The End of an Era

The Last Telegrams were sent today.

Taal or “Wire” service finally shut down with people crammed into the offices sending souvenir messages yesterday.

It makes it one of the longest operating telegram services, operating for a 162 years.

It died because email, phones and SMS have become so cheap and universal that we no longer need the telegraph.

Such was the novelty of this that many young men and women were calling their friends and girlfriends to tell them that they had sent a telegram. Because at it’s heart the love telegram was still considered to be extremely romantic.

For less than £0.3 your telegram would be delivered to the nearest office and then be delivered by bicycle to the address of your loved one. In it’s hey day the office sent around 600,000 of these a day. Now? 5000.

One of the last telegrams sent was simple.

“The End of an Era”.


  1. DsylexicHippo says

    In it’s hey day in India, for the vast majority, receiving a telegram was viewed with dread and foreboding as it usually was either bad or sad news. As in death. It was rarely, if ever, used as a channel for romantic interests.

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