Risky Business

“Avi! Why do you dislike missionaries?”

There is a very sensible reason for that.

You see Missionaries are regarded as Charity Workers. Okay I don’t like the Bible Pushing but they do help. I don’t think Charity should come with the ulterior motive of flogging bullshit.

In addition? Missionary groups in my experience don’t half get some people who push belief rather than aid. In addition Missonary Workers are often highly unqualified and appear to be “grief tourists”. People who come to parts of the world to work for a bit to feel better about themselves then go home all smug about “saving people”. Missonary workers don’t seem to create scenarios where they are useless.

I believe Charity should function to make Charity pointless. The Goal of Charity is to make yourself redundant. So to this end many Charity Organisations have very strict hiring policies. Not everyone can hack it.

And secondly?  When in third world nations you hear a lot about people wanting to go over and do things like do the same jobs, take care of kids, drive a vehicle or just whatever that needs to be done. This is madness. India is not bereft of people to do jobs, babysit or drive and I am sure Indians would be better at odd jobs in India. There are literally 1.2 billion local people who can do these things. and what’s good is that they not only speak the language, know the area, understand the culture and can take the skills we teach and pass it on but they also create economic value by doing this. In short? The cost of bringing a volunteer from the west to do this is more and less helpful in the long run.

Missonaries tend to have a “Anyone Can Do It If You Believe” attitude to charity which is nice in theory but on the front line it is not that sensible. At best it is harmless and worst it is a gigantic waste of resources.

I know for a fact that not everyone is cut out to work for Medicin Sans Frontier or the Red Cross. I know for a fact that MSF actually need engineers and IT specialists. That some jobs done by “Doctors” are not essential in those situations and that at that point and time an IT specialist may be more useful. And through this all the goal is to make yourself redundant.

Nothing would please Medicin Sans Frontier more than never being called out ever again. Can you say the same about the Missionaries? Some obviously are principled enough to not make it about religion but about charity.

But there are the bad eggs in that mix. The rotten ones who’s goal is not to help but to “save the savages”.

One of them was the Gianelloni Family. Who I wrote about their actions last year when they did this.

They are back!

Since returning from Uganda for the 2nd time this year, I receive emails and fb messages on a regular basis concerning vaccines and medicines for International travel to a 3rd world country.

For Uganda specifically, the main threats are yellow fever and malaria. I did not get a yellow fever vaccine either time, nor did I take the prescribed malaria medication. (NOTE: There is NO malaria vaccine). In my research, I found that both the yellow fever vaccine and the malaria medication lower the immune system and make the body more susceptible to fighting illness in a 3rd world country.  I also know many people who contracted malaria, while on the malaria medication. My research has found a more powerful way to prevent malaria and yellow fever, which I will share below. First. let’s start with yellow fever.

I repeat. She is advising travellers to not vaccinate for Yellow Fever or Malaria…

Yellow Fever has a vaccine for it. If you travel? Take it. No Ifs and Buts. Yellow Fever is a killer.

Malaria? No Vaccine but there are preventative measures.

Awareness of Risks and Avoidance of Risks (AKA Don’t go outside shirtless and do jumping jacks), Bite Prevention (nets, sprays repellents) and prophylaxis.

AKA you take low dose anti-malarials. Now it’s not recommended for long term exposure but short term it is worth it because local people are repeatedly exposed to Malaria so often have a resistance. So they may not show symptoms but actually be vectors for the disease. You however do not.

We have a vaccine in trials too.

Neither of these cause a lowering of the immune system. The fact that this woman is travelling to Uganda and telling people this is frankly astonishing. This is why we “do not like Missionaries”. Because the absolute lack of standards means that you are exporting quackery to a place where there is no medical safety net. Where poor and uneducated people will fall for her bullshit.


