This is A Song for Angry Men

I haven’t been following the Turkish Riots/Protests against the rise of a Islamic government but I can see the spirit of Attaturk and the idea that Turkey should be secular is still strong.

All I have to say is… good on you. Fight for freedom, because religion is just the slavery of the mind. Turkey is a progressive nation and has benefited immensely by it’s secular stance. The kings of theocracy are fundamentalists and no country based on a religious constitution has succeeded.

And it enforces the stance that photography can tell a story.

It’s worth fighting for something that ensures your children and youth will grow up in a world where they will be guaranteed real education and a future that is not plagued by people who’s first thoughts are whether a god would get angry by their actions rather than will people benefit from their action.


  1. The Pick Man says

    Thanks for this. You make an interesting link between Les Mis and the Turkish situation. I’ll re-post this idea, but in a slightly different form.

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