Are You There God? It’s Me! Piano Black

[warning]Do Some Work You Lazy Kid! I don’t know what I keep you around for! Piano Black is the resident intern here making her first steps inn skepticism and atheism! Show her some love[/warning]

In the midst of puberty, college and just simply trying to find out who I am.  Sometimes, especially when I feel alone, I wonder is there really a god or someone out there that is so much great than all of us that I and we all belong to? Imagine that, it seems like a crazy cool thing, but is it real? Well, I don’t know really. I do not like saying I am an atheist, at all. Reason being that I don’t think I am a true atheist or I am comfortable with that. I am open to whatever we humans figure out the truth to be, whether there is a higher force like a God or not. So I guess I am agnostic in every sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong, I think claiming that you are something that is not a part of an organized religion is pretty big task to take on. For starters, when someone brings up the idea that there may not be that great big guy up in the sky, people automatically assume you’re lost, you’re inherently evil and ironically enough, ignorant. It’s the stereotype people apply to each other, and the lazy logic we humans all fall victim to. It’s something that I happen to fall victim too as well.

I get nervous sometimes, when people ask me if I’m atheist, or where I stand with my morals,spirituality and this other mumbo jumbo. I guess it’s because I’m self conscious, worrying what other people might think of me whether they do have some power over my life or not. As I go through in life I realize that my visions in my project and life are sometimes clear and sometimes they aren’t. I think that’s with anyone’s life.

Seems like I’m having a quarter life crisis, right? Or maybe I’m living through the struggle of growing up and in need of someone to listen. I realized something. I couldn’t care less about religion or the religion of others. In the words of Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson “I want people to just start thinking straight in the first place”.  

So the reason for this whole post, I wonder if there is really a “God” or not and if there is one… what kind of a person would they be? Would it even really matter?  Maybe that shouldn’t be my focus at all, to discover and classify my religion and the religion of others. So what are my main goals? I would have to say it would be to learn, love and to should the beauty of the science through my eyes.


  1. says

    Good post overall, but I’ll add a couple thoughts.
    1. Most words have at least several dictionary meanings, and often have colloquial meanings as well. Both ‘atheist’ and ‘agnostic’ are in that category. If you use such words, make sure you say, explicitly or in context, what you mean by them. However, I think you’ll find you don’t really need to use them at all. Just put your definition in place of the label.
    2. Rather than write online, as I suspect you did, use a word processor such as MS Word, run the spelling and grammar checkers, make any needed corrections, then paste the result into the blog frame. You look better, and your readers aren’t distracted by inadvertent goofs.

    The above advice applies to every blogger, including all who post on FtB. You’re definitely in the top 25%, which is pretty damn good for a first try.


  2. Piano Black says

    Thank you very much for your constructive criticism, yes I was using Google docs and I definitely could’ve done a better job with the fonts and spelling as well as the grammar checks. I will look at that with a closer eye.
    Thank you very much again and I hope t hear from you soon!
    Happy reading!

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