Yellow fever is a disease caused by the yellow fever virus. It is found in certain parts of Africa and South America. Yellow fever is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. Before going to Uganda for the first time, I spent many hours researching the CDC website and speaking to yellow fever vaccine specialists. At first, I almost fell for the lie that I could not enter the country without the yellow fever vaccine. So I continued to research. The CDC website will  lead you to believe you don’t have a choice other than vaccination to enter the country. They call it “required” vs “recommended” to enter the country. Uganda is “required”. What I found (after hours and hours of research) is the word required still does not mean mandatory. In the same way we have been led to believe a child can’t enter school without “required” shots (NOT TRUE) is the same way we have been led to believe you can’t enter certain countries without the “required” shots (NOT TRUE). There is always this one little world left out, called: EXEMPTIONS

HOW TO GET AN EXEMPTION FROM YELLOW FEVER VACCINE? I learned that after getting the yellow fever vaccine, you are given a stamped and signed “International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis” card. Also referred to as the ICVP, or sometimes just called the “yellow card”. The CDC tells you that everyone who enters a country that requires yellow fever vaccination, must carry and show the yellow fever vaccine card. See image below.

yellow fever card

Then I learned that this card has a section for medical exemptions.  See right side of image. Bingo! So… I went on the official government website and ordered my own yellow card. They came in a pack of 25, but I was willing to pay for all 25 of them.  I then went to my MD and had him sign the medical exemption. I had no reason for my medical exemption, other than that “I may suffer from a vaccine reaction”. Which was certainly true. I may have had a vaccine reaction (many people do), but I wasn’t willing to take the chance. Please read the medical contraindications section on the CDC website for those who should NOT receive this vaccine. NOTE: I wasn’t asked to show the yellow card or my medical exemption on either of my trips to Uganda. No-one ever asked to see it. 

The Mosquito that spreads yellow fever is found in the USA. Aedes Aegypti was probably brought in during the era of slavery.

Yellow Fever’s vector is in the USA. Now tell me this. Once in the USA there was a vaccine scheme to eradicate the disease. Now we do not do so.

What do you think will happen should someone decide to visit the USA? Bear in mind massive epidemics of Yellow Fever were very common in the USA until DDT and the vaccine came about. One of the main reasons for DDT usage was this.

Post vaccination 10 people have gotten Yellow Fever from travelling.

9 were not vaccinated. 1 was vaccinated. Of the unvaccinated 8 died. Remember we lack an immunity to the disease.

You are also more likely to catch Yellow Fever in Africa due to the zoonotic status there (The virus is spread by apes and monkeys too) and because of low vaccination rates.

Reactions to yellow fever vaccine are generally mild; 10%–30% of vaccinees report mild systemic adverse events. Reported events typically include low-grade fever, headache, and myalgias that begin within days after vaccination and last 5–10 days. Approximately 1% of vaccinees temporarily curtail their regular activities because of these reactions.

Hypersensitivity but the real fearmongering ones are.

Yellow fever vaccine–associated neurologic disease (YEL-AND) YEL-AND represents a conglomerate of different clinical syndromes, including meningoencephalitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, bulbar palsy, and Bell palsy. Historically, YEL-AND was seen primarily among infants as encephalitis, but more recent reports have been among people of all ages.

The onset of illness for documented cases is 3–28 days after vaccination, and almost all cases were in first-time vaccine recipients. YEL-AND is rarely fatal or permanent.

YEL-AVD (viscrotropic disease) is a severe illness similar to wild-type disease, with vaccine virus proliferating in multiple organs and often leading to multisystem organ failure and death. Since the initial cases of YEL-AVD were published in 2001, more than 50 confirmed and suspected cases have been reported throughout the world. There are millions of doses. The incidence is less than 1 in 200,000.

The vaccine is contraindicated in the immuno-compromised because of the YEL disorders and in the below 6 months age group.

None of these apply to our charity worker here.

The following information on medical waivers & exemptions is taken directly from CDC website:

Medical Waivers (Exemptions)

For medical contraindications, a physician who has decided to issue a waiver should fill out and sign the Medical Contraindications to Vaccination section of the ICVP (Figure 3-02). The clinician should also do the following:

  • Give the traveler a signed and dated exemption letter on the physician’s letterhead stationery, clearly stating the contraindications to vaccination and bearing the stamp used by the yellow fever vaccination centers to validate the ICVP. (I did this part too and think it’s very important to follow exactly what the CDC says to do concerning proper medical exemptions. It’s not worth having problems at immigration)
  • Inform the traveler of any increased risk for yellow fever infection associated with non-vaccination and how to minimize this risk by avoiding mosquito bites. (Hello, mosquito nets? Yes. This is the most practical way to minimize the risk. SLEEP UNDER A MOSQUITO NET).

