I Get Male – Beta Blocker

I have generally stayed out of the whole anti-FTB malarky unless it lands on my door. For those who are unaware? There are a sizeable group of people on Reddit and a forum called the Slymepit who actively dislike pretty much anything Freethought Blogs does.

On Reddit this manifests as “guaranteed downvotes” to any posts that are hosted here.

This has manifest in some very bizarre posts. I had my “Stand on the street and provide healthcare for protesters during the Indian Rape Riot” reports downvoted into oblivion. Just a few days ago Rock Beyond Belief had a post about why DOMA needs to be repealed and what it meant to a soldier with a same sex partner who served. Also down voted.

Why? Well either r/atheism’s “protest” by down voting blog content is so “principled” that it is willing to stick to the notion that blog posts are less important than memes even when down voting actual useful content from people such as Rock Beyond Belief or it just doesn’t like the platform.

TIme and time again I have been told that I only blog for the money (All $1.5 to $2 a day) or that I am some sort of feminazi ruining atheism by my actions (If anything I would have thought people would be happy to have me represent atheism).

And so with that we come to some hate mail.

You call yourself a feminist but what you are is a beta male. You have to kiss up to women to make yourself seem  better. You are short, weak and ugly.

Just ugly! One out of three ain’t bad.

Firstly? I think the concept of this mythical “Alpha/Beta” mail dichotomy is stupid. This only works if you think stereotypes matter or mean anything.  That if you fit into this arbitrarily determined mould then you will achieve success. And a lot of this seems to stem from a lack of understanding as to why women like men.

It’s not because there is a deep seated uncontrolled physiological response from women to these men, but because these men are attractive to women due to social pressure.

Let’s start with me. Your statement is categorically incorrect. I am a shade under 5 ft 11 (177 cm) and while overweight I am trying to diet. In fact I was planning to make a statement of intent online when I read your charming e-mail. As for weak? I don’t work out. And work kind of gives me repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel. However, we don’t live in a world where strength is determined by muscles or by how much grain I can lift and how hard I can drive a spear in order to turn a deer into a kebab. I think strength is doing what you believe in and what’s right. To make the difficult and necessary choices and stand by it.

I don’t have to pick up a 100 Kg dead lift (that’s a thing right?) to be strong. As for being ugly? Maybe. I have poor self esteem. I slowly have been wrestling with unsupportive parents and have slowly realised that they are more interested in their “image” than in my happiness. I have for ages lived under the conclusion that I am not attractive and am honestly still genuinely surprised when people tell me I am not.

And if all I am to you is short, weak and ugly then let that be the case. That would be like describing Stephen Hawkings as disabled, weird and weak. If all that matters to you is physical appearance rather than what people are capable of doing then you will never value anything about a person that makes them human. You value humans like you value dolls. Unmoving creatures to fit into boxes.

How can you be a feminist when all they see is an ally to give their hatred of real men legitimacy?

Because I subscribe to the radical notion that women are equal to men and should be treated as such and that a variety of ailments of society exist due to the entrenched social differences between men and women. The majority of which negatively affect women and some of which affect men.

They are entirely happy to gang up on and tear down the weakest, most beta, socially insecure men — but they were incapable of directing their “empowered rage” towards men who actually have the power and privilege they hate so much, and actually have an influence on the world around them.You are just another victim in a box, a scapegoat to hold up when you say something wrong and they are displeased with you..

I don’t have much of an influence on the world around me. On a grand scale of things the people I work with aren’t rich or powerful. I don’t live in a limelight. Even now I am astounded that so many people want to read what I write and the messages of support for me and Tiga (and Piano Black! She got her first message of support).

But I never sought power or privilege or influence. I don’t have legions of minions who do my bidding. Most people have never met me in real life. I don’t attend conferences and I rarely even show my “face” online on the Google Hangouts that Ed Brayton does (Want an invite? Add me on google plus and hopefully invite you when we sit around and be weird).

