Holocaust, Atheism and Islam

To keep a friend company I used to sit and read with him. We didn’t read a normal book, we read the Koran. I was young and still remembered most of my Arabic. And so we recited it. I didn’t understand the importance.

I used to be Hafiz. A Living Koran, I could recite it at whim when I was younger and I still can identify quotes. I even demonstrated that fact quite proudly to Muslims who were amused by it. I suppose I moved in more liberal circles as a kid but I do remember that the rise of Wahabbism wasn’t yet complete and so many Muslims were more “chilled” when I was younger.

So to hear the amount of Holocaust denial in Islam pains me. It is no secret that I am a big fan of classical Islamic culture. Many readers are aware of my knowledge of erotic Islamic poetry (Oh yes it’s a thing) from the Lucknavi dynasties. Or my knowledge that Illustrated Korans exist. Or my love of classical science. I still own a hand drawn copy of the book of Alf laylah wa-laylah (1001 Nights).

I know what Islam once was and what it can be. The biggest victims of Islam are not the victims of terrorism in the west but the Muslims. The average Muslim man and woman is more oppressed by their faith than by the depredations of shadowy Jews or Crusading Christians or the Great Satan. And no where is this more seen than in this message on Facebook.

The Common Opponents of the Muslims and the People of the Book

Another important fact that draws Christianity, Judaism and Islam together is the atheist philosophies that are so influential in our time.

Among the best-known and most harmful philosophies of our age can be cited materialism, communism, fascism, anarchism, racism, nihilism and existentialism. Many people who believed in the false diagnoses, deceptive descriptions and explanations of these ideas on the universe, society and man, have lost their faith or doubted it. What is more, these ideologies have dragged people, societies and nations into great crises, conflicts and wars. Their share of the blame for the pain and troubles that humanity suffers from today is immense.

While they deny God and creation, all the above-mentioned ideologies are based on a common framework, a so-called scientific basis; Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwinism constitutes the basis of atheist philosophies. This theory briefly claims –without having any scientific basis- that living beings have evolved as a result of coincidences and by means of a struggle for life. Therefore, Darwinism sends this deceptive message to people:

“You are not responsible to anyone, you owe your life to coincidences, you need to struggle, and if necessary to oppress others to succeed. This world is one of conflict and self-interest”.

The social messages put across by Darwinist concepts such as “Natural selection”, “struggle for life”, “survival of the fittest” are a means of dangerous indoctrination. This evil morality advises people to be egoistical, self-seeking, cruel and oppressive. It destroys such virtues as mercy, compassion, self-sacrifice and humility, the moral values of the three great monotheistic religions and presents this as if it is a necessity of “the rules of life.”

This Darwinist indoctrination is just the opposite of the beliefs of the People of the Book and the morality of the Qur’an. Consequently, the Darwinist indoctrination constitutes the foundation of a world which inherently opposes all the three divine religions.

This being the case, it is necessary for the People of the Book and Muslims to co-operate, since they believe in God and accept the morality that He teaches. The followers of these three religions should expose to the world the fallacy of Darwinism, which has no scientific basis, but which people are trying to preserve for the sake of materialist philosophy. They should co-operatively carry out an intellectual struggle against all other deceptive ideas (communism, fascism, racism) that serve atheism. Once this is realized, the world will, in a very short time, embrace peace, tranquillity and justice.

This was accompanied by images of the holocaust to drive home the implication.

To utilise the holocaust to bash Darwin (A man infamous for his statement that black people are human too at a time when they were treated as animals and who was a proud fan of racial interbreeding and who rightly said it promoted hybrid vigour) is like claiming that Newton is responsible for the artillery shell.

Oh that still makes me laugh so much… But I digress…

Darwin’s works were banned in Nazi Germany. Because “Darwin’s” ideal way to make the perfect human required you to not reduce your gene pool by removing undersirables on the basis of aesthetic choices and because of religious bigotry.

Hitler was an awoved Christian to begin with and many of the people who were sent to the camps were atheist. There are many freethinkers and atheists who died at Treblinka and indeed there are WRITINGS of atheists in the camps. Even faced with death these men and women couldn’t rely on a god. They relied on each other and on other humans. The story of the Concentration Camps is one of incredible tragedy  and a reason as to why we must always analyse our hatred and bigotry and oppose it. And in this tragedy there are stories of incredible humanity. Of “Nazis” who realised that they were evil and spied on their peers and helped save the lives of hundreds of people, people like Schindler. Then there were simple people who protected Jews and who never got mentioned because they knew that blind hate was wrong. There are even men who worked in the camps who saved lives by sneaking in medicine and protecting individuals. It may have been a small act of defiance and they may not have saved many lives but they DID do that. Even one life is precious because it’s the only one you will ever have.

Not because a god told them to, but because they understood that humanity is in effect equal and all humans are valuable. These were not divine acts but acts of humanity.

