Shut up and take my money! – Warmachine: Tactics

Warmachine is a table top game. A brilliant steam punk/giant robot setting with a gorgeous set of miniatures and a cool background.

A lot of table top games rely on the background to make it fun. Otherwise it’s just dice rolling. Whether it is the desperate melee of Warhammer 40K or the feeling of weight of the units of Warhammer… Warmachine was always cooler. Smaller armies with the gorgeous warjack centrepieces made this game what it is.

You had four “factions” in the main game. Cygnar was your bog standard faction, heroic with a lightning theme. Khador used the mythos off the Red Army mixed in with a brute force ethos with a slow but powerful attack. The Protectorate of Menoth look weaker but their troops synergise well and combine to deadly effect. They are more than the sum of their parts. Cryx on the other hand are fast and fragile and rely heavily on their warcasters to increase their deadly effect.

So it’s kind of cool that they are kickstarting a turn based strategy game based on it. The game looks a lot like XCom which isn’t a bad thing.

Warmachine: Tactics is set for release August 2014.


  1. Snoof says

    I was so pleased when I first heard about this. I’ve wanted to play Warmachine (actually, Hordes. Go Trollbloods!) for a while now, but the modelling side of it never really interested me. Now I don’t have to spend time painting tiny (expensive) plastic soldiers! At last!

  2. says

    I was a big big Warhammer player when I was younger. The prices have gone up. At least Warmachine was cheap to run.

    Protectorate of Menoth for the win (Yes. I play an army of religious fanatics.)

  3. says

    The game looks a lot like XCom which isn’t a bad thing.

    That’s some kind of understatement. Any game that plays like XCom is grounds for gamer frottage.

  4. Aliasalpha says

    Just imagine how screwed Games Workshop are going to be when 3d printers become ubiquitous. They’re not a company quick to embrace change and only do it while apparently trying to commit business suicide (ebooks took forever to show up, they’re overpriced for the UK and double that price for australians).

    After a quick look at the warmachines kickstarter video, I have to concur with the shut up and take my money position. I’m a huge xcom fan and this seems to scratch the right itchy spots for me. Story driven campaign, female protagonist, play by email multiplayer, swanky looking tech… yeah I reckon I’ll be having that.

    Sure the finest army they could make would still fall before the might of my Dark Angels but they’d look stylish as they were ground into dust!

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