Spare the Rod, Spoilt Imams

White people never really beat their kids.

Okay we got the laughing out of the way.

Shabir Rabbani, 59, and Riffat Shabbani, 51, face a total of 25 charges of assault at the Zia-Ul-Quran mosque in Kenmure Street, Glasgow.

Adeel Ahmed says he was hit once or twice a month for “misbehaving”.

“He would slap me to either the back of the head or front of the face, they were sore. He would do it when he was angry, this continued through the whole two years I went to his class.

“I can’t tell you how many times I was slapped by him it was far too many to remember.”

But in court Haroon Ahmed said much of his statement was “ridiculously exaggerated”.

He said: “I wanted to give the police what they wanted to hear, I was scared.”

Now we have a problem here. Either Haroon genuinely just told police “what they wanted to hear”. Or that there is a cover up to protect the Imam.

Mr Rabbani, 59, of Herriot Street, Pollokshields, denies 11 charges of assaulting children at the mosque between December 2002 and February 2011. Mrs Shabbani faces 14 charges over the same time period. Both accused deny all the allegations against them.

The use of violence against children in the guise of discipline is not acceptable. It is abuse and this may be acceptable in “the old country” but in the UK?

Come on? Are we honestly suggesting that the depravity of the Catholic Church and the bans on corporal punishment have gone unnoticed?

To hit your child is to convey the message that violence is an acceptable method of solving problems. It is a sign of failed parenting and  close minded method of problem solving. It does not respect the child and it merely perpetrates the cycle of violence. It doesn’t matter what religious excuse you use to justify it, it is wrong. No Koran can be used to hide the perpetrators of such violence.

Any verse pulled up to justify their behaviour is just excuses to justify violence.

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