This One is Strictly Off The Radar

Listen Very Carefully Because I will Say This Only Once (To any who get this line, you are either British or very very weird or possibly both).

If you are Ed Brayton? Fuck off! This post is not for you. Go away and get mad at conservatives. This is plotting. Secret Plotting.

Ed Brayton’s Brother’s Kid (DuWayne Brayton if we are being informal) had an accident. He got pretty badly burned and I know he is looking for a second hand stroller to help him walk about like a walker.

Now here is the thing. I know that’s not good enough.

So I thought about getting him a paediatric walker. A proper paediatric walker.

Good News. I found one for a decent price (110 dollars or 170 with a seat) and they take Paypal. I also kind of know where Ed Brayton’s Brother lives and I offered to get his kid some weird and cool stuff from India to cheer him up. This is like rated to a 175 pounds and fully adjustable. Not like a stroller. Height and gait is determined by this. If my patients in India get access to stuff like this then it’s crying fucking shame that kids in the USA do not.

I figured I should get them something useful to begin with. I know he is probably expecting Indian Comics and Cricket Stuff.

Children with large scale burns require exercise otherwise they will suffer contractures. The muscles will heal tight and this will have issues with skin healing and late posture. Which is why it is vital that you use the right equipment for the job. So far Duane is discussing using second hand prams and umbrella/golf stands. This is unacceptable. It’s a long and slow process and a painful one. It is vital that he has something like this.

It saddens me that we have to raise money for a kid in the USA, the government should give these things for free. Investment in the future is not a black hole. It is a guarantee of progress. On the most cold of calculus? It is an investment.

So let’s set the bar at $100 (I got $70 that I am willing to throw in for the seat stuff).


And don’t tell Ed. This is a surprise.

If we exceed the 170 dollar limit then we can either go for a more robust walker that will allow him to play about (400 odd dollars) or I can donate the money to the Uttarkhand floods.

Er… Someone (David) reminded me that I have not posted a donation link. Simple… we kill the Batman.

I mean we put money into the Paypal and then we send it to the people who make these modular walkers and then they send one to Dave.

“And we hit the target! Thanks to everyone who donated! You can stop now! The rest will go to Uttarkhand! “


  1. CaitieCat says

    Oh, rats – I sincerely wish I could, but I’m counting my pennies trying to make them come out to the same as the rent in two weeks. I had a $5 budget for charity this month, but I gave it to a college fund for the young fellow who saved that little girl in Ohio a couple of days ago. :(

    If we run into August, I might be able to then. Also, as someone who relies on a mobility device of my own, I think this is a wonderful project, and I really hope you’re able to raise it.

  2. sisu says

    Donation made through your paypal link, which (entertainingly for me) is in pounds. FYI for other USA-ians: the rate is around 1 GBP = 1.52 USD. Paypal will tell you what your donation is in dollars, but only after you’ve sent your payment. So do the math first. :)

  3. David Durant says

    Call me really slow off the mark but it really wasn’t obvious how to send money for this. I worked it out eventually but I suggest updating the post to include a really obvious paypal link.

  4. says

    Update we are close to the 170 dollar mark. If we hit that the kid gets a walker with a little fold out seat. Dave apparently gets tired easily (muscles are weaker remember) so it’s nice to have this.


  5. M can help you with that. says

    Hey, what do you know, I actually have room in my budget to help out.

  6. ischemgeek says

    As luck would have it, my Paypal balance works out to almost exactly 5 GBP after the conversion rate. Whoo.

    I also have a transfer already going through to my Paypal sometime next week. I’ll take some of it and set it aside for this kid if you haven’t hit the cap by then.

  7. badgersdaughter says

    Donated (under the speedwell e-mail address). I just got an unexpected windfall and this looked like a good place for it. Please put it toward the hot-rod walker if you can. :)

  8. says


    We have hit the limit for the nicer walker (the one with adjustable handles, nicer wheels (like outdoor wheels) and a platform for him to sit on when he gets tired.

    Thanks for all the donations. We total this upto 200 quid (with my donation) which is a bit more than needed so the remainder will be spent on death rays… I mean stuff for Uttarakhand.

    Last person to donate is Marcus Ranum who literally hurls money at my blog, so I no longer am a Big Pharma shill but a Network Security Shill.


  9. CaitieCat says

    Thank you also, Anthony K. I am surrounded by the generous, and if it’s okay with you both, will aim to pay it forward as soon as I can.

    It’s such a shame that atheists aren’t public-minded, isn’t it? :)

  10. Anthony K says

    Thank you also, Anthony K. I am surrounded by the generous, and if it’s okay with you both, will aim to pay it forward as soon as I can.

    Of course, CaitieCat!

    It’s such a shame that atheists aren’t public-minded, isn’t it? :)

    I wouldn’t know. I’m apparently a virgin who lives in my parents’ basement. Speaking of which, I’m out of Cheetos and Dr. Pepper. AFK. BRB.

  11. says


    No, please!!
    How about: “if you’re windows users, don’t do everything as local adminstrator. make an unprivileged account and use that for reading your email and surfing the web. and run firefox and noscript.”

  12. Kilian Hekhuis says

    “(To any who get this line, you are either British or very very weird or possibly both).” – You seem to underestimate the popularity of British tv-series in the rest of Europe. Don’t mention the war!

  13. embertine says

    Too late? I’ve read DuWayne’s blog over the years, he seems like a fantastic guy who’s been through a lot of crap. Would be very happy to help if it would help get him a little something to make life easier, not just for the kids.

  14. Eurasian magpie says

    Heh. Kilian Hekhuis beat me to that comment. Hey, Avi! I even get “But how big is his danda?”

  15. badgersdaughter says

    You were going to get Dave some “weird and cool stuff”. Uttarkhand, certainly, please. But also, please don’t forget the kid’s fun stuff. :)

  16. Psychopomp Gecko says

    I’m glad that this post about things that absolutely do not involve Ed Brayton was so well written and turned out so well. I’m sure everyone except Ed Brayton will find this an exciting read, and in no way does it involve Ed Brayton. Ed Brayton shouldn’t look at it, but great job. There is nothing suspicious going on here, Ed Brayton. We’re just exchanging information about fruit loops and stuff.

  17. sundoga says

    I may well be weird, but I would also point out that ‘Allo ‘Allo was also broadcast in Australia.

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