Hags of Lag – New PC

If you hadn’t heard already, I have a new PC and that means I can do many things like surf the Internet, do my work and indeed relax on a Saturday with a few games.

I know a lot off people were “miffed” that I asked for help in getting a new one and I know my readers responded with naught by generosity.

So Thank You.

But what this means? What this really really means? That I get to play games on a Saturday Evening!

So if you haven’t already joined me and JT Eberhard on League of Legends then “do so now“. If anything? We FTBulllies can wipe his smug opera singing smile off his face by  proving once and for all we are the superior blog!

Or you know… we can just sit around and play some games.


  1. Aliasalpha says

    In between beating up on poor old jt, I’d suggest getting the demo of Trials Evolution on steam, its an amazingly good game for something that seems so simple

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