Jul 29 2013

Weight Loss?

Why would you lose weight?

Oh well. It’s because you are a woman. You are planning to challenge for a leadership position in the elections. No one votes for a fat woman. No one wants to be represented by that.

John Prescott and Eric Pickles may be corpulent but their weight adds grandeur. I am afraid a woman cannot possibly lose weight without it being political.

Sounds mad right?

Theresa Mays is the British Home Secretary. A pretty high up position in our government. And commentators have been commentating on her figure. She is losing weight. And that clearly means the girliest of events is occuring. MAKEOVER!

Or Diabetes.

Theresa Mays was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Dear British Tabloids.

Quality of reporting means not speculating about stuff

Quality of reporting means not worrying about the weight of our politicians as much as what their policies are.

Quality of reporting means doing your goddamn research.

This is such a non-story but it’s “news” in the UK. Seriously? A woman has had to reveal a personal health condition because you were wondering if she’s been down the gym because she thinks she is too tubby for the electorate.

This is not the Biggest Loser, this is the goddamn Government.

Grow Up.


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  1. 1
    Timid Atheist

    Thank you for addressing this. The double standard makes me so angry and hurt. As a fat woman,this kind of attitude is par for the course in my life. And it shouldn’t be. Fat people should not be judged on their size and shape. Same goes for any appearance that doesn’t adhere to the right beauty standard of the moment.

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