William Lane Craig doesn’t like our Help-Line

We all know who he is. Well okay. Most of us know who William Lane Craig is. He is the man who keeps asking Dawkins to debate him as if a debate will demonstrate the existence of a Christian god.

William Lane Craig is a prominent “theologist” who routinely claims that atheism is unsound due to a variety of phillosophical arguments rather than say “real evidence based ones”. And he is not a fan of Recovering from Religion‘s new “Atheist Hotline“. 

An upcoming atheist hotline, meant for people struggling with their faith but have nowhere to turn, is a “wrong number whose service should be disconnected,” said a Christian philosopher, pointing out that its backers lack philosophical rigor and find themselves at an intellectual impasse.

I smell sour grapes.

Heaven forbid people struggling with their faith talk to someone unbiased rather than someone who’s idea of an intellectual impasse is “I Have No Idea How Something Works, Ergo Homosexual Hating Jehovah”. The average atheist may lack “intellectual rigour” but not as much as Mr. Craig,

Recovering from Religion, a secular company seeking to provide people leaving their religious views with various resources, apparently has nothing to say about arguments for or against God’s existence, said William Lane Craig, Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, Calif.

I am sure they say “There is no evidence for any gods, so if you doubt the existence of one it’s fine, your viewpoint is the more logical and it’s okay to not believe in a god”.

The arguments for god’s existence exist solely in the realm of thought experiments where “I don’t know, no one knows” is not an acceptable answer.

The secular group, along with the “New Atheist” movement in general, focus on the social effects of religion in an attempt to portray it in a negative way, Craig said in a statement Monday. The group’s website, he pointed out, states that “many people” flee their religion because they “realize how much conflict religious belief creates.”

It’s an irrational belief in a superstition that has public support owing to it being widely accepted superstition and it provides it’s followers with a moral code that often runs antii-thetical to a modern secular humanist one.

However, Craig, founder of ReasonableFaith.org, a web-based ministry whose purpose is to provide, in the public arena, an intelligent and articulate perspective about the existence of God, said, “Either this group is completely ignorant of arguments for and against God’s existence or they’re ignorant of the best theistic scholarship.”

Except they are a group of people who just want to man a phone line to talk and give support to people who struggle with their faith and who want to talk to an atheist and get some perspective.

Craig said it seems the secular group “thinks that the traditional arguments for God’s existence are now passé and so no longer need refutation? If so, they are naïve.” He went on to say that over the last generation “there has been a revival of interest among professional philosophers, whose business it is to think about difficult metaphysical questions, in arguments for the existence of God. In fact, many of the brightest philosophers today are theists, using a tough-minded intellectualism in defense of their beliefs.”

The arguments for the existence of a god are pretty much null and void if they are not backed up with evidence. Now you can hypothesise the existence of a god based on rational thought mixed in with evidence, But there is no evidence to suggest the existence of a god and the rational thought behind the belief in a god boils down to “But A God Must Exist! I Cannot Fathom A World Not Run By A God!”.

This was the same argument used to explain Lightning and Thunder as the sounds of gods fighting rather than natural phenomenon. Just because you don’t know how something works doesn’t mean that no one else does.

Sarah Morehead, executive director for Recovering from Religion, earlier told The Christian Post that the hotline will not be “an ‘atheist deconversion’ phone line.”

It’s a sad day when Christian Post actually reports on atheists in a better light than William Lane Craig. And one finds that it’s awfully hard to deconvert religious people by a mere phone call? The question remains… Is your faith so fragile that you think a mere telephone call will lead you astray from the (self) righteous path?

That you may be tempted to call it and accept Satan as your master and replace your entire Christian song collection with Marilyn Manson? That you may replace baby back ribs with babies?

It’s a phone line for people who struggle with faith who don’t want to listen to you “philosophise” an answer and who perhaps want to hear what atheists think about stuff that “bugs them” because they want answers from a variety of sources.

Craig, author and editor of over dozens of books on theology and philosophy, asked if Recovering From Religion is going to encourage their callers to consider the best philosophical, theological, historical and scientific evidence from leading theistic scholars or will it use this hotline as a means of dispersing an intellectually dissatisfying secularization?

You mean the scientific evidence that allows for an entity who’s powers break all known laws of physics and existence and can only be described as “magic”? The sum total scientific evidence for the existence of William’s god is a big “fucking” zero. The historical evidence does not point to a god either. Harry Potter mentions King’s Cross Station in London and the Underground. Doesn’t mean that there is an entire world of wizards out there.

