Ah Bill O’Reilley

You can still say “Merry Christmas”. Not celebrating Christmas the Judeo-Christian way doesn’t mean anything to us even when I was not a Christian. I still sat around waiting for Santa Claus. The only difference is we don’t care that much about the actions of Jesus. Yes that story is very nice but ultimately it’s a story. And if you say “He died for my sins” then I will say that “Harry Potter died to save you from Dark Wizards”.

Then again? It’s a bit early to start your defence on the war on Christmas. It’s bloody June!

We say “Happy Holidays mainly in America because there are a sizeable number of Jewish people there who do not celebrate Christmas but celebrate Hannukah. There are also some people who celebrate Kwanzaa. To incorporate all these varied faiths we say “Happy Holidays” as a more secular Merry Christmas. In fact in most countries the Phrase is “Merry Christmas, have a good holiday!”.

America has been heading down the secular road for decades, and a new Gallup poll reinforces that. When asked whether religion is losing its influence on American life, 77 percent said yes. Just 20 percent disagreed.

But another question in the same poll was more instructive: “If more Americans were religious, would that be a positive or a negative for American society?” An astounding 75 percent said it would be positive. Only 17 percent believe it would be negative. Eight percent don’t know.

Dear Bill O’Reilley

It is embarrassing when British people have to correct you on the history of your own nation. The USA was founded on humanist principles and was based on the humanist ideas that were becoming more common place in France. Which is why you have FREEDOM and a lot of words on equality of man plastered over a lot of things. The problem was the founding fathers were “fucking hypocrites” because they were slavers and did not think black people or women were equal to men.

This is History. The actions of historical ancestors isn’t as important as what you learn from them.

The USA started off as a Secular country. The rules have always been secular.

Yes, religion is losing influence in the public sphere and that is a good thing. Bill O’Reilley would be desperate for the ACLU to come help his children out if they had to read a Koran, yet wants his Bible in the schools.

An astoundingly large number of people think Jehovah created all life and don’t believe in evolution. Doesn’t make them right. You may believe that religion is “GREAT” for mankind but historically we have seen that when you let religion rule people the most religious become the most powerful.

And none are as religious as the fundamentalist..

Pakistan has a “You must be this Muslim to ride” notice on it’s Democracy. In effect this encourages the more moderate candidates to not run as secular candidates simply cannot exist neither can candidates who are not Muslim (such as Buddhist or Hindu). And so many a time the candidate who won was the “most Muslim” or the most fundie.

The USA under the rule of fundies would suffer.

It is unlikely that there are any gods. To rule a country on the advice of  non-existent being is madness.

Here’s what I know. It is not easy to be religious in a culture that encourages individualism and materialism at the same time. Little children are by nature selfish; they want what they want. They must be taught to be generous and to think about the needs of others.

But many parents do not do that. They don’t have time. They are too busy getting stuff for themselves. Thus, the urchins grow up to be selfish and insensitive.

More than 80 percent of Americans describe themselves as “Christian,” a philosophy that demands self-sacrifice and loving others as yourself. But that message largely has been lost because it’s not a moneymaker, and there is no charismatic Christian leader in sight.

It’s a bit hypocritical being a millionaire and decrying the evil of wealth.

I am sorry! I cannot take Bill seriously at the best of times. I am sure every one else is greedy, Bill however just gets money thrown at him and he cannot stop the flow.

Money is not evil. Money is just something you use to exchange goods for services. Acquisition of money is not evil either.

What is evil is how you acquire your money and the lies you tell each other to justify it. Bill has made his wealth of fear mongering and preying on the ignorance of Americans who are a very Insular and poorly travelled nation. They may travel within the interior but most Americans will never leave the USA and see what the world is like. This is because most Americans do not earn a living wage and have to struggle to make ends meet.

And then these americans are told by fear mongers that the government wants to raise their taxes by people like Bill O’Reilley when in reality  the government wants to raise HIS taxes.

I wonder if Bill ever heard of the 10 commandments. I am sure there is one about not bearing false witness.

Communicated in the right way, Judeo-Christian philosophy and the religions that uphold it bind a citizenry together in pursuit of a just and generous society. That is the spirit that most Americans admire and want to reignite. But we need some leaders to light up the pathway.

Which is why he supports flat taxation. and no minimum wage.

Also? It doesn’t matter how Charismatic you are and how strong your faith in the Loch Ness Monster is, it’s not going to be real.


  1. Al Dente says

    Bill O’Reilly’s “War on Christmas” means some people don’t celebrate Christmas in the way Bill O thinks wants. He complains bitterly about these people not acting in the O’Reilly Approved Manner (TM). If only people did what O’Reilly wants then he’d be much happier and less whiny.

  2. machintelligence says

    The USA was founded on humanist principles and was based on the revolution in France.

    Oops! You have it backwards. The French Revolution began in 1789, some 13 years after the American Revolution.

  3. yoav says

    Bill O’Reilley is a catholic of Irish decent, I’m sure that if he go a little bit into his own family history he may find some good examples as to why a secular government that is neutral on religious issues is a good thing.

  4. kevinalexander says

    I always say that money is the most powerful hallucinogen ever invented. It will make you see things that aren’t there. It will make you believe things that couldn’t possibly be true. It wil make you understand and be able to explain things that make absolutely no sense.
    Never trust a junkie. Never trust someone high on money or someone jonesing to get high on money.

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