The Guardian – Christianity and Atheism are not the same side of the coin

In another piece about the National Prayer Breakfast (UK). This  time, it is the Guardian this time weighs in about Lennox and his “anti-atheism” push there.

Christianity and atheism are two sides of the same coin.

Except they cannot be the same side of the coin. One is a belief in a deity the other is a stance that there are no deities. The mere existence of a “No Prayer Breakfast” is not a reason to justify a non-secular event solely for Christians to sit around and make weird claims about atheism and push for more Christianity in government rather than secularism.

Atheism is not a religion and neither is “secularism”. One is a lack of belief in any gods and the other is the notion that we must not slant society towards any particular religion so that all may believe in whatever faiths they wish to believe.

The difference is astounding.

You can be a Christian and go to church in both societies, but should we have a non-secular Hindu society, your children would be forced to sit and sing Hindu Hymns and attend a temple on Diwali while people would make laws against the consumption of beef.

It would impinge on ideas you take for granted. There is a reason why we don’t do that. That’s because society that is free and open for all is better than society where only one group gets what they want all the time.


  1. says

    I always liked the thought that a christian is only atheistic about one less god than I am. We agree on Thor and Vishnu and Ra, right?

  2. voidhawk says

    The Guardian is generally awful when it comes to reporting about atheists, see virtually anything Andrew Brown has written in the last 10 years.

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