Which is a good thing. Or else this would be making the rounds…

You know you would watch it.

Leading theistic scholars? Like Ken Ham? Oh I am shaking in my atheisty satanic wizard boots.

“If anyone is calling the Recovering From Religion hotline looking for a philosophical, moral or scientific discussion, the conversation will no doubt leave them intellectually unsatisfied,” argued Craig, who appears frequently in debates with prominent atheists and scholars from around the world. “It’s difficult to not see this whole project as a speed-dial to secularization. In the end, this atheist hotline will offer nothing – it’s a wrong number.”

Except the people from the Recovering from Religion specifically mentioned that their hot-line is not for philosophical, moral or scientific discussions but for people who are struggling with their faith to find a sympathetic ear. This is like claiming the Samaritans is a great place to argue over which is the best way to commit suicide.

It’s a line for people who are having trouble with their faith to find a sympathetic ear that isn’t interested in making them “stay” in religion and that has a secular non-theistic world view.

Bryan Fischer, director of Issues Analysis at American Family Association, earlier told CP that human beings “have been running from God since the days of Jonah.” “But to run away from God is to run away from life, forgiveness, hope, strength, and the promise of eternal life and to run toward death, emptiness, darkness and hopelessness. What do these secularists want people to run to?” said Fischer, responding to the announcement of the atheist hotline.

Bryan Fischer, Professional Lesbian Botherer (American Family Association) spends more time whinging about how all the gays are going to destroy the planet. To ask him for his opinion on anything is to invite a tirade of doom and gloom and sordid imagery about how much gay sex is destroying the planet. Global Warming? Caused by Gay Sex. Whaling? Moby Dick? More like Dick in Moby! Gay Sex! The Broken Economy? More like Brokeback Mountain (of debt).

Nothing Bryan Fischer says is of any importance  to the way the world functions. He is a dying breed of man. A man who defines himself by those who he hates and who hides behind faith to excuse his hate.

“Many people will, like Jonah, regret turning their backs on God and will come running back. The AFA and many other organizations stand ready to welcome them home and help them reconnect with God.”

Lest we forget. Mr. Fischer believes in Jonah and the Whale being a “True Story”.

Keep running that hot-line. When your biggest opponent believes that whales can swallow humans and humans can survive then you really don’t have much to worry about.


  1. PatrickG says

    Well, in his defense…. usually when you call a hotline you’re getting a particular view.

    Suicide hotline? We highly recommend you don’t kill yourself.
    Urgent health hotline? We will listen to your symptoms and recommend further steps (i.e. appropriate health care)
    Hazardous spill hotline? We don’t like those, please tell us where.

    And so forth.

    So yeah, when someone calls the atheist hotline… they’re probably going to talk to someone who’s (whisper) an atheist. And isn’t that the goddamn problem? An atheist might be sympathetic, understanding, even have gone through what a person calling has. The horror!

    Either that, or they just want to locate your babies. It’s BBQ season, after all.

  2. says

    “Either this group is completely ignorant of arguments for and against God’s existence or they’re ignorant of the best theistic scholarship.”

    Typical WLC false dichotomy. Either they’re ignorant or they’re completely ignorant?

    What WLC, dishonest pseudointellectual that he is, doesn’t want to deal with is that some of us understand his “theistic scholarship” and arguments as well as he does. For example he keeps trotting out that foolish Kalam chestnut in spite of it being thoroughly debunked by a variety of philosophical arguments. That he chooses to keep trotting it out and ignoring those arguments shows that he’s not engaging in philosophy, he’s simply lying and manipulating.

    The best part is that he surely is well-educated enough to know that the Kalam was originally formulated as an argument to “prove” the muslim god. He “forgets” to tell his victims that little tidbit. I wonder why?

    WLC is too intellectually dishonest to call a “philosopher” – he’s “just another liar for jesus”

  3. Wrath Panda says

    Where does one purchase atheisty satanic wizard boots? I think I should like a pair

  4. MaryL says

    Oh, things exist that Craig doesn’t like? Someone tell him to grow up. No one is forced to call an atheist hotline, it’s available, that’s all. He has nothing to do with it (which obviously bothers him), so those who are involved run it their way. He’s a pouting toddler.

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