Good looking, physically fit man with a high power job and large income who treats women like candy and walks around high on his own sense of entitlement? Feminists swoon over him, but never attack. I bet your girlfriend keeps you around just to show you off. I bet the only reason you dated her was that you had to cock block some better man.

I am lucky to have met someone as wonderful as Tiga. I know sometimes I put my foot in my mouth or fuck up but she has stood by me unquestioningly. The amount of support I have had from her with regards to my parents has given me the strength to fight them openly.

I am not hiding Tiga from them. They can say no all they want and threaten me, but Tiga is mine and she makes me happy.

So what if I am scarred, bald, tubby and currently lacking a job? I will be a doctor. I can lose weight. I think the scars remind of things I have done. Things I am proud of doing. I was willing to risk my life to get some of them and some of them are the price I paid that I would happily pay again to help someone.

Because I am more than scarred or bald or fat.

Damn straight she shows me off. The more I don’t buy into the fact that I am useless, the more I realise that I am awesome. I am smart, funny, caring and empathic. I don’t need to pretend to be a badass.

I am one. I am the real deal. I run towards natural disasters, I bet you run away from them. I have ploughed through Indian traffic to save lives and I have constructed spinal braces from my white coat. I have done medicine with nothing but knowledge.

Nothing can or will stop me from being a doctor.

Maybe I cockblocked someone better than me. But that’s your definition of better. You see, your “man” is only better in your eyes because you think he gets a lot of women. But then you have to think this through. Firstly? What sort of person would be attracted to that? And secondly? What sort of woman would stay attracted to that?

I probably won’t get a lot of women. I don’t need to though, I already have one who I love.

Fat, ugly and insecure men with social anxiety disorders like yourself and other betas like JT or PZ or Jason and no meaningful prospects for career (lol Blogger! You  had to beg for money) or romance who is living in his mom’s basement and slowly committing suicide by cake? Vicious Patriarch! Burn him! Lol, I bet that “Pretty Lady” of yours only keeps you around because she is too fat, and ugly to get a real man. You don’t even have a job. Yeah I have seen the pictures. Your parents are right.

A word here. I assume this is mail in response to JT Eberhard (from WWJTD). Now JT is an “Internet Friend”. I am a big fan of his work and in particular his skepticon speech about fighting anorexia. Now for those who are unaware “Male Anorexia” is a new rising disorder. With the advent of photoshop and the super model, thin has become sexy. Women are regularly made to look “impossible” and men are too. This has created a rise in eating disorders.

Which have a stigma associated with them. Especially in men since anorexia is considered by many to be a woman’s disease. To many people, JT may as well have told them that he suffers from dysfunctional uterine bleeding. For a long time there was little support given to such people.

JT’s speech at Skepticon is possibly one of the most heart wrenching stories about this because it comes from a personal place. It’s not the same as my reports which are second hand. JT is the real deal and it took a lot of courage and strength to stand up and do what he did. And it was my first post of his.

I don’t know about PZ Myers or Jason Thibeault, but I suffer from PTSD. It’s my T-Rex on a chain to control. Mine was related to warfare and injuries sustained as a child. It manifests itself in depressive bouts, rage (it’s self destructive) and in an irrational fear of explosions. I have had to condition myself to (remember this was before PTSD was treated the way it is today) to deal with explosions. Now you may say “what explodes in modern life”.

I am terrified of balloons. Just watching someone play with one makes me feel scared. This is fucking torture.I cannot enjoy fireworks. To me Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali and New Year’s Day were days I had to hide. I used to leave early during football matches because sometimes the stadium would have fireworks. I still jump if fireworks go off and I am not “prepared”.

Last year I played Diwali for the first time. I lit and set off fireworks and explosions. I willingly did it. For me it was a turning point.

