She Turned Me Into A Newt

In a testament to the mindboggling madness that is Saudi Arabia, Saudi Police are searching for an Indonesian Maid who is missing.

Why? Because she committed the deadliest of crimes.


She allegedly cast a magic spell on her employer’s family casing fainting and epileptic fits. No Seriously. The Saudi Man claims that (hah!) the Indonesian maid joined the family around three years ago and was treated nicely (hah!) by everyone. After family memebers begain suffering from fainting and epileptic seizures the housemaid fled because she clearly was a witch And witches always run.

Or fly off on their broomsticks.

But the family don’t wish to hurt her. Merely get her to stop the witchcraft.

Except for the bit where the maid can be executed by Saudi Law.

Because you know. Saudi Arabia has 99 problems but a witch ain’t one.

Think of it this way though.

In Saudi Law there is no forensic evidence. We cannot go into the house and prove it was a gas leak or a genetic disorder. In Saudi Law your entire crime is judged by “Koranic Scholars” rather than juries and with accusation rather than evidence. We are seeing a lot of these accusations  much like the hysteria of the Salem Trials.

And ultimately we must remember that jokes aside that somewhere in Saudi Arabia is a poor, scared young woman in a country where she  doesn’t speak the language with no way out on the run from an execution squad that fears her because they genuinely think she is a  witch. I would joke about Harry Potter but I know that the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia banned it too.



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