I find it extremely hard to do any charity under a mosquito net. Particularly since you would have to effectively rule yourself out of work when the sun sets because you are scared of bloodsuckers…

In addition you have to have no gardens, no gutters and no wet bathroom floors. They can breed in places you wouldn’t believe like the water in plant pots or even that found in leaves or left behind in gutters. Oh and the eggs are tough. You think that gutter is dry? The eggs can survive for a year without water.

Mosquito nets are only effective if you stay put. I in fact use a spray, repellent and have air-conditioning (the temperature drops kill them).

And despite all that I contracted Dengue Fever. I nearly died from it. I required multiple blood transfusions and I was so “Leaky” that my legs were swelling up as tissue fluid increased. Pulmonary Oedama, Ascites. You Name it, there was fluid in it. My platelet count fell from 100,000 per cu.mm to less than 4000. In short? I was leaking internally to death.

And I survived through hurling of everything and the kitchen sink at the problem and because I was well fed and large enough to suffer massive fluid loss without dying.

If there was a vaccine I would take it in a heart beat.

According to the CDC website: “Because of the risk of serious adverse events that can occur after yellow fever vaccination, clinicians should only vaccinate people who 1) are at risk of exposure to YFV or 2) require proof of vaccination to enter a country. To further minimize the risk of serious adverse events, clinicians should carefully observe the contraindications and consider the precautions to vaccination before administering yellow fever vaccine (Table 3-23)”. So that’s what I did. I minimized the risks of serious adverse events, by opting out of the vaccine.

I do not believe that the yellow fever vaccine is effective in preventing  yellow fever. That is why I choose not to receive the vaccine, and instead choose a different route to protect myself. I’ll share my immune building route below.

But you increased the risk of Yellow Fever and increased the risk of transmission of Yellow Fever. You may not believe that the YFV is effective in preventing Yellow Fever but the fact of the matter is that Yellow Fever was once rife in the USA with yearly epidemics killing thousands even as far up as New York. That’s right.

Aedes Aegypti can survive snow.

Yellow Fever was eliminated in North America because there are no native apes. There is no zoonotic reservoir for the disease enabling it’s elimination. In addition? DDT was used to destroy vast swarms of mosquitoes. The reason rural areas were sprayed was to destroy these mosquito.

So vector control and vaccines reduced the spread of the disease resulting in a USA where mosquitoes are merely a nuisance.

However South America has cases because there is a monkey reservoir. But vaccination means that person to person transmission is low so incidence is a lot lower than Africa (1 in 100,000 rather than 50 in 100,000). The lack of both in Africa gives rise to the phenomenal infection rate there.


Malaria is a parasitic blood disease which is transmitted by the anopheles(infected female) mosquito. There is currently no malaria vaccine. The malaria meds that are prescribed to people are awful. They do yucky things to your body. Do your own research though. This post isn’t about trying to talk you out of taking something to prevent malaria. Malaria does really yucky things to your body too. This post is about a sharing a more effective and safer way to prevent malaria. One of the most powerful ways to fight malaria is through a powerful combination of wormwood, black walnut, and licorice root. We took these in tincture form and put the drops in our water bottle each morning. You can can get these at Whole Foods or order online. We order from vitacost.

MOSQUITO NETS: Please, SLEEP UNDER A MOSQUITO NET. The people who live in 3rd world countries are not begging for malaria meds. They are in need of mosquito nets to sleep under. For $10, you can provide a mosquito net to vulnerable people in 3rd world countries. I did a post about 5 months ago called: Mosquito Nets Prevent Malaria. I had a goal to raise enough money to purchase 30 mosquito nets in one day. I raised enough money to purchase 32. God is cool like that. Read more about that (HERE)

No. This post is to give people medical advice on malaria. If you are not from an endemic area take the damn meds. It is simple as that.