The only reason I did it was because of Tiga. Because I want to go out with her one day on New Years day and watch them. Because she was happy to give up that bit of pleasure in her life to be with me and so I am willing to face down what I fear the most. Medicine and Tiga are the two things in my life I love the most and Tiga helped rekindle a lot of what I am. I am incredibly luck to have her in my life. And as of now, I can only see her in my life.

For you to belittle what I have done is just the actions of a dick. To do the same to JT is just horrific. Anorexia kills. Anorexia “fucking sucks”. I would rather fight my PTSD induced by pain and death and trauma than to face what he does.

For those who haven’t seen it? Here it is.

It’s moving and long.

They pick on losers and the weak in order to feel like they are attacking patriarchy and because you won’t say no. You  are too grateful. You are too scared, too weak, too useless to do anything else but date that fat bitch.

We aren’t weak. No.

We are strong. Stronger than you. We were dealt a shitty hand and we still made it work. My history is one of blood and pain and from that I became the man I am today. A man who I am proud to be. The only thing I wished I could change is if I had a bit more hair and was in better shape. I could have given up and no one would have said anything. I did not.

Neither did JT. We are stronger than you. We wrestled with ourselves, we wrestled with the monsters in our heads and we beat them. We won.

No one who does that is weak. It’s why it gives me hope that other people can do what I did. I am nothing special in this regard. I feel that if we gave every person the kind of support that I had or wished I had then more people would be able to face their monsters.

And if you think you can scare me after I beat THAT. After I lived through war. I was a refugee. What could possibly scare me? There isn’t much left on the planet that could. A fear of explosions is a natural one if you know what a landmine looks like and have seen what it does. It is YOU who don’t fear them that are the weird ones. What sort of lunatic watches explosions for fun?

You cannot beat me. You will not beat me. You Will Lose.

But this is just window dressing here.

No What Pisses Me Off Is You Dragging Tiga Into This.

You dislike me? Keep it to me.

You insult her because of her weight to get to me? What a horrid person.

You have repeatedly demonstrated a shallowness of thought and action that dictates what a person is on the way they look. You have made repeated statements placing inordinate value on personal aesthetic choices. All you have tried to do is cause harm and spread hate.

You are an embarrassment to the atheist community. You are precisely the sort of people that keep Indian atheists out of the greater community through your harassment tactics.

Tiga is beautiful. To me she is the most beautiful person in the world (Sorry PZ Myers, first my mancrush on JT and next this bombshell). I cannot see myself with anyone else. At a time when I was depressed she came into my life and even though we are half a world apart, I always know that she is there for me. You may not think she is beautiful. That’s fine. That’s your opinion and from what we have realised is that your opinion isn’t worth the oxygen it wastes. She saw me at my worst and still loves me.

You are doomed to this shallow existence. You probably won’t grasp what I have written or even heed this warning. To you it may just be bluster.

One day there will be no one left to tolerate you. The little goodwill you have will be lost. You will be lonely. Your “glory days” where women threw themselves at you because “you were alpha” will mean nothing. You will be left alone. And by then it will be too late to learn how to be a decent human being. You will be alone because everyone else will have grown up. The only people left for you will be your own little coven of shallow people. And all you can say is “everyone else sucks” because it’s never your fault. It will always be someone else’s fault for your loneliness because you cannot understand that it is you. After all you have such charming people skills.

I will have Tiga. And I am amazed constantly by the love and generosity shown by the people who read this and my fellow bloggers. I won’t be alone.

And worst of all? You hang out with those witches like Svan and Ophie and Rebecca. You are nothing but a penis in a jar to your bitch masters. I should have figured Peezus would hire you to be his echo chamber.

I am surprised you didn’t say “diversity hire”.

I have kept out of the “FTB/Slymepit” malarky mainly because it has never been personal. The few personal attacks made on me were quickly denounced.

However in light of this, I must ask. If there are people who can write this, then are not people like Stephanie Zvan, Ophelia Benson and Rebecca Watson (Incidentally? Never have spoken to her. Darling if you read this we must meet! I fear the ensuing meeting will cause a million MRA voices to cry out in terror and be suddenly silenced). What? No Jennifer McCreight? I am shocked! She is a founding member of the “Witches of FTB”.

