National Prayer Breakfast and a further Dig at Atheism

The National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast is not a big event in the British Parliamentary Calendar.

It is however a day set aside to claim that Christianity has a role in making the UK what it is today. With the usual “Christian” spin on it. It’s the usual fallacy that without Christianity the UK will just implode into a world where sinister men wear long johns, cod pieces and bowler hats and visit violence upon the homeless.

It’s the usual batch of apologists. I mean remember these were people (AKA Lord Tebbit) who opposed gay marriage because it would lead to “a lesbian queen” (I imagine old Elizabeth turning around going “PHILIP! Apparently if we allow gays to marry I will have to give up the cock!”. Knowing Philip he probably replied with “Mmm…. Can I Watch?”)

It used to be harmless nonsense. The pitiful  attempts of politicians to desperately try to insert Jesus into a society that doesn’t trust religion be it the hypocrisy of the Catholics, the silliness of the Church of England, the madness of Islam. In fact the only groups with any real faith currency are Hindus, Jews and Sikhs because all three groups are law abiding and don’t try to insert their religion into other people’s lives.

But then people started trying to knock “atheism“. [Read more…]

DOMA and Prop 8

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you should know that the Supreme Court of the USA struck down both DOMA and Prop 8 thus legalising “Gay Marriage”.

Don’t you know what this means?

Gay people can  get married to each other!

So what does this mean for the USA? Well…

Nothing. For the majority of Americans nothing will change. For some though? They will be able to find legal recognition of a promise of a bond between two people. They will be able to find happiness.

I bet the next hurricane will be blamed on this. Any Takers?

Time Magazine – No Deity Will Save Us; We Must Save Ourselves

Joe Klein’s piece on Time Magazine that made their front page is about Service. In particular service to a cause that is good and how it heals those who are suffering with PTSD and how it can give purpose to “a life lost”.

In particular it discusses combat PTSD which has to be differentiated to other PTSD due to the training received by the individual in the armed services. The PTSD suffered by a doctor is different to that of a soldier. There are similarities but some manifestations are different particularly how they cope compared to a civilian.

The article goes into a wonderful charity that is getting veterans back on their feet by giving them something “bigger” than themselves again to “serve”. To help those who are less fortunate and to socialise and indeed get them moving and not sit around feeling sorry for themselves.

It’s a lofty ideal and if it is working for these veterans then good. Excellent. Well done. High Fives and Beers All Round. I have no problems with that bit.

But does Joe really have to shoot himself in the foot while writing this piece? [Read more…]

Do You Science?

It’s a well known “fact” that a lot of atheists are involved in the sciences and that scientific reasoning has it’s roots in rationality and leads to scepticism which in turn can lead to atheism.

After all, if one is sceptical about ghosts then why should one not apply that same scepticism to the existence of a god?

Normally people don’t challenge that statement. They may point to historical scientists who were not atheist but then we point to the various churches being squarely opposed to scientific progress.

Many Christians also play the “These Scientists were Religious” forgetting that for a long time, the only way to do science was through applied theology.

We must remember, that Gregor Mendel considered his work a failure. He didn’t see the value of his research because while his pea plant experiments provided results he could understand, he couldn’t understand continuous traits (like height in humans) or multi-factoral ones. It’s why his research languished away before coming to light later. Had the Church realised he was discovering the evidence of a method of variation and therefore evolution, do you think he would have been allowed to continue?

The Christian Post’s Confident Christian takes it’s latest swing at the problem. [Read more…]

FGM Hotline

The UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Hotline goes live today.

It is estimated that roughly 70 women a month are brought in with complications with regards to the practice. Most of these are young children.

The UK police are treating the practice as child abuse and a special help line to ask both about legal advice and to seek help if you have or know someone who is at risk or has been subject to this practice. [Read more…]

Racist and Sexist

When the BNP set the bar low they set it fucking low.

For those who are unaware, TV Chef Nigella Lawson “may” have been a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence in a public place. He was photographed holding her by the throat at a restaurant.

Honestly? It’s a cut and shut case. There is nothing to comment about. Charles Saatchi is a violent man who hits his wife. His wife wants to divorce him and this is a public way to leave him. She can escape from this. [Read more…]