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There is a small but vocal minority of atheists who don’t think that atheism should be involved in “so called” social justice.

Which is a bit silly. I am not just an atheist. I have other things and other principles. For me my my atheism comes alongside humanist principles and I am painfully aware of the bystander principle.

And while I understand I cannot help everyone, I do my best to try and help. That is all one can really hope to do in most cases.

There is a small and vocal minority of atheists who have taken “umbrage” to the fights I chose to involve myself in. And since moving into a more mainstream blog platform I am exposed to ideas that I don’t quite like.

One of them is the MRA movement. In Particular? A Voice for Men. I have made it quite clear about my distaste and have started specifically mentioning them every time something happens in India.

Why? Because they tried to downplay the seriousness of the problem in India and even Afghanistan. They have held “devil’s advocate” positions from various members supporting cultures that are simply harmful to women. They do so under the guise of “well men have it bad, so fuck women”.

[warning]TW – Rape, Religion, Victim Blaming[/warning]

Eighty Percent.

That’s the level of burns she suffered to her body. She is critical. Her crime?

Being a woman.

This 20 year old student was raped by a gang of men and then set on fire.

In Deramasu, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, the Victim went out. In many parts of India people still defaecate outside. As she was on her way, she was pulled inside the house of Farman Ahmed, a youth who “fancied” her. There she was raped by  him and his three friends, Mehmood, Shakeel and Sebara.

When she threatened to go to the police they tried to murder her. They doused her in kerosene from a stove and set her on fire. A common enough “accident”.

Now this is a pretty cut and shut case right?

The girl’s father says otherwise. He had filed a case.

The police refused to register it. The reason? The boys belonged to a family of politicians. They had “political clout” and therefore the police tried to cover it up. They rejected the gang rape charge and made the claim that the girl either accidentally set herself on fire or to pressurise Farman into marrying her. The medical certificates  seem to have been rejected although some relatives are claiming that the police stated that she had sex with the accused to implicate them.

That’s right. The police claims she actually FAKED A BRUTAL RAPE AND MURDER ATTEMPT.

Not only have the Indian Police of Uttar Pradesh demonstrated a total lack of responsibility with regards to a genuine crime, they have also demonstrated a lack of any ethics and human decency. India must remind it’s politicians and it’s policemen that they work for the people and not for the benefit of rapists and thugs.

Farhan and his family are complicit in this. Farhan wanted to marry this woman, his family demanded a dowry. So when the victim refused to marry him Farhan acted out like this. It’s clearly her fault right? If Farhan was not placed under such stressful sitution where he was expected to marry a beautiful woman, get a dowry and be a man he would not have raped her. Perhaps we should stop expecting our young men to be decent human beings and instead insist that women carry guns to simply execute any man who cant keep it in his pants. Maybe if her vagina was made out of a bear trap?


Fuck a duck! A Voice for Men was defending this culture.

Is it too much to teach Indian men to not rape? Is it too much to ask Police to not put the Samajwadi Party (the family of the boy was from this party) before the people they are meant to serve? The police believed that this would damage the Islamic Agenda… Really? What about the agenda of women? Apparently if we ignore the problem then we won’t have a problem.

Why would any woman trust the police if they are willing to do this? There is no rigour and integrity. The police of India have time and time again demonstrated that they are nothing but a mouthpiece for rogues, thugs and gangsters. They are just another gang.

“Their marriage was fixed earlier, but Farhan’s family was demanding dowry. The girl had gone to his house to convince them to agree for marriage. When they refused, she set herself on fire. It is also wrong that she was gangraped,” said ADG, Law and Order, Arun Kumar.

At the moment Farman and his associates are fleeing the police and are at large. The time given to them by the denialism of the police has invariably ensured they escaped early justice.

But what is more telling is the scale of the incident.

This particular case is “big news abroad”.

It’s just the “rape of the week in India”.

Last week alone there were 126 rape cases reported (remember UP has poor report rates). Of which 20 cases were rapes resulting in the murder of the victim. This is just one out of that 126.

So which is this? Youthful Hijinks? Mistake? Social Pressure? Did this woman use a mobile phone? Was she too educated? Not enough education? What about the consumption of Chinese food? Did these youth spy her wearing jeans and could they not control themselves at the sight of fabric clothed legs? Should she have not gone out to answer the call of nature? Was her skin too fair or too dark? Did she walk through a bad neighbourhood? Did she go outside during the time period where men are slavering rapists? Did this young man and his friends have enough of a culture where  women were given special areas to ensure they can participate in society because men kept touching them and decided to show them all? Did she not fight? Did this young man snap after being forced to pay nightclub entry while she didn’t?

Privilege? The only reason people are pissed off about Rape is because of the Delhi Rape Victim and the broiling anger of women in India. Otherwise it was a silent crime.

Remember. Eighty Percent Burns were self inflicted… to blame an innocent boy. That’s the defence. That would have been the defence that would have worked last year. It’s just not good enough  anymore. Because everyone is angry. And those in power would be well aware to remember what can be done through the power of Angry People and a Cause they believe is just.

Her condition is critical.

India’s Women Deserve Better than This. India’s men should be better than this. India must be better than this.


  1. firsttimereader says

    Victim blaming is surely a terrible thing.

    My sense looking from a long distance, is that Indian society is developing at a somewhat terrifying pace.

    It seems to be trying to make 100 years of social progress, in just a decade (not trying to be too accurate, but you get the point.?)

    It seems to me that the most important part of this is Female Education, and some democratic rights for women.

    I think this because now that more women (In the cities mostly I guess?) are aware of what is happening with domestic violence and rape, they are kicking up a great big stink and taking advantage of their democratic rights to make the politicians act.

    It also seems to me that the numbers of incidents of DV and rape aren’t necessarily increasing, it’s just the reporting is quickly increasing (some, not enough) women are finding themselves a little more empowered to fight back.

    It’s a very tough fight, it seems. You are doing your bit and I admire you for that.

    I had some issues with your post about the MRA lady, but much has already been said about that! I would rather spend time reading you new content, it’s very good.

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