Gaming the System

An excellent rant about benefit “fluffing”.

In an ideal world we would need no benefits. There would be no reason to have it, but sadly we don’t.

There are poor people. There are sick people. There are people with special needs. Some disabilities are simple. My arthritis is a product of repeated trauma. I healed from those but they left me susceptible to a complication of a disease called Chikungunya. The bumps and ruts of India haven’t been kind to my knees particularly since I either have to spend long hours standing or long hours in cramped and uncomfortable seats. Contrary to belief 5 ft 11 is tall in India and tall enough to not fit into standard sized public transport. This has effectively meant that I need to constantly wear a knee brace and need to use a cane to take weight off my leg after prolonged standing. It’s a painful and a lousy disease that leaves 5% of it’s victims like this. When I had it? The bones at the bottom of my feet would hurt like this. Standing was agony. Sitting was agony. Breathing was agony. If I had to live like that for the rest of my life then I

In many parts of the world I can claim for disability. I don’t think I will at the moment. I am fitter than most. And I am used to the pain. There are DMARDs (Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs) that can help control the worst of the symptoms. As long as I exercise sensibly, watch my weight and not perform the Tiger Knee in those underground fight clubs I frequent, I should be fine. I have effectively recovered.

But it always astounds me what people are willing to game the system. Benefits are for those who need it. To take from them is to game the system in order to make a profit out of a social mechanism aimed at helping those who need it. For those who do this you have to ask yourself “Are you so restricted by your injury that you need special help”?

The actions of Braulio Castillo are despicable especially in a nation  where Veterans are so poorly cared for. He is in effect robbing the veterans who need help from money  and resources they desperately need and utilising a “football” injury by misrepresenting the severity of it and obscuring the nature of the injury to gain monetary benefit.

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