Do not take wormwood. You are making life worse for everyone else. The problem with “Wormwood” is that it is anti-malaria. Artremesin is the drug we get from it. However we use it in clinically effective doses. The difference is taking an asprin tablet and chewing on a bark like a cow. You don’t get as much artremesin into your body, you may have a sub clinical dose. And most importantly if you take sub-clinical doses you don’t harm malaria and can still get it and secondly Malaria can develop resistance to it in those states. It is why we we use it in combination therapy.

If you do get Malaria and you are taking wormwood then the low levels of artremesin in your blood will cause future malarial generations to be immune to a front line drug. We do not use this drug individually, it must be used in combination as part of the fight against developing resistant malarial parasites.

Black Walnut is a known carcinogen. Oral Cancer. It can also reduce the efficacy of real medication as tannin molecules can sequester drugs. So if you do fall sick you may require higher doses of certain medicines. Excessive usage can also cause Iron deficiency.

Licorice Root. Again there is no evidence to suggest that licorice root has any scientific usage or basis for usage. In large amounts, licorice containing glycyrrhizin can cause high blood pressure, salt and water retention, and low potassium levels, which could lead to heart problems. The safety of using licorice as a dietary supplement for more than 4 to 6 weeks has not been thoroughly studied. Taking licorice together with diuretics (water pills), corticosteroids, or other medicines that reduce the body’s potassium levels could cause dangerously low potassium levels. People with heart disease or high blood pressure should be cautious about using licorice. When taken in large amounts, licorice can affect the body’s levels of a hormone called cortisol and related steroid drugs, such as prednisone. Pregnant women should avoid using licorice as a supplement or consuming large amounts of licorice as food, as some research suggests it could increase the risk of preterm labour.

Harmless you say?

And the ultimate irony is that not one mention of the traditional anti-malarial drug. Quinine. Made from a tree and as natural a medicine you can get.

This is the most powerful and effective anti-malaria meds you can take! 

So the only drug in that list that has any effect on plasmodium should not be used solo because it causes resistance to build and the other two have never been shown to be effective.

By comparison to evidence based medicine where our quinolones have saved millions.


After malaria, I believe this is the biggest health threat while visiting or living in a 3rd world country: SANITATION ISSUES. Unclean drinking water, contaminated food, and lack of proper sanitation for hand washing. With these things come parasites, bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. The water is so dirty that even taking a shower in it can provide risks. Don’t shave in dirty water. Don’t drink dirty water.

There is a rather stupid notion that we don’t push for sanitation.

At the same time I have seen Anti-Vax and the quack brigade “mock” our fascination with toilets.

The biggest pushers of sanitation are doctors. Remember this is a woman who pushes raw milk… A single food product that was responsible for nearly a third of all diarrhoea cases.

There is an organisation similar to Medicin Sans Frontier who send Engineers. Guess how much of healthcare is sanitation, plumbing and clean drinking water?

I ran a competition once. Someone had to tell me how shoes save lives. In the end no one could “really” tell me. I had to point out that chronic anaemia is often exacerbated due to worms which enter the bare foot. Shoes will help stop the spread. The anaemia isn’t exactly deadly on it’s own but it has effects that turn other diseases into more deadlier ones.

We know our sanitation. We just don’t think it’s the be all and end all of healthcare.

The best way to stay healthy in this sort of environment is to build the immune system, not weaken it. Malaria meds and vaccines only weaken the immune system. They do not strengthen it.

On what principle is this based on? Oh right! The “I did Research”. How much money do you bet that if we asked her how these meds worked she would not be able to answer? Or that reduction of immunity to malaria would cause cerebral malaria and death or blackwater fever and both conditions have been made incredibly rare thanks to these medicines.

No I am afraid what we have here is “bullshit”. The hallmark of quackery.

During both of my trips to Uganda, I took a daily regimen of many things that built my immune system and kept it strong, as well as fought sickness.

photo (5)

You could choke a dozen donkeys with all that. And you think we fob medication onto you?

Yet these are the same people who claim we force people into chronic disorders to make money from them.

There are just FOUR medications for a patient who suffered from a heart attack and has high blood pressure.


Four. You need low dose slow release asprin, nitroglycerine, statin and antacid. Only the statin and asprin (natural too!) is regular use the others are for angina and heartburn. These are what I have from a patient’s box of meds.

