r/Atheism and the MSF fundraiser

As you know, r/atheism have a yearly fundraiser for Medicin Sans Frontier and this year is no different.

While perusing that thread the following came to my attention.

I know its bad, but I refuse to donate because I am still bitter about the Changes to the subreddit and Fuck JIJ


Kudos to sticking to your principles sir. Kudos! Why if more people like you existed the world would be a truly better place.

The poor and ill of the world salute you! They will endure their diseases in solidarity with you so that you may once again be able to view /r/atheism in a meme filled haze.

Who cares about religious female genital mutilation in Africa? An issue that MSF has fought tooth and nail to end. Those ladies can keep getting cut! They hate JIJ too. So much so they are willing too cut off bits of their own vaginas.

Disaster relief? Fuck earthquakes! This place is a greater disaster zone than anything MSF have had to go to. Haiti? Haiti was nothing compare to the trauma redditors had to undergo becaause their memes now had to be treated along the same lines as blog posts.

Vaccines for the poor? Well! Why! Some people are willing to suffer through deadly diseases so that you my friend can see a picture of the stars with a Carl Sagan quote slapped on.

You come off as principled, charming and an excellent human being with a deep understanding of the value of human life and appropriate importance of well known phrases attached to pictures.

Why! You are the edge of atheism! You are the tip that slices through the heart of religion. We cannot possibly ask you for your money! Your mere presence here improves the world for everyone. Money? Who needs money! Send MSF a picture of a Christopher Hitchens quote slapped onto a gurning pope! You can change the world through borrowed quotes stuck onto well known pictures.

I don’t think we should send money to the r/atheism MSF fundraiser.


  1. CaitieCat says

    “What’s JIJ?”, said the kooky old lefty Luddite in the corner.

    Why do you young Twittersnappers have to make everything into TLAs?

    Why must I shake my cane so?

    Why do you persist in occupying my lawn despite my cane-shaking?

    NB: Commenter is actually a cane-user, and the cane is actually being shaken.

  2. CaitieCat says

    Ahhhh, thank you, that makes more sense. I never thought I’d be sorta backwards, but given I neither tweet nor book my faces nor reddit things nor tumbl to stuff nor show any pinterest nor add to my Google nor have a MeTube nor et c., et c. – it would seem I’ve become so.

  3. says

    Are we really sure this guy donated anything to MSF before that infamous JIJ person showed up to make his life miserable? Because if we can’t be sure of this, then his lazy drive-by comment is not worth our time.

  4. F [is for fluvial] says

    OMFG what sort of Changes to the subreddit brought this on? I must know in order to fully appreciate this noble Protest.

  5. rumblestiltsken says

    They made it marginally harder to post meme-links and image macros.


    Internet went kaboom.

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