Gay Marriage Ruined Mine

Damn you! You horrible homosexuals!

Just look at this! How can you do this to me?

Now I am sat here wondering how can I get married knowing that nothing I have will be as beautiful as this.

Stupid Gays Making Us Look Bad…

I am genuinely amazed at this because I never expected a Gay Hindu wedding. It’s as beautiful and filled with the same kind of love and culture that I would want at mine. I do intend to get married some day. And I would want something like this. I know I am probably not going to have anything this beautiful and filled with love considering my family… but a man can still dream.

I mean… Beer, Breasts and Bentleys….


  1. A. Noyd says

    Well, they no doubt had to postpone their wedding night because they both strained their cheeks from grinning so much.

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    Best wedding I ever went to was a wedding between two men. Not legally binding because this was Texas in 2001, but it was officiated by a Christian Church DOC pastor. Most romantic wedding I ever saw. But they has a more serious ceremony after the traditional religious wedding where their lawyer and a precinct JP had them sign about six different documents to give them the rights under state law that usually come with marriage. Yep, you can get gay married in Texas, but you gotta have a legal team, and petition a favorable judge. That’s pretty easy in Harris, Travis, Dallas, and Tarrent counties, maybe in Bexar, but most places you are shit outta luck.

    But this is just quasi-marriage, and is beyond the means of people without money and power. If you can’t hire a lawyer and petition a judge, no marriage for you. I am just happy that the Texas Legislature has not paid attention to this loophole in the law that allows the powerful to enter into what amounts to legal marriage. Anise Parker, the mayor of Houston is in just such a quasi-marriage. Maybe The Lege fears her.

    And yeah, Texas sucks. It’s not the progressive New South Texas I grew up in. It’s not the Texas of LBJ, but at least we have the largest city in the world that has ever had a gay mayor. Top that Austin, city of posers.

    Shit I hate Austin. I gig there about every month. POSERS! Harris County Green Party gonna get us a major player before you ever do. Y’all fly your freak flags, but we been doing the freak work since the late seventies.

  3. postman says

    I’m sure Houston is great but it’s not the largest city in the world that has ever had a gay mayor. Paris and Berlin are larger. It may be the largest city to have a lesbian for mayor though.

  4. says

    How FUCKING STUPID you are!!!!!!!!!

    I was in a GAY RELATIONSHIP for FOURTY ONE YEARS HOW and I say HOW in the HELL could that in ANY WAY AFFECT YOU? I would you stop going to Church and find a PSYCHIATRIC. I wish you GODS speed!!

  5. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Rusty, try again.

    You clearly misunderstand the post, and missed entirely the context of this blog and the group of blogs in which it resides. I’d be upset if I had taken this post the wrong way as well, but writing like a classic internet nutjob works nowhere. I suspect you are better than that.

  6. Happiestsadist, opener of the Crack of Doom says

    Oh wow. I think those pictures have pretty much shown up all weddings, of any kind, forever. They’re so gorgeous and look so happy!

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