Just count that! That is 19 different medications on her list. Nineteen! I didn’t take ninteen different things when I was dying of Dengue. I never took that many meds even when I nearly lost my foot. I don’t know any cancer patients on that many meds and even patients on multi-drug therapy for Tuberculosis do not take so many different medications.

And the irony is not one of them stops the transmission of disease.

Our “medicine cabinet” for International Travel to a 3rd world country

*Young Living Essential oils (Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon were our go-to-oils). These oils can treat just about everything. If you are not familiar with YL oils, please click (HERE) to more
*Throat coat tea for sickness, colds, sorethroats, & coughing. We bought local honey while in Uganda and put in our hot tea with lemon. It is very common to get the “Ugandan cough” and this tea works wonders.
*Homeopathic tummy soothers (great for upset tummies)
*A good probiotic
*White willow (great for pain)
*Scullcap (also great for pain, but also helped with restful sleep)
*Colloidal silver (one of the most effective natural antibiotics; anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral)
*Super Lysine (a great immune builder). Also has Vitamin C, Echinacea, Licorice, Propolis, and Garlic
*Astragulus Root (another great immune builder). Great for flu & colds
*Hyssop (another great immune builder) Good for blood cells, respiratory health, digestive benefits, and much more
*Tea tree oil (so good for poison ivy and ring worm other skin ailments). All of which I’ve had in Uganda.
*Rescue Remedy (a natural sleep aide. A must have when traveling)
*Arnica cream and Arnica homeopathics. Great for pain, muscle aches, sprained ankles, etc…
*Raw garlic. By the end of my 2nd trip to Uganda, when I felt the nasty’s coming on. I cut up pieces of garlic and swallowed like a pill. That was my “antibiotic”
*Coconut Oil: A Must have! We use it for everything from insect bites and burns to taken internally for immune system.
*Water: Drink TONS of clean bottled water. Don’t get dehydrated. Clean drinking water is so important to staying free of sickness!

Wait? So her Immune System isn’t good enough to fight off a cough? After all this?

Throat Soothers don’t do anything but make you feel better.

Homeopathic Tummy Soothers? Is that the technical term for it?

Do not take asprin or indeed willow bark extract in third world nations. Asprin is a causative agent of gastritis and stomach ulcers. In addition places where H.Pylorii infestation is common mean that these two can interact to give you a stomach ulcer. And chances are Miss Natural wouldn’t take an anti-biotic or omeprazole so will probably get to keep that ulcer for a very long time.

Colloidal Silver is infamous for not working unless you take sufficient amounts to turn you a very smurfy blue colour. Permanently. As in you turn blue in it’s effective dose. The “colloid silver” she is taking probably is not sufficient to protect her as she still fell sick.

Vitamin C has no protective effect against any disease and you really should not take more than the RDA. Eat a bloody lemon. Don’t scarf down multi-vitamins. You can harm yourself quite badly. Remember the “toxin” in dog and bear liver (and the reason you shouldn’t eat it) is Vitamin A.

I like the fact that the immune builders are great for colds and flu but not other viruses.

I also like the “good for the blood” statement. That’s proper science that is. I myself routinely tell my patients to eat spinach and minced meat because it’s good for the blood. No wait. I tell them that it’s full of iron and it fights anaemia.

The Tea Tree oil thing works. It’s “genuine medicine”. But so is Aspirin and Quinine which she doesn’t believe in.

I like the fact she thinks eating raw garlic cures the nasties. Which is funny since I work in India and India food is laden with garlic. In fact many people like eating garlic pickle. Where you eat many many cloves of garlic a day. But when it’s all said and done they still fall sick.

Oh and I like that. Drink Bottled Water.

I do that. I spend roughly 30 to 50 Rs. per day on bottled water. Except… Many people in India still live under Rs 100 a day. Now where do you think they will spend “money” on a luxury such as bottled water.

Oh and I worked it out. Each of the meds she listed is around £5 for a month’s dosage. Nearly a hundred quid a month. Well out of the reach of most of the people she was “helping” and astonishingly expensive. Can you name me one person who spends a hundred quid a month on medicine when healthy? And you are telling me the alt. medicine sell “health”? No I am afraid this is what we call the pathology of normalcy. Where you think you need all these medicines to be “normal and healthy”.

