictatorship.

  3. Pen says

    These ridiculous suggestions of racism on Obama’s part are really quite tedious. In reality, willingness to serve a very diverse population as everyone’s president seems to be one of the things he’s quite good at. He’s practically an example of how it should be done, and make no mistake, in a multiracial and multicultural population, practically everyone has to do it.

    Unfortunately for his racist opponents, they’re left with nothing to get him for except misdeeds along the lines of reading African-American authors in his spare time or mentioning that he is black on occasions when it happens to be relevant. To the credit of a lot of white Americans their knees seem to be refusing to jerk in the direction indicated. To the discredit of a few others, they just can’t seem to get that through their heads.

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