Stephanie, Ophelia, Rebecca and others have faced down this kind of “treatment” for the past 2 years and a bit. The outrage you felt till now for me is the same that they feel. This is the sort of treatment that drove Jennifer from blogging. This is the sort of treatment we want GONE from the atheist community. Do you think the atheism community would be better if tosssers like this existed within our ranks? Do you think we should emulate even an iota of his behaviour? This is the sort of person operating on the anti-FTB side. Mindless, pointless and shallow hate.

The anchor around atheism as a unified movement and a community isn’t the people pointing out that people like this exist. The anchor is people like this. To blame “feminists” for this problem is like blaming the passenger of the car for pointing out that the hand break is still on. Rather than listen we condemn and complain and that encourages these idiots.

The fact that he thinks PZ Myers requires a tiny blog from a medical student as a “sycophant” of sorts just shows how idiotic his argument is. The man gets a million blog hits a month. His reader base is large and diverse.

Mine isn’t that size. I don’t prop anything up so much as faff about at the bottom of a gigantic pile of enormously talented bloggers confusing my its with it’s and generally being puzzled that people think my work is good.

So it pains me to say this.

There is nothing that this individual can contribute to the discussion at A Million Gods. His entire raison d’etre is the disruption of proceedings here. There is nothing of value he can bring to any conversation we may have. Maybe one day he may improve. Maybe one day he may reform. I am no Javert to say that reform is a discarded fantasy.

But for now he has managed to do what no one else has. Should this brave hero decide to post on this blog he will be banned.

Congratulations. You are a shit head.


  1. CaitieCat says

    Oh, LOL, if you want some fun, Avi, check out John Scalzi’s takes on being called a “beta male”, he has some very creative and hilarious responses at his blog “Whatever”. Just google his name and the phrase, you’ll find a bunch of pretty funny responses, and usually with hilarious comment threads too. He’s got a smart and witty commentariat, and is happy to use the Mallet of Loving Correction on people who “shit in the living room”, as it were.

  2. CaitieCat says

    Every new thing I learn about you makes you grow in my eyes, Avicenna. You’re a remarkable man, and I think Tiga’s as lucky as you are. The love you have for one another is truly beautiful. I’m all weepy here, and I don’t really do that!

    Running toward disasters. I think the usual word for that is “heroic”.

    Great and amazingly temperate response, sir. Well said.

  3. intransigentia says

    I love* how it starts out like he’s jealous of you and Tiga, you’re taking her away from a better man, but then all of a sudden Tiga is many derogatory things. What a shit for brains asshole. At least learn to logic before you decide to start insulting people?**

    *don’t actually love at all
    ** how about just not being an asshole, that’s even better.

  4. Wojo says

    Just wanted to chime in and say you’re one of my favorite bloggers at FTB. Your writing is inspirational and enlightened. Keep it up.

  5. kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith says

    If a life partner of mine wrote such a thing to anyone, I’d dump his ass, burn everything he’s ever touched, and wander helplessly all my life looking for a way to bleach my brain so I can forget I’ve ever been touched by such a shitstain of a human being.


  6. says

    All the “beta” stuff made it sound like a bitter MRA (Do they come in other flavours?) ranting because of your AVfM takedowns. But there is a big Slymey streak in there with “Ophie”, “Peezus” and the misspelling “Svan”… But yeah MRAs/anti-FTBers/Slymies/haters are not “strong” in any sense other than whiff.

  7. says

    Thanks for all the lovely comments. Meh, people like this really aren’t worth the time and effort to be honest. The stabs at us were a blatant show of a losing argument. People who have validity in their arguments don’t need to get ‘down and personal’. They need to be left to their own obscurities in the worthless shitholes they thrive in. Just think, they had the time to read through every post, make scathing comments about people they don’t actually know and then click send because it made them feel oh-so-pleased with themselves.