Eat a balanced diet, do some exercise, use proper sanitation, don’t be stupid. You will probably live till 70. If you do fall sick then come see a doctor. Not the idiots who claim that medicine is out to fleece you and that instead you should take a hundred quid worth of magic water and magical herbs and goddamn silver in order to stay normal.

Everything in our “medicine cabinet” not only helped with pain and ailments and common sickness and illness, but also served as immune builders.

The funny thing is this.

In 2 years of running the blog so far not one quack or anti-vax or alt.medder has been able to explain to me how the human immune system works when discussing “Immune builders”. To the point where the responses have boiled down to “Harrumph! You don’t know? It’s not relevant!”. Which is like suggesting that tyres are not relevant to the functioning of cars.

Here are a few more up-close pictures are what I consider “MUST-HAVES” when traveling to a 3rd world country.

Colloidal Silver and Astragalus Root (These serve as a natural antibiotic and a powerful immune builder) Drops can be put into a water bottle to drink throughout the day. 

Colloidal Silver is not ionic silver and has no anti-microbial properties. And ionic silver is preferred for topical use for a very very good reason.

If you consume sufficient quantities to have a clinical effect you turn blue. Like a Smurf.

Now it’s not harmful as such. But you stay blue for the rest of your life. And are permanently marked down by medical staff as the sort of person who makes stupid decisions and cannot be trusted with anything of importance because you clearly think that being blue is not a fucking side effect.

A good Probiotic

Pro-Biotics must be combined with an anti-biotic for maximum efficacy and it’s only really good in fighting diarrhoeal diseases caused by bacteria.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to constantly strengthen the immune system on a daily basis while in a 3rd world country. A yellow fever vaccine and a prescription malaria drug are not going to keep you “safe”, “healthy”, or “protected”. You must take a proactive approach to keeping yourself safe. A “preventative” approach (vaccines & meds), which do not offer effective prevention, is not going to cut it. I know many people who take this approach and end up very sick either in country or when they get home.

I repeat.

This is what the missionaries who take her along to Uganda are flogging to people in Uganda. Do you really think this lady is not going to Uganda and scaring the people she is in contact with into not using real medicine? And then she swans back home to the USA to te tell her friends about how wonderful it was and how many people she spread the “good word to”?

A pro-active approach to keeping yourself safe by taking vast amounts of fake medicines?

You know when we vaccinate or take prophylactic doses we aren’t running around naked encouraging mosquitoes to bite us. We also sleep in mosquito nets and wear repellents (real ones. Not the bullshit that the quacks flog).

And she knows people who take that approach and end up very sick? Really? Because the reason I fall sick is that I eat the same food that my patients do. Because I am exposed to sick people daily.

How much money do you bet that her Missionary Work doesn’t involve the really ill nor does it involve being away from these facilities?

And I know what happens when you take natural medicines and try this. You end up in hospital, sent home or even dead.

One of the major problems in India is rabies. And I know quacks such as her who have flogged natural treatments while pretending to be doctors. People die screaming in agony.

Oh and I must point out. Acetic Acid is on the list. Vinegar. Rabies is treated with vinegar. So next time you are bitten by a dog? Why see a doctor? Why not pop down to the chippy instead? Oh and the undertaker while you are at it.

Okay it’s funny right?

It’s not when it’s my patients. I am the one who has to pick up the pieces of people like her.

Lastly, I read a comment recently on a thread that said…”Anyone against vaccinations needs to travel to a 3rd world country and watch what yellow fever, polio, and malaria and all sorts of other nasty virus’s do to entire populations”. Oh my…how misinformed is this comment. As someone who HAS traveled to a 3rd world country, I feel like I have the knowledge to comment: As I shared earlier, there is no such thing as a malaria vaccine. There is also no vaccine for “nasty viruses” as this person was referring to.  The truth is…entire populations of people in 3rd world countries are dying from malnutrition and sanitation issues. The people are undernourished, not under-vaccinated. They need food and clean drinking water. They need soap and water to wash their hands. Imagine drinking the same water that animals poop in and eating maybe 1 meal a day. And we wonder why the people are so sick. They have NO clean drinking water. They have NO food. If anyone truly has a heart to help those in 3rd world countries, please feed the people and give them clean drinking water. They do NOT need vaccines.