To subvert the deaths of millions of people for an opportunity to bash atheism by rewriting history is a crime against history. It is the willing lie told by people who’s scruples know no bounds. To claim that Hitler did what he did due to his “atheism” is simply incorrect at best and at worst it is the utilisation of a tragedy and the subversion of the suffering of millions to your own agenda. Shame on You.

The hatred of Jews in Europe was created by religious discrimination against them over centuries. People found excuses to hate them. Atheists have no reason to kill Jews or even hate them. They are just another religious group. No different from Hindus or Muslims or Wiccans.

In reading the Koran I suggest not taking it as gospel. A lot of the ills of the Islamic world are due to people placing inordinate emphasis on Islam and the Koran rather than the people. It’s a high shame that intellectual rigour in the Middle East reached it’s zenith during the “Dark” ages of Europe and has declined post the Sack of Baghdad (Mongols) with a series of infighting and civil wars resulting in a rising fundamentalist core which has poisoned Islamic thought.

Such greats as Ibn Sina or Omar Khayyam or Rumi or Kabir or the other great Golden Age of Middle Eastern Islam scientists cannot be created in an environment where blind adherence to Islam is more important than reality.

In closing the eyes of it’s followers to reality, Islam has created an environment where no progress can occur because the easiest way to cripple any progress is to claim it anti-thetical to the Koran. And thus a faith that once was the pride of humanity and produced such elegant science is relegated to fanatics and blind sycophantry to a dead book.

It’s a crying shame that I as an Atheist do more to respect the history of Islamic Era Science through the usage of Ibn Sina’s latinised name as a moniker and espousing such principles that he developed as scientific experimentation than the people who claim to share his faith and who simply blindly parrot prose. The man who effectively helped create the Renaissance would weep if he could see what Islam has become. A shadow of it’s former self and a base belief. A fearful superstition and a whip of the mind that enslaves humanity to a cruel and barbaric master.

In kowtowing to the Koran, Muslims end up doing “Applied Theology” rather than science and so there is no progress. All “scientific” enquiry in Islam is directed at propping up a 1600 year old incorrect text and any research that proves otherwise is discarded. In this environment there is no peer review or evidence. Merely an echo-chamber. The moderate and liberal Muslims become more and more irrelevant to the conversation as their voices are lost. The value of real research dwindles and progress halts.

It’s not scientific advancement. It’s institutionalised ignorance. Applied Theology if you want to use the term.

When you think the pinnacle of human thought was around 1400 years ago and when you refuse to accept your culture’s own “golden age” as a symbol of achievement and what you can do and instead hide behind their achievements and never progress then you are doomed to a culture where the people who think like the 1400 year old tribesmen who founded Islam are the most Muslim. And if you make them your leaders then you must ask yourself. What did those 1400 year old tribesmen understand about the world? Do we understand more or less? If they understood so much why did they ride around on horses rather than 4X4s?

It’s because they didn’t know. People like the Golden Age Muslims knew that they didn’t know.

The largest victims of Islam are not the west but Muslims.


  1. slc1 says

    Darwin’s works were banned in Nazi Germany.

    Frankenberger rejected the theory of common descent, just as Stalin rejected Natural Selection. As Martin Gardner points out in his seminal work, Fads And Fallacies in Science, evolutionary biologists in the former Soviet Union were sent to the gulag.

  2. smrnda says

    Just wanted to add I get very tired of the Holocaust being blamed on Darwin or atheism, since it totally ignores the very long history of European antisemitism. Jews were being shoved in ghettos, expelled from countries, killed in pogroms for a long time before Darwin hit the scene, often with the blessings and support of Christian churches.

    On the previous Islamic golden ages – all said, things are going badly in the Muslim world and I can’t see anything improving until people ditch the whole necessity of making rigid adherence to the Qur’an the basis of society. I’m not sure how this is going to happen, since things often seem to be getting worse rather than better.

  3. francesc says

    Although it seems that Stalin was a lamarckist (and, of course, a mass murderer), the responsible of the political prosectuion of evolutionary biologists was probably Lysenko (one of his victims being Nikolái Vavílov, for example)

  4. slc1 says

    Re francesc @ #4

    Yes, but without the support of Stalin and the Communist government in the former Soviet Union, Lysenko would have been a footnote in history. Lysenko was supported by Stalin because his view of inheritance of acquired traits fit in nicely with Soviet ideology.

    By the way, it is a little unfair to Lamarck to totally associate him with inheritance of acquired traits; as I understand it, he was not the originator of the notion. It should also be pointed out that Darwin, in later editions of Origin of Species included inheritance of acquired traits as one of the mechanisms of evolution.

  5. William AWillis says

    Yes, but without the assistance of Stalin and the Communist govt in the former Communist Partnership, Lysenko would have been a footnote in record. f4x reviews

  6. Curently says

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