Age of Kali – Romeo

[warning]TW – Death and Suicide[/warning]

Ilavarasan loved Divya.

They got married last year, but after they did they were in for a shock.

Ilavarasan was a dalit. An untouchable. Their marriage sparked off caste tensions in the district. And what ensued is nothing but heart wrenching.

Divya’s family was harassed for “letting” their daughter marry an untouchable. The harassment got so severe that Divya’s father committed suicide.

We even thought about committing suicide. Not even in our dreams we thought her father would commit suicide. She was deeply affected by her father’s death. She cried a lot. – Ilavarasan

His death sparked violence in the village of Naikkankottai. Homes were robbed and burned to the ground.

Earlier this month, Divya lefft Ilavarasan to stop the violence. She said she would stay with her mother and never return. She refused to return.

A day after, a body was found on a train track. Ilavarasan is believed to have committed suicide by train. There are no indications to the otherwise. Nearby were 3 of the letters exchanged with Divya in a plastic bag.

There is nothing as sad or as tragic as two people forced to live through this by the actions of petty and pointless people who were more interested in the magical properties of blood and inheritance rather than the happiness. Their selfishness has brought untold misery resulting in the deaths of others. You are not the heroes, you are the villains. There is no justice, there is no punishment that can be levied to fix this. Only deep shame.

Are you happy now?

Lest we forget, I am dalit.

Never has there been a sadder tale of woe

Than of Juliet and her Romeo


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I’m supposed to be going to India, specifically Mumbai, in December.
    Recent events are making me hesitant.

  2. smrnda says

    Are you familiar with the moral theorist (for lack of a better term) Jonathan Haidt? He’s actually defended the caste system on the grounds that ‘sanctity’ is an important cultural value that ‘creates meaning.’

    Not to advise you to read any more things that enrage you (I can’t imagine how you drag yourself through the stuff you read, but wow, you do!) but I thought you’d be an ideal person to do a take down on his nonsense, if you ever felt the inclination.

  3. says

    I have googled the term, but I am still a little confused. What exactly is, or makes a person dalit? Is it perceived as a “race” like the Rom in Europe? Are you designated a dalit based on your actions, or the actions of your parents or ancestors? Please forgive my ignorance on the subject, but I really do want to learn.

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