I like my Coffee like I like my Metal. Satanic

Caution. The following video will make you laugh so hard that coffee may squirt out your nose.

You have been warned.


That’s right. The consumption of coffee in Starbucks will deconvert you from Christianity because of their support for Gay Marriage.

There are no reports of Starbucks coffee making you an atheist and turning you gay but it’s only a matter of time before the Gay Agenda manage that…


  1. jenBPhillips says

    I’m pretty sure they spike their iced Chai with Gayness. Those devious geniuses.

  2. Wrath Panda says

    And here’s me thinking that the only reason why I don’t frequent Starbucks was because the coffee sucked!

  3. kevinalexander says

    There might be something to this. Last time I was at Starbucks that barristo with the orange hair did look kinda cute.

  4. stever says

    To be fair (difficult as that is) to this nutcase, he’s not alleging that drinking Starbuck’s coffee will deconvert you or flip your sexual orientation, he’s just saying that some of the price of that overpriced coffee goes to support The Gay Agenda. I may have to start drinking overpriced coffee. I’m straight, but the Gay Agenda (assuming that it exists) is worth supporting on an enemy-of-my-enemy basis. BTW, the technical term is “co-belligerent”, someone who, while not necessarily your friend, is at war with your enemy.

  5. Sercee says

    Now I need more MSI because of the teaser title.
    Also, if Starbucks deconverts people, then there should totally be more Starbucks… that’s the first and last time I’ll ever say that.

  6. IaneyMeaney says

    I have to admit, he is right. I laughed so hard watching this clip that I snorted coffee out of my nose and it burned like hell. How much more proof do you need that Starbucks is of Satan?

  7. Psychopomp Gecko says

    I like my coffee like I like my women. With cocaine hidden up the backside.

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