This is just a lie.

I am part of the push to Eliminate Polio. I have seen cases of Yellow Fever and I have seen it kill. I haven’t seen a case of Polio, but I know doctors who have survived it. I survived Dengue myself.

No quackery would have saved me.

These people are exposed to chronic starvation (not the under-nutrition malarky), have poor sanitation and poor access to real healthcare. All these are things to work on. You do not provide one of them at a time. You don’t say “Sanitation First, Education Second”. You go these people need Education, Food, Sanitation, Healthcare and you give them what you can right now. Because through one they may be able to access the others. If you sort food out, people are more likely to send their kids to schools. That has knock on benefits to healthcare. In addition Sanitation occurs through education.

These are not monolithic concepts as she claims.

Oh and “don’t feed them”.

Teach them to feed themselves. When you feed the people what you do is you destroy local farming. How can they compete with FREE? You completely bottom out the market. Food aid is generally local food first and only bringing in food if they cannot meet local demands with local redistribution. There is absolutely no point taking food from Kansas to Somalia. All it does is cover up the problem which is that Somalia isn’t producing enough food.

You need education of farmers, equipment and provision of better seeds. The food aid is a stop gap, It always has been. In Emergency situations it’s fine. But we want those farmers to go back to farming.

Anyone can feed the poor. But for how many years? What happens if your food goes away?

Not many can teach the poor to feed themselves and do it in a sustainable profitable way for them.

There is a charity I help out with called (seriously) the Spastic Society. It got a donation from you guys a while ago. And this “Charity” has a motto. By Our Hands, or None At All.

For value to be there within the community you must engage them in their own uplift. They are not your burden, you are coming to help. I have dug wells. I have even built toilets and buried the dead. Why if a doctor is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the job then why can’t we?

When we gave them a toilet they broke it in 6 months. That was because we didn’t think. They saw it as “my toilet” that I was in charge of it. So the next time we made them help us. We helped them fund raise, we made them work for it. We gave them the expertise and the skills and then we MADE a toilet.

4 years now. The first was broken in 6 months. This one is still functioning and perfect. Why? Because we did it in a different way. Oh and they passed on the message too. Each place saw them do it and wanted in. They taught others.

That is Charity. That is how it should work. I am happy not because I got sanitation for a village or because I helped one person. But because I am making sure that I am not needed any more.

Not what she is doing. What she is doing is reversing the gains made.


  1. CaitieCat says

    Isn’t tetanus also a good reason to wear shoes generally? While ordinary shoes won’t protect against any real penetrating wound, existing lacerations and such would be kept away from the bacteria, and less obtrusive obstacles wouldn’t penetrate the sole. Yes, there are vaccines, of course, but they require boosters, which people aren’t always great about getting.

  2. Al Dente says

    World War I was unusual in one respect from earlier long wars. At least on the Western Front more people died as a result of enemy action than died of disease. During the American Civil War approximately 215,000 people died in combat or due to wounds and approximately 400,000 people died of disease. The difference between the Civil War and WW1 was improved sanitation and medical treatment including vaccinations. When I was in the U.S. military I was vaccinated against diseases I’d never heard of. Militaries are firm believers in vaccination.

  3. Kelly M. Bray says

    I get chills just thinking how arrogant and stupid that woman is. You don’t want her there, I don’t want her here. Is there somewhere unpopulated we can place her?

  4. dukeofomnium says

    The real problem with yellow fever is that it doesn’t eliminate the ones who deserve it … like anti-vax wackos

  5. Pen says

    I’m afraid I think it would be nice to arrange just one highly publicised prosecution for manslaughter. Or maybe a dozen or so. That would soon put a stop to these disgusting lies about pseudo-medicines.

  6. TaylorMaid says

    Fantastic post. I wish there were some way to either stop or forcibly educate people like the Gianelloni family. So much damage from stupidity.

  7. Rich Woods says

    @Kelly #3:

    I get chills just thinking how arrogant and stupid that woman is. You don’t want her there, I don’t want her here. Is there somewhere unpopulated we can place her?



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