Rape in Jharkhand

I went out tonight to watch Pacific Rim. And while waiting for the show to start, I was reading the news.

Eight men have been arrested over the abduction and gang-rape of four young girls aged between 12 and 14 from their boarding school. The girls were taken from the hostel in Jharkhand state by men armed with knives, who then assaulted them in a nearby forest.

“We have made some arrests and we are interrogating eight persons accused in the case,” said police superintendent YS Ramesh.

“These girls are shocked and frightened after the incident,” he said, adding that police would press for a speedy trial if the men were charged over the crime.

The school principal told police that the gang had locked him and other teachers in a room at the school run by a Christian missionary in the state’s Pakur district. The men then entered the dormitory and took away the four girls, all from a local tribal community, police said.

This could entirely be a revenge attack. An attack for some perceived slight. To humiliate and denigrate the community. Unlike the other rapes I wrote about, Jharkand’s police have been efficient and fast.

Medical tests on the girls confirmed they were raped.

It’s another sad day, however at least one positive is that the police are handling it well.

Now repeat after me. Rape is not just a crime, it is an assault against the very sanctity of a person. Don’t do it. Teach your kids to not do it. Don’t find excuses.

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