    I dunno about you guys, but I see something mentally disturbing right there…Don’t you? :D

  8. gemcutter says

    I don’t think I could parody a pathetic MRAtheist better if than that if I tried. The fact that Reddit seems to be populated heavily by these assholes is really very sad. Not a well-formed thought in that whole letter.

    The Alpha/Beta thing is especially contemptible. It’s all so very high-school. Most of us realized that ‘popular’ people are privileged assholes long, long ago. The fact that some women date attractive assholes, and that said popular, attractive assholes have no trouble getting (certain kinds) of women is taken to be some kind of evidence that ALL women actually want men like that. It basically just reads like “I couldn’t get a date with any of the attractive popular girls, because they were dating attractive popular guys who treated them like crap. MISANDRY! All women must secretly want to date that kind of guy!”

    I’ve still never met one of these imaginary feminists these people talk about that actually likes, cares about, or even wants to be near one of these jackass ‘alpha’ men. I’m a nerd, but I’m having little to no trouble dating and connecting with women in my adult life, without being ‘alpha’.

  9. Rob Grigjanis says

    Beta Blocker

    Well played, sir. Angina pratoris is nothing to sneeze at. Are all MRAs such sniveling little twerps?

  10. Rey Fox says

    I’m reminded of the end of Patton Oswalt’s takedown of a show interrupter: “You’re gonna miss everything cool and die angry.”

  11. STH says

    What a wonderful post. MRAs have such a warped set of priorities and such a two-dimensional view of human beings–they only value women for their looks and assume that women are just as shallow in their assessments of men. I like to think that they’re young and grow out of this, but I know that isn’t always the case, unfortunately.

  12. brucemartin says

    The original hate mailer is probably in his early teen years. Maybe in several years he might grow up to be a decent person (but don’t hold your breath waiting for this). But in the mean time, I think you have done the world a favor by banning him from your blog.
    Don’t be bothered by the fact that only sane people support you. You can’t please everyone.
    Keep up the good work, and stay strong.

  13. cubist says

    “…I have constructed spinal braces from my white coat.”
    Okay, how does this even work? I’d think “braces” should be rigid, and your coat isn’t (unless you have a very odd coat), so, um, what? MOAR DETAILS PLZ!

  14. says

    Also, you’re a doctor. Even going by shallow stereotypes women want based on advertising, I don’t see how anyone would think you have to resort to sycophancy to attract women.

  15. blondeintokyo says

    Ace of Sevens, why would a woman base her attraction on the fact that he’s a doctor? I hope you aren’t referencing the “marrying a doctor gives you status” trope. What I hope you mean is that “doctor” is part and parcel of who he is as a person, and in that capacity he saves lives, he’s compassionate, he’s self-sacrificing, and he’s unfailingly kind. He also shows though his writing that he cares for and is is committed to standing up for disempowered minorities like the lower classes of India, abused children, women, and the mentally ill. Those would all be good reasons to be attracted to a doctor, and this doctor in particular.

    Avicenna, I don’t comment often, but I have to say thank you for this post. You’re one of the best bloggers here because you really speak from the heart. Your posts always move me.

    i go to India for travel about every other year, and I really hope that on one of my trips I can come to Chennai and meet you and Tiga. You guys are awesome. :)

  16. brucegee1962 says

    Atheists are supposed to believe in science, right? As I said on PZ’s father’s day post, what would the scientific definition of a “successful male” be? Clearly, the only thing that nature cares about is that a man lives in such a way that a woman is likely to allow him to pass on his genes and his memes to the next generation. Even if an MRA is so studly that he somehow convinces a woman to bear his child, is he really likely to treat her well enough that she will allow him to stick around for the entire life of her child? Very unlikely.

