Jul 20 2013

CONscience Schedule

I am doing two talks over the next two days (or if you are in India? Over tomorrow)

If you want to see me talk then  make a date now!

Videogames, Religion and Morality


Female Protagonists within Videogames

Bit more light than the other sessions, but I was meant to be busy today.

Come say hello!


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    dysomniak "They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred!"

    Hi Avi, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your input, particularly your personal anecdote about Spec Ops: The Line. I just finished it a couple days ago (got it on summer sale) and it shook me up despite never having been near a war zone. If you’ve got anything more to say on the subject I, for one, would be happy to read it.

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