A Solution

I don’t think we should be building monuments to atheism.

Well in an ideal world at least. I know why this monument was constructed. It was to utilise the same laws that allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed in monuments on some public land. However to make it solely a Christian (Well Abrahamic Practice) monument would have broken the law.

So to “cock a snoot” to the God Squad, Atheists put up a monument.

And snoots were indeed cocked (What does that even mean?) when Eric Hovind jumped up onto the monument and did his preachy thing.

Well I have a solution?

Dear American Atheists.

I understand that Eric Hovind likes standing on your monuments while preaching. I have a solution to this conundrum.

The next monument should be a bouncy castle. That way Eric Hovind can stand on it all he likes.

In addition? It’s awfully hard to look serious and give a serious talk about the evils of atheism and the sinful world when you are in a bouncy castle.

Make this happen.


  1. machintelligence says

    I’ll be damned. “Cock a snoot” isn’t defined in the urban dictionary, so here is my attempt, Snoot is a term for nose, so to cock your snoot is to turn up your nose at something (presumably in derision or disgust.)

  2. AsqJames says

    I always thought it was “cock a snook”. and indeed if you google it with a “k” rather than a “t” you get references going back to 1791. Still, nobody seems to know exactly what a “snook” is in this context.

    It’s also a word for a certain type of fish and for a jutting out promontory of land, but neither really fit with this phrase precisely.

    The best summary I could find is this. That page also mentions jesters (who you may reasonably expect to encounter at a castle). Another name for a jester is a “fool”…and we’re back to Eric Hovind and the bouncy castle!

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Just a centimeter of Vaseline™ on the top would do the trick, quite entertainingly.

    But please, American Atheists – a different design next time, and each time!

  4. DaveX says

    A bouncy castle would be too easy to knife.

    This design has the advantage that when Thor calls his Thorazens to smite the blasphemy, they’ll have to be breakin’ rocks in the hot sun.

  5. TGAP Dad says

    To be clear, this is not allowed by American law. The monument was proposed after a settlement was entered into pursuant to a lawsuit filed against the county over the existing Ten Commandments monument. As an end-run around the law, the county decided that they would declare the court grounds a “limited public forum,” and allow other beliefs to place monuments as well. Since the atheists are a somewhat reviled group, the hope is that the outrage, and likely vandalism, would eventually lead to a decision to ban all religious monuments from public grounds. (Which is what we wanted to begin with!)

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