    No kids, and never likely to have any? Or kids you rarely see? It really doesn’t matter who you screw, then — from an evolutionary viewpoint, you’re nothing but a dead end. Guys like PZ and Avicenna, who are likely to stick around for the long term, are the only winners in the big lottery of life.

  17. brucegee1962 says

    Oh, and since you brought it up…

    Just remember that the apostrophe originally stood for a missing letter. Even with the possessive, “Avicenna’s horse” was short for “Avicenna, his horse.” (Yes, possessive apostrophe’s are sexist too.) So whenever you write “it’s,” think “it is.” Mentally fill in the letter that the apostrophe substitutes for, and you should be fine.

    Love your blog!

    Oh, and what’s happened to the link to Tiga’s blog?

  18. Azuma Hazuki says

    There are times I’m really really really glad to be a lesbian and this is one of them.

    Avicenna, your kindness and human warmth toward the needy and injured make you more of a man than any of these developmentally-arrested idiots will ever me. Not just “more of a man,” but more of a human. You glow with inner light. What can they offer against that?

  19. Stacy says

    By their own metaphor, MRAs are omega males. Angry, envious, incoherent and hateful losers.

  20. Anthony K says

    Okay, I’ll say it, if everyone else is too PC to do so:

    I’m only against racism and homophobia because I want to get with a gay black man.

    After all, that’s the only reason the Slymepitters are against that too. It must be. What other reasons are there for justice, besides getting one’s cock wet?

    (I also donate to disease research. Nothing hotter than an arthritic diabetic with a neoplasm. Obviously.

    The less said about children’s causes, the better.)

  21. Anthony K says

    Sorry: I retract my parenthetical comment. Splash damage. I feel like that’s ableist and hurtful.

  22. mofa says

    “Because I subscribe to the radical notion that women are equal to men”

    This is such a superfluous statement to make considering 99.9% of you adversaries also consider this statement to be true.

  23. says

    I just had a light bulb moment.

    You know the saying that the very poor in the USA vote republican because they don’t see themselves as poor, they see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires? I think this guy, (and probably a lot of MRAs) see themselves as temporarily embarrassed alpha males. Any day now their contempt and hostility towards women will magically attract hoards of super models! Never mind that it’s always had exactly the opposite effect so far, tomorrow will be different!

    And of course the “Tiga is ugly” bit is transparently sour grapes. You’ve got a sweetheart and he hasn’t. Apart from anything else, Tiga’s got that “very happy in love” thing going on all over her face, which looks great on anybody. And you put that look on her face.

  24. says

    There are times I’m really really really glad to be a lesbian and this is one of them.


    Avicenna, your kindness and human warmth toward the needy and injured make you more of a man than any of these developmentally-arrested idiots will ever me. Not just “more of a man,” but more of a human.

    You might want to read the post I link to @ #10 above.

  25. SecMilChap says

    I can’t remember anything you and Tiga have written that has not been useful and informing. It’s nice to learn from nice people. Keep up the good work.

  26. gemcutter says

    mofa, 99.99% of your type CLAIM to consider women to be equals, but in practice, you don’t. You will pay lip service to it, but the minute anybody tries to actually DO anything to address some of the inequalities between the genders, help with problems specifically affecting women, or even simply point out some of the cultural tropes and commonly-used words that are hurtful to women, you throw a tantrum.

    ‘Equality’ is all well and good, for you people, but the minute any of you might have to change your behavior, or get criticized for saying something shitty, you generate an ugly backlash against feminists. You people are the same type of people who will use racial slurs or derogatory terms for gay people because “You don’t actually mean them that way.” In your version of ‘equality’, for example, women have no right to express displeasure if they are cornered by someone larger than them and propositioned for sex. They also have no right to have official recourse if they’re harassed at a conference, as we know from the pitters’ collective resistance to harrassment policies.

    Hell, even MRAs often claim to see women as equals. And then they turn around and complain about how all american women are fat, gold-digging sluts. Your support for ‘equality’ is simply a ruse to whitewash your misogyny.

