Well that was classy…

I got robbed today, I left my “stuff” in the changing room for the Obs/Gynae OT (Operating Theatre) and went off into a world of hysterectomies (for a fibroid uterus) and a bunch of deliveries. And in that time someone helped themselves to the contents of my wallet.

It’s not a lot of money (Rs. 1000 isn’t really a lot of money), but it was the money I had earmarked for a day out. I was planning to go watch a movie and eat out on the weekend. That plan is scuppered.

Oh and I did my first solo delivery today. A lovely baby girl, healthy as can be, so it’s a happy  day for me in one aspect and a bit irritating in another.

C-Section, 3 vaginal deliveries, 1 forceps, 2 hysterectomies and a fitting of an IUD!

Still. Fuck that guy who  stole my  wallet.


  1. Sercee says

    “Hi lowlife! Guess how many lives I was busy saving and bringing into the world while you were busy making it less desirable to be part of?”

    I hope they put it to good use… in the meantime, you rock!

  2. Psychopomp Gecko says

    I could never deliver babies. 1. It’s a rather gross looking experience. 2. I’d get sued for putting on the song “Circle of Life” and holding the baby up in the air like Simba over the parents.

  3. dukeofomnium says

    In the movie Zelig, Woody Allen’s character said, “My deepest apology goes to the Trochman family in Detroit. I never delivered a baby before in my life, and I just thought that ice tongs was the way to do it.”

  4. heliobates says

    Just sent you 35 Canuckistani dollars. Google thinks that’s Rs. 2000. Hope you get it in time to save your weekend.

    I never comment because I usually have nothing to add to the conversation, but this is one of my favorite FTBs.

  5. says

    To those who send money! Thank you but I cannot access my Paypal in India. It just becomes “Money I spend on stuff back home in the UK! So it won’t be spent on a day out to Chennai to watch Man of Steel but probably on plane tickets!

    Wtfwhatever – Men’s changing room. If you want to rob from it, it’s easier being a man since no one would question why you were going in there and women’s locker rooms in Obs/Gynae are very very busy since the majority of doctors, nurses and ward staff are female. There is a grand total of 3 of us who are male. The remaining 20 or so staff are all female.

    It “could” have been a woman but chances are it’s a bloke.

  6. wtfwhatever says

    It’s the men’s changing room, but it’s not very busy, you say there are only two other people that would be in there, and you think it’s one of them, unless some other random male got in and out of there when no one was looking, but if no one was looking then you can’t be sure it wasn’t a woman that could have gotten in and out of there with no one noticing from the not busy men’s locker room, even though there are 20 or so staff that are female.

    Your logic isn’t convincing.

    What happened when you asked the two other men if they had seen anything unusual?

  7. says

    So your biggest gripe in this entire piece is not that people are robbing someone who works for charity but the gender of the person robbing me?

    I can’t be sure it wasn’t a woman but let us live in a logical world for now.

    A man is more likely to steal from a men’s changing room than a woman is from a woman’s changing room. For the same reason that a fight in a men’s toilet is more likely to involve men. Now a woman “CAN” enter the men’s changing area and go through our stuff but she is taking a greater amount of risk. She would take less of a risk walking into the female changing room.

    If we are to forensically explain this I will point out that this is an obstetric and gynaecology ward. We keep medication that “junkies like”. There are nurse desks on either side of the changing rooms dividing the Operation Theatres with the Pre/Post-op rooms and NICU because it’s more efficient.

    A man is more likely to get into the men’s room than a woman is. It’s not rocket surgery. It’s basic common sense. It’s a common “problem” in India. Hit a hospital, walk into a changing room and skim money. An empty wallet is more alarming than a lighter one and by the time the theft is noticed you are long gone. A safe crime.

  8. opposablethumbs says

    Congratulations on your feeble attempt to play gotcha, wtfwhatever. You win today’s grand prize – the status of being potentially an even bigger jerk than the thief. The thief might conceivably have been in dire need, after all, but you? You have some life-or-death need to play the sophist? Just can’t resist nit-picking the account of how somebody worthwhile had his wallet stolen while he was providing vital care in the OT? Get all excited because you fondly imagine your transparent faux-concern with gender accuracy could actually pass for the real thing? Way to go, dude. Sooo impressive.
    Did I say impressive? Sorry, I meant pathetic.

  9. heliobates says

    You have some life-or-death need to play the sophist?

    Upon detecting the merest possibility of a discussion about sexism, one must immediately engage all available hyperskepticism. I mean it was the men’s changing room, but does that conclusively rule out the fact that the thief wasn’t in fact a highly trained leopard gecko?

  10. opposablethumbs says

    Those damn geckos, you just can’t trust ‘em. They get everywhere – everywhere, I tell you – with their smart feet and their sneaky eyes! I swear, they’re as bad as the drop bears.


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