I Get Mail – A Quickee

Uh I post on the Slymepit sometimes and I’d never heard of you, nor do I have any idea who Richard Sanderson is, nor have I ever claimed that “FTBers are slacktivists”.

However a variety of members of the Slymepit have.

In fact I came over recently to read a few posts. A fair few like discussing “REAL” activism. It is one of the reason the Slymepit have in general left me alone apart from the faux pas by the few who don’t know what I do.

To your peers, a slacktivist is just someone who writes about a topic. Because I actually do “real social justice”.

…… However, what happened to you was reprehensible and you have my sympathy. I’m just perplexed as to how it somehow supposedly has anything to do with me.

Have you read the forum that you are part of?

Let’s see. You got Pitchguest trying to convince people that my rape accusation was not malicious but a stunt to demonstrate the callous nature and ease by which fake accusations go through while ignoring the very real difficulties it caused.

You have deniers of such accusations in your midst and the only reason there aren’t more in that thread is because this caused “Real Damage” to someone who actually was helping women. In short? The little object lesson backfired by actively harming women.

You can’t stop Child Birth, women who would have delivered at hands of doctors delivered in the hands of untrained midwives who are for emergency deliveries we cannot cover rather than for these. Some of those were difficult. Only time will tell us of the damage caused.

It nearly cost me my job and my career. So people who think FTB are filled with evil bitch feminists who hate men and their man parts could mock PZ.

And this sort of thinking is part of the Slymepit.

Okay just look at this way. A bit ago there were Individuals mocking Taslima Nasrin for being a professional victim and not speaking well. You mean like Jessica Ahlquist? Or are only young white ladies allowed to be “victimised by religion” and speak about it?

To explain the level of difference? Taslima has a religious fatwa on her head for her death set at an amount of money that’s frankly obscene and has had people attempt to kill her. And the Slymepitter was mocking her English. Question? I bet she speaks English better than his Bengali.

The Slyme’s done things like that. Tasteless and mildly hurtful things that allow majorly hurtful things to slide through and then to cover it up.

The condemnation of the actions of the Accusers is only taking place because the Slyme think that the joke’s gone “too far”. They had no problems with the #FTBully thread people and often laughed at their antics until it goes too far  then it’s tutting and shaking of heads.

The faux rape campaign  and all who participated in it have actually harmed real physical women who don’t have access to proper healthcare. The people who sat around gleefully cataloguing other false rapes are part of it.


A Response to Believerskeptic – It’s not racism, it’s blog architecture

It’s amazing.

If someone here on FTB starts a very hypothetical, very academic, “Gosh, does white privilege really exist?” sort of conversation, it will get 200+ comments.

Actually there is a reason for that.

Well two.

Academia is meant to create discussion. People discuss “Academia” all the time! This was a “What a tosser” post. What can you say here? I mean the discussion on this would boil down to “Yes Avicenna, this is Acceptable” and “No! You should join the Stormfront!”. [Read more…]