  27. S Mukherjee says

    When he says you are a beta male, maybe he confused the Greek letter beta with the Hindi word ‘beta’. :) Because lots of Indian-origin males are ‘beta’ males
    ‘Arrey beta, how are you?’ ‘Beta, won’t you have some more pulao?’ ‘It’s time that you settled down with a good girl, beta.’ etc etc.

  28. leni says

    What a lovely reply, Avicenna!

    When I was reading that, especially the part where he was calling you both too ugly to get anyone better looking, I kept thinking about the fact that people tend to rate their friends as more attractive than strangers will. They don’t focus so much as obvious cues like nice eyes or symmetry or whatever. We are more forgiving of people we care about, and we are more likely to see adorable quirks where others see flaws.

    I have a feeling the person who wrote that bullshit to you is not going to experience much of that in his life. Who is going to want to be friends with that piece of shit?

    I also thought about the fact that people tend to be friends with and date those of similar attractiveness. So even if you were both fat and ugly (neither of you are, for the record, though I know it doesn’t matter and I don’t expect you to care what I think), that would be totally normal. And if the relationship is good for you both and makes you both happy, why the fuck should that vicious little troll care? So even if you and Tiga were the ugliest people alive, there’s no reason not to be happy for you. No reason to tear that down except for pure avarice.

    I saw your pictures and smiled, not because I think you’re both super cute people, but because you both looked happy and that was cute. I just felt happy for you both. I do not understand why anyone would feel the need to tear you both down for that. Is other people’s happiness really such a fucking injustice?

    I know the shittiness of people should not be surprising to me anymore, but I’m having trouble conjuring any explanation for that behavior that doesn’t have words “personality disorder” or somewhere in it.

    Anyway, I wish you both the best of luck with your parents. Nice response, it really was joy to read. And it was good to hear you say some kind things about yourself.

  29. lumi says

    You spend your days healing people, learning what you need to know to be a better doctor, educating others around the world (I’m thinking specifically of your posts about vaccination), and in your scant free time, you get to share with Tiga the kind of love that makes you both glow with happiness.

    Your correspondent spends his time writing incoherent hate letters to someone who he has never met and most likely never will, lashing out at you because you have the nerve to be a man who doesn’t hate women.

    So from this armchair, it seems like you’re the one winning at life. :)

  30. opposablethumbs says

    Pretty damn inspiring and wonderful post, Avicenna. I agree that the creepy message reeks of sour grapes – you are the kind of person many of us would love to be, achieving more in real terms while still a young man – people helped, lives saved, learning and experience acquired, a loving relationship of equals – than most of us do in an entire lifetime.

    Oh, and I also like reading your blog :-)

  31. keresthanatos says

    There is no such thing as an “irrational fear of explosions”. Considering all I have seen, to me it is irrational not to be afraid of explosives.

    Oh, by the way, you make a difference in the world.

    You decrease the amount of fear, hate, and suffering in this world.

    Keep up the good work.

  32. Trebuchet says

    An excellent response to a rather pathetic letter! The guy writes like he’s been taking lessons from Ken DeMeyer (User:Conservative at Conservapedia).

  33. dogeared, spotted and foxed says

    This was a beautiful response to a huge heap of dumb and ugly. Thank you. Some days I need to be reminded of humanity’s capacity for good. This post has done just that.

  34. steffp says

    “Whadda moron!”
    In all hierarchical reference systems like the Alpha, Beta, etc male fiction, there is the problem that only one or a few are Alpha males, and all the rest is NOT. Statistically the probability of an Alpha replying to any blogger’s post is tiny. By definition they have better things to do, e.g. rule the word, and steal other Alpha’s girl friends.
    Instead you have a servile beta impersonating an Alpha replying, enjoying the meager limelight… poor show. He doesn’t even have his own blog, has to borrow your bandwidth, but he’s, of course, on speaking terms with Heidi Klum…

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