Wait? You want a day where religious people have more say than others? Where people who’s only qualification is “more” belief in a god and a grasp of latin to be making policy? And you want the UK to suddenly stop listening to the Church of England and listen to Catholics instead? You may as well wish for Sharia Law…

The fact of the matter is this. If single mothers and single fathers can raise children, then two fathers or two mothers can raise them. The notion that a child must have two individuals to fulfil very esoteric gender roles in their lives is frankly silly. There is no specific perfect way to raise a child. There are children who were subject to some of the worst abuses at the hands of (ironically) the Church who grew up to be well balanced human beings, there were kids who had every opportunity in life who squandered it.

I honestly don’t think Catholic Schools are healthy. I don’t think the UK should have schools that are specifically for one group of people who believe in one specific god. I think religion is a private matter and should not be involved in the education of children because by nature such a school would be discriminatory to others. Likewise, Catholic Adoption is by nature discriminatory.

The “Truth” of the matter is that there are thousands of children within our foster care system who are desperate for love of parents. The GLBT are willing to adopt and raise these children in loving homes and give them the love and care children need as well as fund the opportunities that they need to succeed as adults.

And you would deny children this happiness solely because you don’t like gay marriage or gay sex or the GLBT? Come on, your religion says that Hindus worship fake gods yet you would be happy to give them a kid to raise and if you were ranting about how their gods weren’t real you would be considered a frightful tosser by polite society.

The only reason we have gotten away with bashing the GLBT for so long is because they were an acceptable target. Because they rarely fought back. No one liked them because we feared them.

They were “to us” icky. Men liking men! That’s like men liking sheep!

But if we think about it, there is no real difference between us and them. And good parents are those who do their best.So don’t discriminate.


  1. Thumper; Atheist mate says

    Well put, and I agree, but “The GLBT” comes across a bit dehumanising :-/ “GLBT People” would be better. If you put the word “the” in front of it, you should put the word “community” after.

    Maybe I’m being oversensitive…

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