Legitimising Gay Marriage Affects Us All!

While channelling Rodney Dangerfield (Take my wife! Please!) I realised one thing. If Gay people get married and are miserable as the rest of us straight folk then surely they can’t call themselves gay anymore? They would have to call themselves Sads or something…

Okay on a serious note, so who does the US Supreme court ruling affect? 

Well if your state has laws giving legitimacy to Gay marriage and if you are a Federal employee (Eg. California and the Military) then congratulations!

Let’s take this as a whole. Who does gay marriage affect if legalised.

Gay people?

  • Gay people who want to get married? Affected. Well they could get married before, it’s just now the state recongises the marriage and affords it some benefits.
  • Gay people who don’t want to get married. What? These exist? I thought they wanted to be just like us straights and partake in our magic marriages that last forever.

Okay it affects them a lot. But they are a minority.

  • Straight People who want to get married? Not affected. Their marriage affects you no more than any one else’s marriage.
  • Straight People who don’t want to get married? No one’s going to force you to bat for the other team.

So who does it really affect in a negative way?

  • Straight people who  think that gay people should not have equal rights and who miss the good old days of homophobia? Pretty much this is the demography affected the most is this. Well at least to this demographic. Now who will they belittle and denigrate and tell that they are sinful?

The best we can do in life is to live one that doesn’t harm others, leaves the world a better place and to live a life of happiness and to let others do so too. If a gay person wishes to marry another and t his brings them both some modicum of happiness in an uncaring world then GO FOR IT. Do it. Be happy.

And if people stand in your way then they are people who don’t care about your happiness. And those people are dicks.


  1. CaitieCat says

    And if people stand in your way then they are people who don’t care about your happiness. And those people are dicks.

    Exactly the reasoning that led me to be alright with my family cutting me dead when I transitioned. Or, rather, when I told that I already had, since I’d not lived at home for 9 years by that point.

    21 years later, my mother and I exchange e-mails from time to time, but that’s it. If they can’t be happy for me to be happy, then they aren’t people I need in my life.

    Same goes for people objecting to marriage equality. I don’t feel bad for people who are deprived of opportunities to be bigots.

  2. TGAP Dad says

    FYI: “take my wife… please” was Henny Youngman’s. Dangerfield got no respect.


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